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Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian

Sui Yuan had no clue as to how the idea that [Lone Wind Wan Yi] & [Disdaining the King of h.e.l.l] were a CP came about. He also did not understand why the members of {Carefree} held no malice towards him and how, on the contrary, they just seemed to be more curious and inquisitive towards him. Where was the agreed irreconcilable hostility between their two guilds?! The little sisters of {Carefree} and {Heaven's Alliance} were also gathered together, chatting and 'exchanging feelings'—did you really think that I didn't know about this?! How hateful! 

Sui Yuan felt very depressed. He couldn't think of where he had gone wrong, aside from that one mistake he made in the last guild war. However, it was fortunate that he had someone who was both an outstanding, trusted advisor, and a mole that had always been hidden within {Carefree}'s QQ and YY.

When Zhao Xihe heard Sui Yuan ask him a question, he helplessly turned his head to look at him. On his slightly smiling expression, aside from being able to interpret it as 'how could you be so stupid', one could also make out, 'you're so stupid, what would you do without me?' Sui Yuan figuratively swallowed a mouthful of blood and told himself that before he found out the truth of the matter, he absolutely could not pick a fight with this fellow.

"Actually, you slipped up not only once," Unexpectedly, Zhao Xihe did not keep him in suspense. However, as he spoke the truth, he seemed to have a need to ridicule Sui Yuan at the same time, "In fact, I probably can't keep track anymore of just how many times you slipped up."

Sui Yuan looked shocked.

"Getting right to the point: The first time you logged into the game, you had already messed up," Zhao Xihe raised a hand, gesturing to Sui Yuan to come to his side and pulled him down to sit. Afterwards, he opened up {Carefree}'s group chat log.

Sui Yuan was scared witless as he skimmed the chat log and bitterly facepalmed. He finally realized just how he had messed up.

To almost defeat [Lone Wind Wan Yi] once in a guild battle did not mean much. Aside from [Disdaining the King of h.e.l.l]'s diehard fans in {Heaven's Alliance}, most people were more likely to believe that 'Great G.o.d Wan Yi didn't play too well today', or that 'Great G.o.d Wan Yi was lagging today', and so on. The members of {Carefree} were naturally no exception.

They did not believe that [Lone Wind Wan Yi] would seriously lose to [Disdaining the King of h.e.l.l] in a battle of strength. Consequently, this thought brought about the cursing battle that occurred between them and {Heaven's Alliance} right after that guild war. Furthermore, what had caused them to calm down and keep their silence, naturally, could only be [Lone Wind Wan Yi].

After the cursing war had begun on both sides, [Lone Wind Wan Yi] immediately suppressed the discontent and the desire to vent their feelings. He calmly admitted that he could not compare to [Disdaining the King of h.e.l.l] and told them that the reason he took the initiative to challenge him to a PK match was because he wanted to understand just how big the power gap between them was, and to find out how he could improve. To put it frankly, it was a case of seeing someone do something and being inspired by them. When [Lone Wind Wan Yi] had thought that he was invincible and unmatched beneath the heavens, just as he was getting tired of the game, a player who was stronger than him suddenly appeared! Since then, a feeling of compet.i.tiveness and curiosity welled up within him.

Although [Lone Wind Wan Yi] had always been one to speak the truth and had never lied, and also had no reason to belittle himself by lying while praising the enemy, still, the members of {Carefree} could not accept his words. Except that this time, they've lost all their desire to continue arguing with the members of {Carefree}. They all nagged [Lone Wind Wan Yi], trying to find proof that everything he said was false.

——It needs to be false, OK?! My three views and faith have all been toppled over, OK?!

[Lone Wind Wan Yi] was annoyed to the point where he had no choice but to show them evidence of the truth. He uploaded a video recording and stressed out that [Disdaining the King of h.e.l.l] had not given them permission to share this. This video recording was of Sui Yuan's first day in the game, where he had mistaken the field map BOSS as an elite monster and duelled against it.

The video recording had obviously been recorded in haste. [Lone Wind wan Yi] expressed that when he happened upon this scene, he had been struck dumb! He wasted about 2 minutes before he had thought to record it. Moreover, because he had been secretly recording this, the angle wasn't very good. However, that did not obstruct the viewers from feeling his fierceness, brilliance, and stunningness. 

Like [Lone Wind Wan Yi], all the members of {Carefree} did not utter a single word for half a day after watching the video that day because he had already exceeded their understanding of what was 'formidable gameplay'. Who would solo a field BOSS?! Are you sure he wasn't using a cheating program?!

Although they still held onto thoughts like 'this b*stard must have used a cheating program' or 'this was just a fluke' etc., the cursing war between the two guilds had completely dwindled down. Once the video had been published, not only did [Lone Wind Wan Yi] want to chase after Sui Yuan to PK, but all the members of {Carefree} who were all extremely confident in their own skills, also began to get stirred up.

Thus, when Sui Yuan logged on the day after that, the number of people who wanted to force him into PK rapidly increased. Furthermore, in order to lull him into a sense of security, many people who paid attention to details also hid their guild name. They also swapped out their originally flashy, glittering, and excellent equipment to ones that were unremarkable and of lower quality. In addition, aside from the IDs of a few main characters, Sui Yuan did not know any of the other players IDs. Therefore, he basically had not been aware that he was being surrounded and watched by the members of {Carefree}.

After the first, second, third, and fourth member returned in low spirits after being uneventfully defeated, the members of {Carefree} had no choice but to admit that [Lone Wind Wan Yi] was right. Naturally, as his close friends, they had been with [Lone Wind Wan Yi] for an indefinitely long period of time. They were well-acquainted with his strength and knew that they were a bit inferior to  [Lone Wind Wan Yi] in terms of ability. However, they absolutely were not that much worse off! They, who have never been completely abused like this, had simply been turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y paste by this world's malice. However, like [Lone Wind Wan Yi], the more they were oppressed, the braver they became, and were even thicker-skinned than he was in chasing after Sui Yuan, attempting to boldly come after him when their comrades were felled by him.

After Sui Yuan had given up on finding a remote area to 'temper his abilities' and decided to use them as practice dummies instead, the members of {Carefree} felt even more bitter. They did not think that this was the reason for the 'decrease in skill', rather, they all accused the other party 'of playing with them'.

——- How could he not have been playing with them?! Just now, although they had lost face from being killed so efficiently and easily, it was also very invigorating, ah! But now, it didn't matter whether you played well or not. In any case, he would slowly wear down his and your HP. He lets both HP and MP wear all the way down before sending you to your death. This was completely the case of using a soft knife to cut your flesh—demented!

The members of {Carefree} were full of grief and indignation. Furthermore, this grief and indignation reached its peak after Sui Yuan had felt that he had 'played' enough with them and thus, tossed them aside without any reluctance. They felt like prost.i.tutes who had been visited by their patron even though they had brought this upon themselves—and the other person was one who did the deed and left without paying afterwards!

Thus, when Sui Yuan squatted within the city, exited the game, and switched tabs to idly kill time, {Carefree} conducted a comprehensive search for him. They determined his location, but could not continue waiting for him to move. In the end, they fell into such a murderous rage that they threw all rationality to the wind and transferred Sui Yuan's crime onto the other members of {Heaven's Alliance}.

With regards to these so-called online guilds, if you provoked the little ones, then the big ones eventually showed up. So what if [Disdaining King of h.e.l.l] refused to move? They'll just go attack the weaker members of {Heaven's Alliance]. They didn't believe that Guild Leader [Disdaining King of h.e.l.l] wouldn't be summoned if they caused a big enough racket!

As for the rest of the matter, Sui Yuan knew it all. After being sounded out for the third time, even if he suffered a defeat from [Lone Wind Wan Yi] before the public eye, still, the members of {Carefree} would definitely not believe that he was only at that level.

The second time, he had very skillfully tried to hide his true self. Then, was the first time's 'lag' an excuse or not? If it wasn't an excuse, then that lag was really too coincidental. If it was an excuse, then why was he unwilling (?) to beat [Lone Wind Wan Yi]? This was definitely a worthwhile piece of gossip to dredge up, ah!

Although [Lone Wind Wan Yi] had always insisted that he and [Disdaining the King of h.e.l.l] did not have any kind of improper (?) male-male relations.h.i.+p—they hadn't even spoken much to one another—but as long as there was gossip, who cared whether it was true or not? Wan Yi X Disdaining or Disdaining X Wan Yi were both very meng and that was enough! 

——[Lone Wind Wan Yi] had tried many times to get closer to [Disdaining the King of h.e.l.l] and get him to add him as a friend. However, he kept on getting rejected by that tsundere. At the same time, [Disdaining the King of h.e.l.l] could not bear to kill [Lone Wind Wan Yi]. Every time they fought, he would secretly throw the game away. He would rather die himself—this was simply so meng it couldn't be any more meng! Was this a love/hate relations.h.i.+p? This was a bickering but loving couple, a situation where they were both secretly in love with the other, where the official was in love and the concubine was interested in turn.

Sui Yuan silently closed the QQ chat log and turned his head to look at Zhao Xihe beside him.

Zhao Xihe returned his gaze and patted him on the head.

Sui Yuan felt defeated. He thought that there was no way he could accomplish the task of allowing [Disdaining the King of h.e.l.l] to be wasted in PK and slapped papapa in the face by [Lone Wind Wan Yi]. He immediately felt quite disheartened.

Seeing how downcast Sui Yuan was, Zhao Xihe's heart suddenly hurt. He reached out to pull him into his arms and tried to appease him by saying what he thought Sui Yuan would want to hear, "Don't worry too much. Think about the last world."

Sui Yuan tilted his head, feeling rather perplexed.

"In the last world, you didn't follow at all the plot's requirement of cutting a sorry figure and being driven out of the entertainment circle. Instead, you climbed to the peak of the music industry, left your name in the annals of history, and retired after great success, but your score wasn't all too terrible, was it?" Zhao Xihe reminded him with earnest sincerity.

Sui Yuan seemed to understand, "So what's most important is the central theme of the plot, right? It doesn't matter what happens to the role, as long as the protagonist's life and love life end up successful and he gets his happy ending, as ordained by the plot, then everything will be fine?"

Zhao Xihe nodded his head, as if praising him.

However, shortly after, Sui Yuan was at a loss, "But this time, it's not as clear as it was in the last world. If we were to use the last world as an example, where Huo Ke became a film emperor and he ended up with Le Sen as he should, then what about this world? Would it be enough for him to end up with Lone Wind Wan Yi?"

"At the inter-server compet.i.tion, he and [Lone Wind Wan Yi] will form a team and take first place," Zhao Xihe reminded him, "This is easy to do. You just have to deliberately lose or forfeit when faced with them."

Sui Yuan's eyes s.h.i.+ned, "Then, it doesn't matter if Heaven's Alliance isn't face-slapped by Carefree, remains undivided, and doesn't deteriorate?"

"I think that it shouldn't matter much," Zhao Xihe nodded.

"That's great!" Sui Yuan clenched his fist and was happy from the bottom of his heart. Recently, he was always in game. Although he couldn't take the initiative to make close friends, when he absolutely had to interact with them, he found that he really liked the guild and got along well with its members. If he could, he did not want to quarrel with them, to become hostile with them, nor to become enemies.

"So regardless of whether he slaps my face or not, I just have to indulge your Hua Xinlei account, bully Wind-Like High Official some more, promote the feelings between him and Lone Wind Wan Yi, and it will be enough!" Once he thought of this, Sui Yuan immediately felt refreshed and rejuvenated, his world s.h.i.+ning brightly once again. 

Thus, when he logged on the next day, he finally no longer wanted to limit himself nor was he worried about whether the other could slap his face. Yesterday's sullen mood turned into today's explosive mood. Sui Yuan, who could finally play unrestrainedly, simply pushed his hand speed to a whole new level. He stood against the entirety of {Carefree} all on his own. In addition, the members of {Heaven's Alliance} a.s.sisted from the side. It was the first time they felt exhilarated when achieving such a great victory against {Carefree}.

{Heaven's Alliance} members:…Fighting a group battle while standing behind Cute Leader…but why do we suddenly feel unnecessary?!.

{Carefree} members: Group PK? Are you sure this is a group PK?!  It is clearly us facing off against a group of elite monsters with a humanoid BOSS who can replenish his own HP and MP! This is completely you guys not giving us a way to live, ah, how vile!

Wuxian: now that SY is more relaxed and unbridled in-game, I wonder if we will see more colorful interactions between him and Lone Wind gege in the future … (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

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