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The blond man crossed his arms over his chest to defend but Garen was just too fast. Before he could react or even bulge his muscles, Garen was already in front of him striking him with his palms.

"This speed!!?" His pupils shrunk. Bam bam bam bam!!!

The surrounding soldiers opened fire but hit a blank. Bullets shot at where Garen originally stood, but it all hit a blank spot and fell on to the ground. Some of them ricocheted, hitting the soldiers, clanging as it echoed metal sounds. It was obvious that the soldiers were wearing bulletproof armors made from steel, metal plates.

The shop was in total chaos with bullets ricocheting everywhere. People were screaming as they crouched down with their heads in their hands, some cried out loud from fear.

Garen and the blond man exchanged blows at close combat. Like a phantom apparition, their four arms rammed against each other as they fought, giving out loud, cras.h.i.+ng sounds.

The ramming sounds were like dull thunders, detonating at every strike. Each time their arms interlocked, the blond man's face would pale a shade further and sounds of bones fracturing could be heard faintly from his arms.

He retreated in succession out of the shop.


With a loud crash, the blond man was blown up into mid-air, smas.h.i.+ng into a bronze statue in the town square and causing the scatter of white debris as he fell to the ground.

"It's been a while since I met an expert who can face me off." Garen relaxed his arm and walked out of the shop, watching the blond man struggling to get up. His current physical fitness was more than a monster. It was hard to imagine that there would be someone who could hold up a fight with him without collapsing in an instance.

"You!..." The blond man's face was full of disbelief. He tried to get up using his arms as support, but they were badly contorted to the point of not being able to support his body.

Seeing the soldiers crumbling down in the shop in a blink of an eye, the man felt chills. He could not believe that this current state was real.

As Military Flag, he was the second strongest in the Black Federation yet he could not survive for more than half a minute with this man. It was only over ten moves when those specially enhanced, high-intensity arms fractured his bones.

If one were to tell him a day before that someone in this world would be able to face him off and defeat him in half a minute with brute body techniques, he would have thought that the person was joking.

And now, he had to believe it as the truth was laid before his eyes.

"Everyone... underestimated you..." Military Flag spurted blood. His skeletal bones seemed to have fallen apart as he could not even get up.

Garen strolled out of the shop, leaving behind him a sea of corpses with their blood flowing like a river.

Miraculously, only a few customers in the shop suffered paper-cut wounds from the stray bullets while the rest were unharmed.

Seeing Military Flag, the blond man lying on the ground, and the soldiers in their outfits, he could guess who this party was. Vulture's intelligence has detailed records on the Black Federation.

He walked towards Military Flag.


Suddenly, a bullet fired at his foot. It was half a meter distance of the step he was going to take but for some reason, Garen shortened the length of this particular step by three quarters, as though he coordinated with the sniper which evidently enabled him to avoid being shot.

White smoke and debris emitted from the pit on the ground struck by the bullet.

Garen's placed his right foot gently on the ground. The tip of his foot flipped up and a stone took flight, gliding into the air before him.

He flicked his right index finger.


The stone shot through the sky, making a screeching, sharp howl.

A faint sound of a stone hitting on metal and a person shouting in pain came from afar.

Military Flag stared at Garen as though he had seen a ghost. This was way beyond any human limit. Just a stone to take care of a sniper hidden far away with such accuracy and strength was too skillful beyond the boundary. 

Even Slayer couldn't do so!

The crowd on the streets now realized that what happened in the shop was not a film shooting but it was a real deal. Screams were everywhere as people ran for their lives, hiding in places which they thought would be safe though most were escaping as far as they could.

There were a few who were bold beyond death, hiding and recording the scene with their mobiles phones.

In mere minutes, the densely packed streets were emptied. Pa.s.sing vehicles sped off for their lives and cars from afar detoured away.

The area where Garen and Military Flag occupied was now deserted. The surroundings were empty without a single person in sight.

Majority of the people in the shop took the opportunity to escape. At first, there was one who took flight courageously, and when the remaining people saw him leaving unscathed, they followed suit and rushed out of the shop. Cammy Ning and her two best friends were amongst the crowd and were being tugged and pulled by the escaping, scattered crowd.

While running for their lives, they turned back to look at the direction of Garen and Military Flag.

Cammy Ning and her friends felt their brains were still in a mush. They had yet to gather what was going on. How did a high school cla.s.smate become a killer and terrorist in a blink of an eye?

Recalling the fallen armed soldiers, Cammy Ning could not help but s.h.i.+ver.

"Just how many people did the Black Federation send?" Garen and Military Flag were just a meter apart when he questioned. Garen had jarred his opponent's bones out of its place to the point that he would not be able to move, thus he was not worried of any sudden counter-attacks.

"You can join our Black Federation. We have the best technology to help you enhance your body. We have the best in service, finances, authority, beautiful ladies, whatever you want we have it! As long as you join us, coupled with the support from me and Battle Flag, you will definitely be the strongest Sword Master in history!!" Military Flag tried to convince Garen in turn.

His eyes flickered with a bright glow.

"What can you obtain from Slann? Even if you're number three at Vulture's, you wouldn't hold much authority in quota, right? But it's different in our Black Federation. You can have your private troops, private island, under the law of Slann, it is forbidden to traffic human but our Black Federation's unspoken rules, you can have up to four slaves of your own!"

Military Flag tempted.

"Think about it. We are the unrestrained, social world where the strongest survive!! You are best suited in Black Federation! Join us and you will get all that you imagined!"

He was soliciting Garen!

Garen smiled as he looked at him.

"Everything? If I want the Sacred Sigil, will you give it to me?"

"Sacred Sigil?" Military Flag was stunned. "As long as you want it, we will do our best for you! As long as you join us, your power will grow stronger and even if you're not up to it, we will not take away the resources for your power gaining! Just say the word and you will be the Black Federation's number three and not just a measly number three in Vulture organization! Think about it, riches, power, beautiful women, as long as you want it, anything is possible!!"

Garen must admit, that Military Flag's offer and bargain was extremely tempting and he himself was starting to be moved by it.

Compared to Slann, Black Federation was all about the strength. The environment of survival of the fittest suited him. If it weren't because he has decided to leave this world to head to Lighthouse, he might even agree to it.

But it was a shame that...

"Unfortunately," Garen shook his head, "although it's very tempting, I... have no interest."

He lurched forward and stomped onto Military Flag's forehead. Boom.

Red blood seeped through Military Flag's forehead, spewing out red and white liquid that looked like oil.

Without turning back, Garen strode to the direction of the Soul Energy Force. It was obvious that Black Federation was trying to delay time by sending a general like Military Flag. His last speech was probably a tactic in an attempt to save his life and delay time too.

These major characters have plenty up their sleeves with various trump cards emerging one after another. If not because Garen was prepared to leave this world, he may be convinced by Military Flag to rebel.

Glancing at the surrounding empty streets, Garen went forward in the direction of the Soul Energy Force. 

As he made his way, sounds of windows closing came from both sides of the street. As Garen speed up pa.s.sing several streets, crowds gradually emerged. Many did not know who he was. Some were discussing with pa.s.sersby about the noise heard earlier while others were describing the happenings vividly.

Garen blended into the crowd and walked swiftly towards an alley by the street.

The moment he stepped in, sounds of swoos.h.i.+ng laser beams could be heard. 

Looking disheveled, Mind Reader was being chased by a man holding a laser welding machine. He skimmed out the exit opposite the alley.

Without wasting another second, Garen dashed out of the alley into another narrow lane. He saw that Mind Reader and his pursuer were reaching the end of the lane and about to make a turn.

Garen was about to chase after them when suddenly heavy footsteps came from behind him. A team of armed personnel caught up to him from the back alley.

Seeing Garen standing there, the men in black aimed their guns on him

"Don't move!!"

The words had not barely complete when Garen stomped his right foot on the ground.


With a loud crash, the surface of the small lane turned and crumbled. A ripple of quake with Garen's right foot in the center had overturned front and back.

The soldiers shook from side to side in the continuous loud rumbles. The tremendous quake swept them off their feet and collided with one another. Majority of the soldiers with weaker vitality lost consciousness in a blink of an eye while a stronger minority held on from fainting.

Garen couldn't be bothered with these people and continued his chase.

"It's Sword Master Garen! Surround him!!"

A voice shouted from the side.

Swoosh swoosh swoos.h.!.+

m.u.f.fled gun shots fired at Garen's side. Some of the bullets. .h.i.t the wall beside him, leaving hole marks. Some hit him but were blocked effectively by his tough muscles.

Garen snorted coldly. He was not in his best mood given that he was ambushed the moment he charged out of the lane. He waved his arm on the wall and gripped ahold a large block of cement from it, before flinging it onto the soldiers who were lunging to him from the right side of the crossway.

The cement block flew at a high velocity, swoos.h.i.+ng through countless people and hitting on the last wall surface. Instantaneously, more than ten people in the small alley lane were penetrated at the chest, no one life was spared.

The lane had fresh blood splattered all over, and smelled sweet and pungent as blood flow like a river from the bodies.

Garen did not bother to stay back and look and headed straight for Mind Reader.

More and more people were getting in his way. In the beginning, it was the men in black from Black Federation, thereafter were some local police and law enforcers. The police were quickly replaced by armed police and finally, soldiers in white appeared. Many of the soldiers had a pattern of a white crab imprinted on their chest.

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