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Chapter 817: The Trojan Horse

Translator: _Min_  Editor: Rundi

Hauling the desalination platform robbed from Celestial Trade, the modified freighter slowly sailed to the port in the northwest corner of Madagascar.

At the end of the jungle and mountains, there was a fortress that was inconsistent with the poverty in Madagascar. Within the tall concrete walls, there were more than a dozen Black Hawks and even Apache helicopters. In addition, the number of M1114 and M2A3 infantry vehicles parked in the garage even surpa.s.sed many UA military bases overseas.

There were also Patriot 3 guided missile launch vehicles hidden underneath the cover. They were even more indicative of Arrow's military and political influence.

The terrifying arms force could easily overturn a small country. It was not the power that an ordinary private military contractor could possess.

Because its strength, the UA government was also cautious toward Arrow. Even if the Freemasonry exerted a strong influence in the UA political scene, its military bases could only be built overseas, such as in poor Africa, or chaotic South America.

The freighter entered the port and the officer wearing a desert-colored army cap walked down the freighter and down the stairs. On the edge of the port, a middle-aged bald man in a suit extended his hand from a long ways away and greeted cheerfully.

“Hahaha, welcome, Colonel Ferrer.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Evans.” Ferrer shook the hand sincerely.

Judging from the look of the colonel's face, he was very respectful to Mr. Evans.

This respect was not due to social status but constrained by an ancient cla.s.s.

In the Freemasonry, lower-level members must commensurate higher-level members as their mentors. Although in modern times, this rule had not been strictly enforced. Only in internal meetings would people use the vintage t.i.tle of mentor.

But this did not prevent Ferrer from respecting the gentleman in front of him.

As an ordinary member of the Freemasonry, Ferrer was only level three. The man in a suit, who stood across from him, had a ring engraved with a number 32 on his right hand. He was only one grade away from the top Scottish faction.

Engineers boarded the s.h.i.+p and removed the desalination platform from the back of the s.h.i.+p.

Evans didn't have an att.i.tude. He smiled pleasantly and took Ferrer to the side, handed him a cigar and lit one for himself.

“Our country has a long coastline, but it lacks fresh water. We negotiated with High-Tech Freshwater, but they were extremely stingy about their precious technology. We are very disappointed.”

The country was referring to Israel.

When Evans mentioned disappointment, he blew a ring and grinned, patting Ferrer's shoulder.

“Fortunately, we have a group of brave men. Future Group will soon regret the decision to refuse us.”

“Zaid is done. I'm afraid we'll have to find someone else to do the dirty work for us,” Ferrer grinned.

Someone must bear the wrath of Future Group. Evans and Ferrer didn't believe that they would dare to launch an attack against the Freemasonry. So Future Group could only retaliate against the pirates of Somalia.

But then again, it would be a question if Jiang Chen could find the man behind the scene.

Evans smiled at this thought.

He dusted his cigar. The 1-inch long soot fell to the edge of his shoe, and Evans blew another smoke ring. The eagle-like eyes looked in the direction of the desalination platform.

“Zaid won't live till tomorrow. By tomorrow evening, Mossad's men will take out his den in Somalia and wait for him to show up at the door. As long as the insider Zaid dies, Future Group won't be able to find anything.”

“A month later, the Mediterranean Freshwater Company will be listed in New York and formally explore the Middle East market. We will use the influence of the oil market to seize the market share of High-Tech Freshwater from the east coast of the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf region.”

Looking forward to a bright future, a curvature formed on Evan's mouth. He then looked at Ferrer who was standing next to him.

“Did you check the goods?”

“Not yet, but this is a direct s.h.i.+pment to be deployed in the Red Sea. There should be no quality problems.” Ferrer laughed.

“Deploy it first and see. I heard this thing is easy to move anyway.” Evans grinned, pointing the cigar to port. He was just about to say something to the soldier next to him, but soon a light attracted his attention.

On the sea not far away, the offsh.o.r.e platform began to s.h.i.+ne.

The compressed light leaked from the gaps of the mechanical sh.e.l.l. It even separated by hundreds of meters. He could still feel the burning pain on his skin.

The steel was melted into molten iron, and armored vehicles and helicopters faded in color under the strong light. The cement peeled off from the reinforcing steel frame and collapsed like an avalanche.

It was said that at the moment of death, that second will be infinitely elongated until the consciousness has completely faded.

At the moment before losing consciousness, Evans saw the sunrise.

The so-called bright future, in the halo of this sunrise, along with the cigar between his finger, was blown into ashes.

The shock wave swept through the mountains and stained all the greenery with darkness.

On the pristine ocean surface, a mushroom cloud rose.

“Buzz… Here is Raven 1, we have arrived over Mayotte Island. It's dark here, with only sporadic fire…”

“…received, landing.”

After Jiang Chen and the others evacuated, four transport helicopters took off from the base in Madagascar and flew over Mayotte Island.

All contact channels were cut off. When they learned that the entire island had lost contact, Madagascar officials thought it was a joke. After all, the incident was late at night and the question sounded bizarre.

Until with the pa.s.sage of time did various departments realize the “toe” became paralyzed. They then sent troops to the island to investigate the situation.

Army soldiers landed in the slums in transport helicopters. However, they saw a devastating scene.

Walls were full of bullet holes and residues of explosions. Bloodstains were everywhere. Most of them belonged to the local gangs and the mercenaries of Arrow Military. Of course, some of them were from civilians from the slums.

“Pirates! They attacked us!” The boy who was rescued shouted in shock while shuddering.

There was a scar on his arm from stray bullets and an injury to his leg that left his bone exposed. He was carried out on a stretcher.

The scene became chaotic and cries and shouts filled the air. The rescue team that first landed had to report the situation to the headquarters to request additional a.s.sistance while treating the wounded.


“Don't move, man, you'll be okay…”

“My legs! AHHHH-!”

“Who has bandages, hand me a piece! Quick!”

At the same time, in the Presidential Palace in Madagascar, officials from various departments were in complete mayhem. President La Jonah put a suit on over his pajamas and rushed to his office. He was anxiously contacting Arrow. However, the phone was busy.

La Jonah slammed down the phone.

At the same time, Madagascar's Minister of Power came in.

“A large-scale power outage occurred in Mayotte! According to the incident diagnosis, various degrees of burnout occurred in various circuits. As for the cause, it is currently unclear…”

“Continue to investigate!”

“Yes!” Seeing the President was in a bad mood. The Minister of Power did not dare to say anything more. After nodding, he immediately turned to leave.


The Minister of Power stopped and asked anxiously.

“What else can I do?”

“Call the Minister of Defense—”

At the exact moment, the door was suddenly pushed open, and the Minister of Defense with an unfastened seatbelt trodded into the room and looked at La Jonah with panic. He said in a stuttering voice.


“What?” La Jonah frowned.

His face twisted together. The Minister of Defense with an almost crying expression incoherently articulated his sentence.

“Yes, nuclear, nuclear weapons! North of Madagascar was attacked by tactical nuclear weapons!”

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