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Chapter 1286: Piece of Cake

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"Swish, swish~"

The oval ball shone in multiple colors. There seemed to be some air streams circulating within, b.u.mping against each other and moving about. That ball did not spread out some horrifying energy. It just kept growing in radiance.

"Boom, boom, boom~"

High above in the sky, thunder clapped. While Lu Li was running away, he looked up the sky. What he saw was quite appalling.

Lightning bolts appeared in the sky and they had varied colors. Each of the lightning bolts was the size of a human being. They whooshed down and followed the oval ball.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom~"

The lightning bolts struck. An area around the oval ball with a radius of one-third of a mile was affected. Hundreds of bolts of lightning struck down. All the plants in that area were reduced into dust in an instant. Everything was burnt.

Lu Li was a couple of miles away. Even so, when the lightning struck, he still felt weak in his knees and fell to the ground.

The lightning bolts of multiple colors carried with them destructive forces. Lu Li was frightened and this fear stemmed from the depth of his soul. He believed that even if he were tens or hundreds of times stronger, he would still be reduced to nothing once he was struck by those lightning bolts!

Just like… that Pupil-less Monkey!

That Pupil-less Monkey intended to go underground to hide. However, as the lightning bolts struck, the Pupil-less Monkey was frozen. His legs were shaking and he could not move at all. Eventually, he was blasted to death and not even his bones remained.


Lu Li used psychic power to check. He saw that the entire area turned barren. There had been some gra.s.s and trees. At the moment, nothing could be seen other than scorched soil.

"Are you okay?"

Patriarch Gu hurried over. He looked Lu Li up and down and asked with a frown, "Didn't I tell you to stay over there? How come you are here?"

Wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth, Lu Li said, "There were many dwarfs in that area. This one hunted me down so I fled this way. Thank you, Patriarch, for saving me!"

"Hunting you down?"

Patriarch Gu's eyebrows were knitted together. He was confused. "You survived while a Pupil-less Monkey chased you for three hundred miles. Are you sure? That Pupil-less Monkey lost his arm. Did you do that?"


Lu Li's heart skipped a beat. He realized that he had overstated the facts.

That Pupil-less Monkey was powerful, which Patriarch Gu could tell. The Pupil-less Monkey may not be a mighty warrior, but he would be stronger than the average immortals on the list. Lu Li said he survived after fleeing for three hundred miles with the Pupil-less Monkey that chased after him and that he had broken the Pupil-less Monkey's arm. That implied that Lu Li was stronger than the average immortals on the list.

But Lu Li was in his thirties and had just ascended to the Divinity. How could he be comparable to an immortal on the list? Of course, Patriarch Gu would be surprised.

Lu Li thought quickly. He knew that there were many things he could not explain. That Pupil-less Monkey was strong, so the fact that he lost his arm was beyond explanation.

Lu Li made up his mind and said, "Patriarch, I do have some secret ways to protect myself. It is my sheer luck that I hurt him. Of course… I would have died if you hadn't arrived in time."


Patriarch Gu's eyes glowed. He did not expect that Lu Li could have such powerful means.

He looked at Lu Li's armor and nodded. "This armor of yours is good. Even as a supreme Relic, this armor is of superior-grade."

"Boom, boom~"

Some loud noises came from the east. Patriarch Gu said after some thoughts, "Come into my interspatial artifact. Well… where is Qian Huanhan?"

"Over there!"

Lu Li pointed to a direction. Patriarch Gu took out an artifact in the shape of a tower and Lu Li was pulled in.

Lu Li found himself in an empty hall. There were some bookshelves in the corner with hundreds of books placed on them. Lu Li did not wander around. He walked to another corner and consumed some healing pellets.


A moment later, s.p.a.ce trembled as Qian Huanhan came in. Seeing Lu Li covered in blood, Qian Huanhan asked with concern, "Brother Li, what happened? Is it Lady Dan?"


Lu Li shook his head, "It's a dwarf He has no pupils and has astonis.h.i.+ng speed and strength. If it were not for Patriarch Gu, I would have died."

"No pupils? Dwarf!"

Qian Huanhan seemed to be frightened. "That is the Pupil-less Monkey. What kind of force has the Chamber of Relics offended? To ask the Pupil-less Monkey to target the Chamber of Relics will cost a fortune. I believe they will have to pay billions of Divine Sources."


Lu Li touched his nose. He collected detailed information of the Pupil-less Monkeys and was now completely sure—it must be Ling Wanjian. Others could not afford this. He was the real target.

"So fortunate~"

Lu Li and Qian Huanhan were inside Patriarch Gu's interspatial artifact. No matter how many Pupil-less Monkeys there would be, they could not hurt Lu Li and Qian Huanhan. Patriarch Gu's Lightning Trigger was appalling after all.


Lu Li was tending to his wounds when he noticed the s.p.a.ce began to tremble again. Four beautiful ladies were sent in.


Lu Li and Qian Huanhan were gladly surprised to see the young ladies.

Two of the beautiful ladies were in an embarra.s.sing state. Their dresses had been torn apart and practically, they were only wearing soft armors that could only cover up their b.r.e.a.s.t.s and bottoms. Qian Huanhan and Lu Li could see many exposed flesh…

Jiang Lianxue was one of the young ladies. Her dress was ruined as well and half of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were revealed. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s had blood stains on them, which, surprisingly, quite enticing.

"What are you looking at? I will cut your eyes out!"

Jiang Lianxue blushed and stared at Lu Li and Qian Huanhan angrily. Lady Dan took out a sword and glared at Lu Li. "Turn around or we will dig your eyes out."

Lu Li and Qian Huanhan looked at each other. They curled their lips but they did turn around and sat down.

The other young lady who was unharmed said, "Sister Lianxue, Sister Mengyu, turn off your armor. I will tend to your wounds and help you change…"

Jiang Lianxue blushed worse. Throwing a glare to Lu Li and Qian Huanhan, she said, "No, I refuse to change."

Lady Dan knew what Jiang Lianxue was worried about them. She held the sword, walked to Lu Li and Qian Huanhan and pointed it at their heads. "Lianxue, go ahead and change. How can we leave in this state later? Do not worry… if they dare to use psychic power or peek, I will cut them open!"

Lu Li and Qian Huanhan were sweating. They did not intend to peek. However, how thrilling it was when two beautiful ladies were undressing right behind them?


Jiang Lianxue and the other young lady made up their minds and turned off their armor. They were completely unclothed now. But they acted quickly and took out some clothes to cover up the private parts.

Right at that moment!

s.p.a.ce began to tremble. Five people showed up in the hall, among which were Long Yunhai and Long Tianwen.

When Long Yunhai and Long Tianwen came in, they happened to land right in front of Jiang Lianxue. They all looked at each other and all were stunned for a moment. Their pupils enlarged. Following that, two young ladies began to scream.


Hearing the scream, out of instinct, Lu Li and Qian Huanhan looked back, only to see Jiang Lianxue and the other young lady jumped up in fear.

Two beautiful bodies covered in blood were jumping up. Their b.r.e.a.s.t.s were shown. That was a scene that completely astonished Lu Li and Qian Huanhan…

"Ah? Long Yunhai, you freak. I will kill you!"

Lady Dan leaped forward like a scared bunny and swung her sword at Long Yunhai's head.

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