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Chapter 906: Improved Antimatter Storage Device
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After the asteroid collection and the completion of the s.p.a.ce elevator were delegated, Jiang Chen returned to the apocalypse. He had just shared a tender moment with Sun Jiao before Lin Lin pulled him into the lab.

"What's the matter? Why so rushed?" Looking at the excited Lin Lin, Jiang Chen was curious and confused at the same time.

"Don't worry about it. Just follow me!"

After closing the door, Lin Lin let go of Jiang Chen's hand and walked to the side of a machine. She pulled off the dust-proof cloth.

"Hey! Guess what this is?" With her small chest proudly raised, Lin Lin showed Jiang Chen the machine that was about her height.

Jiang Chen looked at the oddly shaped machine and couldn't react for a moment.

It was a machine with a cylindrical body. Jiang Chen carefully searched his own memories, but he couldn't find any matching machines from his memories.

"What is this?"

"The enhanced version of the magnetic restraint device. Compared to the prototype, this enhanced magnetic confinement device can store up to one gram of antimatter," Lin Lin proudly said as she patted the machine.

"In other words … if this thing blows up, it's equivalent to three nuclear bombs?" Jiang Chen glanced at the machine and his eyebrows twitched.

"The TNT equivalency is comparable to three nuclear bombs," Lin Ling corrected Jiang Chen, and she then said, "In terms of power, this is comparable to ten nuclear bombs detonated at the same time!"

[What the fu*k, this can blast a small asteroid into dust!]

As if she read Jiang Chen's mind, Lin Lin coughed and pointed at the casing of the machine. She added, "Of course, there's only 0.01 milligram of antimatter inside. Collecting antimatter in the atmosphere is extremely difficult. If you can help me build a lab in outer s.p.a.ce…"

"You know that's impossible." Jiang Chen sighed.

The wreckage of the war filled Earth's outer s.p.a.ce. It almost formed a planetary ring consisting of s.p.a.ce debris. It wasn't that he hadn't considered launching satellites in the apocalypse, but due to environmental limitations, it was almost an impossible task.

Lin Lin also sighed and shrugged.

"Then we have to do it slowly."

"Also, what's the progress on the living creature interdimensional study?" Although antimatter was a prerequisite for enabling live creatures to interdimensional travel, Jiang Chen was more concerned with this issue.

"If it's just microorganisms or bugs, then there are no problems, but when it comes to small animals such as hamsters, the device seems to run into some minor problems. It's too difficult to explain; maybe it's because of a lack of energy? Maybe it's the size of the 'door' being too small?" Lin Lin murmured, engrossed in her own thoughts.

Jiang Chen then left the lab.

After lunch, the snow seemed to settle down.

With winter clothes and boots, Jiang Chen left the mansion alone and went to the community center. The soldiers patrolling all saluted out of their hearts when they saw him. From their pupils, Jiang Chen could clearly sense the reverence from their hearts.

Stepping into the command center, Han Junhua was studying the holographic map and deliberating. After she noticed Jiang Chen entering, she withdrew her focus on the map and looked at Jiang Chen.

"You're here."

He walked next to Han Junhua and spoke to her, in a casual tone, "Did anything change?"

The laser pointer in her hand pointed at the location of Wu City on the holographic map. Han Junhua said with a concerned voice, "Our pilots discovered during a recon mission of the Northern Alliance Area that their armed forces are abnormally mobilized. The number of troops in the first wave is expected to reach 2,000, and follow-up units might include more than 10,000 people. They're equipped with a large amount of weapons from the pre-war era. It's hard to understand their motive, but they seem to be planning to take Wu City in winter."

Although even the Auror20 was in a very disadvantageous position against pre-war air defense weapons, it could still conduct reconnaissance missions by maintaining a safe distance. Pre-war rifles and personnel armor weren't insignificant, and the T-series power armor that was further developed after the war might not be weaker than the pre-war P-series, but tanks such as the Wanderer could certainly give people a headache.

In the beginning, in order to abolish a Wanderer Tank of the Crimson Chamber of Commerce, Zhao Chenwu was forced to resort to the anti-s.h.i.+p Disaster-32 cruise missile. According to the description of the Auror20, the Northern Alliance Area was equipped with a large number of Wanderers.

If the armored units of both sides engaged in conflict, it would be a tough battle.

Looking at the red dots and arrows on the map, Jiang Chen was lost in thought.

"Junhua, you used to be a former PAC Brigade Commander. What are your suggestions for dealing with the Wanderer Tank?"

Han Junhua said expressionlessly, with one finger on her chin, "The Wanderer Tank relied mainly on the Meissner effect of the superconducting armor, which completely renders all metallic warheads useless. It's called killer of the electromagnetic pulse cannon for thisreason. Even with the use of insulated warheads, it's difficult to penetrate the 140mm Grade-A steel armor. EMPs, lasers, microwaves, and so on are basically ineffective for tanks produced after 2200, so they can be ignored."

"In other words … there's no weakness at all?" Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Han Junhua shook her head.

"There are no weapons without weaknesses, even if it's the strongest main battle tank of the PAC. Its battery life is its weakness. Maintaining Meissner armor requires a lot of power, and 112 tons of weight is a big problem in itself. Even if it has dual fusion cores as its power source, this type of tank cannot remain in battle for an extended period of time. Tactically, we should avoid direct engagement as much as possible, strategically cut supplies… In addition, the continuous use of napalm bombs is also useful against this tank. "

"What's the deployment of our troops in Wu City?" Jiang Chen then asked.

"w.a.n.g Zhaowu has already led the Second Army to Hongcheng and dispatched a team of about 2,000 soldiers to Wu City to contact local survivors. As the former industrial city of PAC, there were many robot factories in the city, and the local survivors modified many civilian robots into combat robots. Their combat effectiveness is significant. If possible, we can use crystals to draw up local survivors to fight for us," said Han Junhua.

"If you can defeat them, then that's best, of course." Jiang Chen nodded. A problem that could be solved with "money" was never a problem. NAC, which was backed by the entire modern world's resources, didn't have to worry about living necessities at all.

Suddenly, he noticed the distance between Hanzhong and Wu City. Jiang Chen frowned and made a calculation.

"But 750 kilometers…how exactly are they going to get there?"

The northern mutants were different from southern mutants. The mutants from the south such as Death Claws usually entered hibernation in the winter. However, most mutants in the north didn't hibernate. If they wanted to mobilize from Hanzhong to Wu City, the mutants along the way would be problematic to deal with.

Shaking his head, Jiang Chen temporarily put this question aside. However, as he prepared to discuss the deployment of troops with Han Junhua, there was a knock on the door. After receiving permission, w.a.n.g Qing came in.

"Hang Merchants a.s.sociation Kong Qian is here."

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