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Chapter 1.2:

Sui Yuan doesn't hear system 5237's heart-wrenching cry nor does he see the tears of blood streaming down its face. For he has automatically entered character mode, the enchantingly evil aura wrapping around him like a cloak. A captivating smile on his face, he places his folded fan below the prost.i.tute's chin, using it to tip the peasant girl's face up.

…Still not as attractive as me.

In truth, Sui Yuan would like to avoid this little event, but no matter his innermost thoughts, he has a task to complete. Maintaining a faint smile on his face, his eyes narrow slightly and his head tilts a little to the side. Long, pitch-black hair flutters in the light breeze and brushes against the woman's cheek, causing her to flush red.

"Looking at you really incites pity in my heart. Since you are willing to sell yourself, how about selling to me?" A slender finger extends to wipe the young girl's tears away. A sparkling teardrop falls onto the tip of his finger, truly resembling a s.h.i.+mmering gem upon white jade.

"If… if daren[1] a.s.sists this commoner to bury her father, this commoner will be willing to work like a horse or cattle for daren…" The woman chokes on her words as intense emotions surge forth. "But, this commoner has already vowed to mother before she pa.s.sed that I will never be anyone's concubine. I beseech daren to allow me this request!"

"Become a concubine?" Sui Yuan scoffs coldly, tone full of contempt. "Do you think you are fit to be a one?"

The young girl's pupils shrink in fear, disbelief bleeding onto her face. The terse silence stretches as she struggles to form an appropriate reply.

"I am Qin w.a.n.g[2]. Women who are allowed into Qin w.a.n.g's residence, even if it is only to be a concubine, are at minimum daughters of lesser n.o.bles." Sui Yuan smiles, his voice ambiguously affectionate, contrary to the frosty, cutting words falling from his lips. "The only position you are fit to have is that of a concubine's maid. You have sold yourself to me. How I handle you is up to benw.a.n.g[3]. A mere slave girl believing yourself to be as valuable as the purest jade? Really don't know how to differentiate good from bad."

The woman's lips tremble faintly as tears begin to tumble down her cheeks. "Please…please be magnanimous, daren. This…this commoner does not wish to enter the prince's residence!"

"Do you think you can refuse to enter just like that?" Sui Yuan sneers. "If I want you, who dares to say a single 'no'?"

Not even a second after he says this, someone amongst the crowd yells a loud "I dare!".

Inwardly, Sui Yuan feels satisfaction course through his being as he praises himself for a magnificent performance. Languidly turning his head towards the direction of the voice, he stares wordlessly at the female lead pus.h.i.+ng through the crowd for her "hero saving the beauty" scene.

"Such a great Qin w.a.n.g! Bullying and humiliating a small, weak woman in the middle of the street! Spouting such obscene words in public. Beneath the foot of the rightful Emperor[4], since when do you have the authority to disregard law or discipline, taking advantage of any commoner woman you see!" Despite her pet.i.te figure, the female lead's commanding aura is definitely not feeble.

However, her appearance left Sui Yuan feeling a tad disappointed. But according to 5237's knowledge, the recent trend for female leads is brain and personality over appearance. Any female who possesses great beauty is a cannon fodder.

Sui Yuan quirks an eyebrow. "Who are you? Speaking in this manner towards benw.a.n.g, such impertinence!"

"This commoner is a record-keeper in the Ministry of Justice, Fan Caiyao." The female lead greets Sui Yuan in a manner that is neither haughty nor humble. Immediately following her brief introduction, a myriad of laws and decrees flow from her mouth. Clever and witty, stately bearing attracting everyone's gaze - based on the plot, this female lead is a transmigrated soul who was a lawyer in her previous life…

The onlookers standing in a circle begin to whisper to each other. Even if none dare openly oppose Sui Yuan, the surge of approval directed towards Fan Caiyao can be felt. With the public on her side, Fan Caiyao's words grow more stern and confident as she sees Sui Yuan's composure dwindle before her sound reasoning. Nonetheless, the blush of part-fury, part-shame that stains those pale cheeks pink and causes that beautiful visage to become more alluring affects her for a moment too. But she regains her composure swiftly.

"…Count yourself lucky! Record-keeper of the Ministry of Justice, Fan Caiyao, benw.a.n.g will remember you!" Sui Yuan tosses down this ominous line, only for Fan Caiyao to fearlessly turn away in favour of supporting the frightened young girl. Softly comforting the sniffling woman, the female lead doesn't spare him a second glance. Lips thinning, he flings a sleeve in anger and strides off in the opposite direction.

Hearing Sui Yuan depart, Fan Caiyao can't help glancing up at his retreating back. That dazzling view like a crimson rose in full bloom is deeply imprinted in her heart.

Sui Yuan continues walking forward until he is sure he is out of the female lead's line of sight. Only then does he stop, glancing in all directions with irritation in his eyes. He has no idea if the stranger he entrusted his armful of goods to is still where he left him. But right now, Sui Yuan cannot go back to check as the female lead will be there, comforting the young girl and finding a place for her to stay. If that stranger decides not to wait and leaves with his items, then it will truly be a pity.

Only after completing the task and returning to his usual frame of mind does Sui Yuan finally notice the downcast 5237. Head hanging dispiritedly, the plump system hovers in the air, seemingly about to self-destruct in despair.

"…What happened?" Sui Yuan asks in astonishment.

5237 lifts its 'head', eyes tearing. But before it can speak, another voice interrupts. "There you are. You made me search quite a while."

Whirling around on his heels, Sui Yuan is pleasantly surprised to see the stranger standing behind him with a bright smile on his face, arms still laden with various goods.

"You have my thanks." Sui Yuan says courteously as he takes back his purchased items from the man, forcibly restraining a bright smile from breaking out due to regaining what he thought was lost.

"No need to be so courteous." The stranger smiles, openly seizing up Sui Yuan. Clearly, he has seen how the latter oppressed a poor commoner, for a complicated look enters his eyes as he makes no move to leave.

Regarding interaction with people outside of the storyline, Sui Yuan finds it an extremely difficult task. Struggling to think of a polite way to bid farewell, his eyes drift towards 5237, seeking a.s.sistance.

"You must take careful note of this person," the system says helplessly. "He is this world's male lead. I don't know why he suddenly appeared here as the both of you never interacted at this point of the story. You…do as you see fit."

After listening to what 5237 has to say, Sui Yuan feels even more agitated. Muttering under his breath, he decides to continue acting. Only, he doesn't have any pre-set lines this time. To rely on himself to deal with this situation, he doesn't feel all that confident.

The role of this world's ‘Sui Yuan’ is to act like a show-off in front of the female lead, enacting all sorts of despicable methods to win her over. An arrogant person with a sharp tongue but a soft heart. According to this persona, after being reprimanded by the female lead in public, he should be displaying a slightly lost att.i.tude.

"You…saw what happened back there?" Sui Yuan purses his lips, somewhat awkwardly tilting his head to the side, appearing for all the world like a pitiful puppy that suffered a kick under the male lead.

"…I saw." Seeing Sui Yuan's head droop dejectedly, the male lead unexpectedly finds himself rendered speechless. Instead, he can only pat his (SY) head comfortingly. "That woman was clearly brought up under the indulgence of her household. You shouldn't lower yourself to her level."

Sui Yuan lifts his head, blinking in shock.

…This development is not right ah? How is the female lead a spoiled child? Shouldn't this label belong to Sui Yuan's character ah? Under this circ.u.mstance, shouldn't the male lead be berating him, leading to a battle of words between them? They should then part on bad terms and become official love rivals, right?

Thus, Sui Yuan's gaze drifts towards 5237 again. However, this time, the system is valiantly pretending to be dead, completely ignoring his silent plea for help.

Sui Yuan can only brace himself and struggle forward on his own.

"I will naturally not lower myself to her level!" Sui Yuan straightens, nodding his head haughtily. "She can be counted as a beauty, and all beauties always have some sort of prerogative."

The warm sunlight illuminates Sui Yuan's face, causing his appearance to seem even more like a beautiful painting. His arrogant, spoiled-child manner only makes one feel like doting on him more rather than incite deep loathing. The perks of a supporting male lead ah…

The male lead gazes intensely at Sui Yuan before slowly nodding. "Indeed, all beauties have some kind of privilege. No matter what they do, people are willing to warp matters for them as long as it makes them happy."

Successfully conveying his thoughts to the other party, Sui Yuan smiles in satisfaction. The blossoming smile coupled with dimples cause the stranger's eyes to brighten. Right hand dropping casually on Sui Yuan's right shoulder, he takes a few steps closer. "May I know how to address you?"

"Sui Yuan." Sui Yuan replies, smile still plastered on his face. Although the male lead and supporting male lead shouldn't meet yet in the storyline, letting the other party know his ident.i.ty shouldn't be a major blunder. "AnHe's Qin w.a.n.g, Sui Yuan."

"Qin Zheng. Son of the first wife of Marquis Dingyuan[5]. General Fuyuan[5], Qin Zheng."


[1] Daren (大人) = Lord (a form of address towards people/ministers holding a high official rank, can also be used by people in a lower social cla.s.s addressing those higher than them)

[2] w.a.n.g = Although the character means "king", the people bearing this t.i.tle are princes, bestowed the t.i.tle of "w.a.n.g" by the Emperor. This t.i.tle is typically preceded by another word - in MC's case "Qin" - unique to that prince. This is also decided by the Emperor.

[3] Benw.a.n.g = this prince

[4] Beneath the foot of the rightful Emperor = One who is not above the law

[5] t.i.tles bestowed by the Emperor

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