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Chapter 1217: Absorb 1

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"What are you planning?" Nine-Tailed Fox asked softly the moment she sat down after entering the room.

"What are you talking about?" Garen acted dumb.

"Stop playing dumb. We all know the Mind Reader is in your hand." The red-haired lady Yuan Xing was obviously impatient as she did not beat around the bush. "Why don't you open a price? What do you want in exchange for us to duplicate him?"

Yuan Xing was a boring uncle in her last life and she was used to speaking without beating around the bushes. Her greatest feature in this life was having a good-natured appearance but her personality was out of the bag the moment she opened her mouth. The Qi Household owned an extremely huge organization across the Red Nation and Slann and they had an incredibly huge amount of wealth.

"Tell us. How much do you need in exchange for us to duplicate the Mind Reader's Sacred Sigil." She, again, did not beat around the bush and went straight into the main topic.

"What is your offer?" Garen questioned back. While he did not mind letting these people duplicate the Sacred Sigil, it was not to be done without any incurring cost. They had to pay a price for it.

"Money is not something you lack with your current social standing and we pale in comparison against you in terms of authority and power. However, there is one thing that you'll definitely want." Yuan Xing, who was from a business household knew how to capture her opponent's desire.

"What item?" It was Garen's first time dealing with Yuan Xing. He had only been interacting with Kong Xinxue and Nine-Tailed Fox all these while. He stared curiously at this red-haired girl in a black goth-themed tunic dress. What else could be effective against him who had already achieved so much? Furthermore, it sounded very important from her tone too.

"Contribution Points." Yuan Xing stated the obvious.

"Unfortunately, I've already acc.u.mulated one year worth of Contribution Points with my current position. Are you sure you have enough Contribution Points to buy the Sacred Sigil?" Garen smiled.

"This thing is extremely useful and you'll never think that you have too many of them. Furthermore, the Lighthouse has information related to the Origin of the Mother Stream and you can only view them if you have enough Contribution Points. The Mother Stream, which is one of the Thirteen Ultimate Origins, is one of the largest strongest existence in this limitless universe. Lighthouse is very fortunate that it had one senior recording down the related information. If you truly wish to reach the True Soul Level or beyond it, then it is a must-read." Yuan Xing was confident.

"One of the Thirteen Ultimate Origin?" It was the first time Garen had heard of such a theory. "Are you saying that excluding the Mother Stream, there are still thirteen existences that are just as strong?!"

"It's what we have observed thus far. These thirteen existences are categorized in a level where its true strength could not be measured and n.o.body knows how many of them with similar caliber are out there," Yuan Xing explained.

"Yuan Xing is one of the hobbyists who often visit the Lighthouse's information vault so there is no need to doubt the accuracy of her intel. You can always confirm the legitimacy of the Intel anytime." Nine-Tailed Fox vouched for her calmly on the side.

"How many points do I need to read the record?" Garen's interest swelled up.

"One million points."

Garen's heart skipped a beat.

"From the very beginning until now, you have acc.u.mulated some ten thousands Contribution Points at best. Having a glimpse of such a record would cost you a million points!"

"We are willing to pay you a hundred thousand to duplicate the Sacred Sigil once." Yuan Xing said confidently. "This amount is more than enough to hire a powerhouse to s.n.a.t.c.h the person away from you. However, we will give you an opportunity since we are on good terms and get along rather well. We are willing to pay you to duplicate the Sacred Sigil."

"How many of you want to duplicate it?" Garen did not mind her slightly arrogant tone and started asking the number of people wanting to duplicate it.

"Two." Yuan Xing sat up straight as she gave a sneaky nailed-it expression towards Nine-Tailed Fox and Kong Xinxue. "Ah Xue and I."

"I will only charge Ah Xue's duplication for fifty thousand points, but I want your Sacred Sigil's duplication method." Garen started bargaining.

"Deal." Kong Xinxue nodded in conclusion. Since she was the main person who decided the overall situation, she would naturally have the authority to decide for the team.

"Do you want to duplicate it now or?" Garen stood up vigorously and effectively.

"It would be best if we can to avoid any unforeseen circ.u.mstances." Yuan Xing smiled.

"Follow me then." Garen, too, wanted to obtain the method as soon as he could to duplicate the Sacred Sigil. As he brought them out of the guest room, he whispered to one of the soldiers to inform Yuria to return home and come back some other time in the future.

The lot then walked through a white corridor before reaching an open-air corridor, walking deeper near the edge of the small garden.

They soon reached a s.p.a.cious indoor movie theatre and saw Mind Reader watching a movie alone.

The large movie theatre which could fit up to hundreds of people only had Mind Reader in it and the rest of the seats were vacant.

The light from the movie shone on Mind Reader's face as he was seated down with a bag of popcorn in his hand. Despite staring at the screen quietly, one could see his mind was drifted elsewhere from his gaze. At that moment, this middle-aged man gave off a lifeless vibe.

"Still worried about your son?" Garen walked in as he spoke loudly. "Don't worry about it. I have already found some hints that would lead me to him."

The Mind Reader looked at Garen from afar.

"Why have you come again?"

"To help you," Garen responded with a smile on his face.

"Help me?"

"Of course. These people are here to help you," Garen explained.

"Are they here to have an orgy with me?" Mind Reader mocked as he curled his lips.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" "Filth!"

Yuan Xing, Nine-Tailed Fox, and the rests put up an atrocious expression on their face.

Perhaps it was coincidental as all of them were truly female. Nine-Tailed Fox, Kong Xinxue, Yuan Xing, Li Hua and finally Xi Yuan. They were not just any women, they were all above average as each of them had their own qualities in which those fake women whose beauty were created via makeup could hope to compare.

Garen was not affected by Mind Reader as he had already gotten used to Mind Reader's rejection.

"They can help you to weaken and rid the Sacred Sigil out of your body."

Skepticism could be seen in Mind Reader's gaze after hearing those words.

"I understand that you don't believe me at all but it will be proven to you."

Garen leaped at least ten meters to the front and appeared beside Mind Reader before he finished speaking. He then gently tapped his head with his palm.

The latter then rolled his eyes and pa.s.sed out.

"What should we do next?"

Garen looked at Nine-Tailed Fox and the rest to realize that each of them had white, long, thin needles in their hands.

"We need a quiet room." Nine-Tailed Fox said solemnly.

Inside the secret chamber.

Garen stood at one corner as he looked at these ladies undressing Mind Reader, leaving nothing behind except for a short underwear.

Then, the five ladies changed into an extremely thin, black, full body dress without wearing anything inside. These five ladies were surprisingly calm as if everything was in the norm despite Garen observing them.

However, upon closer observation, Nine-Tailed Fox was the only one among them that was not embarra.s.sed. The remaining four were having gooseb.u.mps everywhere.

"I'll only demonstrate it twice. It's your problem whether you understood it or not." Nine-Tailed Fox told Garen calmly.

"Fine." Garen nodded as he activated the recording ability via his Energy Machine Imprint to the maximum. The Energy Machine Imprint was kept close most of the time to conserve his Soul Energy as the energy source of this item is the Soul Energy. However, it could record down Nine-Tailed Fox's every single movement, including the change in Soul Energy's frequency and amplitude once it was activated.

Without further ado, Nine-Tailed Fox bent over and gently aimed at Mind Reader's forehead with the near a half a meter long white, thin needle. Then, she stabbed him without any mercy.


A soft noise rang as Yuan Xing and Xi Yuan could not help but look away as they did not wish to witness the scene.

The thin needle instantly pierced through Mind Reader's brain from the forehead and out from the back of his head before making another soft noise as it hit the ground.

Without any change in expression, Nine-Tailed Fox then took out another white thin needle as she calmly aimed at one of the Mind Reader's eyes. She then pressed it down with her palm after the precise aim.

The thin needle pierced his eyeball and came out from the back of his head once more. This sent the chill down the spines for the four of them.

Xi Yuan who did not have any experience in killing could not help but to give off a cold yelp.

"The third one." Nine-Tailed Fox took out another thin needle and aimed at the other eye.

It pierced through the other eye in a similar fas.h.i.+on.

A thin stream of white red blood started oozing out from the edge of the needles.

Then, Nine-Tailed Fox took out a brush and a small bottle of blood color liquid. She then opened the bottle, revealing a faint smell of plasma.

"This is a special blood plasma made from a hundred and seventy-two types of blood and you can only buy it from the Lighthouse Trades. If you wish to duplicate the Sacred Sigil as well, you'll have to buy it yourself. I estimate that I will have a lot of leftovers, probably about five to six bottles with me after I'm done. You would exhaust one bottle with every use and you'll probably fail at least ten times before succeeding once. Hence, despite the fact that one bottle of blood can be used a lot of times, one can typically only achieve success once per bottle. It's very common to fail as well if luck is not on your side."

She then took the brush and dyed it with blood as she started to draw an image on the Mind Reader's chest.

In no time, a realistic lotus was drawn on the Mind Reader's chest.

"I'll start now." Nine-Tailed Fox signaled Yuan Xing, and Xi Yuan stepped forward and step on one of Mind Reader's hand.

Yuan Xing then stepped on the other hand while Nine-Tailed Fox and Li Hua both stepped on Mind Reader's legs.

"Let's start." the five women started exchanging glances among each other.

At the same time, Nine-Tailed Fox shouted a one-word syllable.

" Li 1 (Strength)!"


In an instant, the Blood Sigil on Mind Reader's chest started evaporating into a blood mist between Kong Xinxue's legs.

As Mind Reader's skin returned to its original skin tone, the black striation appeared once more in the form of a sun.

The black sun striation then popped out from the skin and glowed as it plunged into the blood mist, merging together into one.


Another sun shaped striation jumped out from the Sacred Sigil and flew into the blood mist.

What followed along was the third sun, the fourth, the fifth!!

A series of striations kept entering the blood mist, which started to twist about. It then started to form into the sun-shaped striation similar to the Sacred Sigil as it levitated in the middle of the air.

Kong Xinxue then turned her back towards Garen as she pulled the zip down on her s.h.i.+rt, revealing her skin which was covered by a thin layer of black silk-like tight s.h.i.+rt.


The Sun-like striation which was formed from the blood mist flew into her chest and intensively imprinted on her body.


Kong Xinxue screamed. She raised her head as she tried to resist the intense agony.

"Ah Xue!! Hold it together!" Nine-Tailed Fox screamed with a stern look on her face.

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