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"This is pis*ing me off!"

After taking the elevator back to the surface, Berkeley cursed at Jiang Chen for stepping in and cussed at Emma who made him look like a fool in front of everyone. He vaguely recalled how people around him looked at him when he was leaving the venue.

He had never felt so useless!

A Porsche was parked at the side of the road. Seeing his young master approaching, the driver immediately got out of the car and opened the door for him.

Compared to the first few days of opening, there were more vehicles on Penglai's roads. Some affluent cruise s.h.i.+ps were built with garages and cars followed the s.h.i.+p around. Berkeley's s.h.i.+p apparently was part of this category. When he came to Penglai, he set sail directly from a private port in Cali.

Berkeley was feeling gloomy.

"Drive me back to the hotel."


Seeing that the young master was in a terrible mood, the driver could guess that the master must've encountered some unpleasant events at the party. As a professional suck-up, it was the perfect opportunity to ease the mind of his young master! Halfway through the trip, Berkeley's mood improved slightly and the driver asked, "Master Berkeley, who had the courage to make you unhappy?"

"Jiang Chen," Berkeley said emotionlessly.

The driver suddenly s.h.i.+vered.

[Fu*k, there's no solution to this!]

However, Berkeley added, "And Emma."

Explaining the cause and aftermath to his driver Tate, Berkeley sunk into his seat and stopped talking. Thanks to Emma, he still must think about how he to explain this fiasco to his father. After all, his father viewed his own reputation above anything else.

Even now, he had no self-awareness that it might be his fault.

With Jiang Chen's protection, Emma was untouchable. However, this wasn't any problem for Tate - before he drove for the man with too much money, he was a Hollywood paparazzi. In order to earn his salary, what kind of means had he not attempted?

His eyeb.a.l.l.s turned, Tate held the wheel while lowering his voice.

"Master, I have a way."

"Say it," Berkeley said impatiently.

"Since this b*tch is doing whatever she wants because of her protection, then we will first take away her protection before making a move. Just..." Tate whispered a few words next to Berkeley. 

After listening, Berkeley's eyes turned brighter and brighter. Suddenly he slapped his thigh with a big smile.

"Haha, Tate," Berkeley hooked Tate's shoulder and laughed. "You're such a bad boy!"

Instantly, his bad mood disappeared.

[Just Wait! I'll make you pay the price!]

Berkeley licked his lips, and he began to plan in his mind. After he got that arrogant little girl to bow her head, he would torture her.


The waiters withdrew the cooked dishes and replaced them with delicate and delicious desserts. The sweet but not greasy ice cream stimulated Jiang Chen's taste buds. Even though he didn't like sweets in general, he fell in love with this ice cream he couldn't name.

Jiang Chen secretly made up his mind. After the party was over, he would go to the kitchen to get the recipe of the ice cream then ask Ayesha to make it for him.

After dessert was over and the guests savored the food, this evening party entered the final and most crucial part - the charity auction.

The items to be presented at the auction were donated by people from all walks of life. Jiang Chen donated a pen that he used for a price of 100,000 US Dollar. Compared to Julian Schnabel's Pearl on the Pacific, a pen undoubtedly paled in comparison. However, the most important factor was how much money being donated, not the price of the items auctioned.

Because it was a charity auction, most of those sitting there were successful with prestige and reputation. After auctioning an item, the organizer would report the names of the winners to satisfy the vanity of the donors.

At the reception of the waiter, Jiang Chen and Xia s.h.i.+yu went to the next venue and sat in the corner.

The guests were already seated and the waiter standing at the door gently closed the door.

It was almost time for the show. The host of the party, Mr. Galloway, stepped onto the stage, then he looked at the guests with a smile.

"I'm extremely happy and very grateful to see you here today. We are here for the same purpose, for those who need help..."

There was not any highlight in the opening remarks. For Jiang Chen, an atheist who didn't feel much compa.s.sion, Galloway's words didn't interest him. Compared to charity, he was more concerned about what interesting things he could win from this auction.

Without disappointing Jiang Chen, when Mr. Galloway finished his section, the beauty wearing a UNICEF uniform came forward. In the red wooden box she was holding. it was an antique teacup.

"The cup belonged to Queen Victoria with over two hundred years of history. The donor was the Duke of Edwards from London. The starting price is five million!"

There was applause at the venue. People paid their respects to this generous Duke and raised their bidding cards.

In the end, the teacup used by the Queen was sold for a price of seventeen million US Dollar.

The second item was also an antique, nothing remarkable.

For the third item, Jiang Chen immediately paid more attention

Because the upcoming item was the pen he used. The starting price was 100,000 US Dollar!

To be honest, he was looking forward to the final auction price of the pen. However, reality was cruel. The auction room was quiet for two seconds without anyone bidding. Seeing that his own pen was about to go unbidden, Jiang Chen's expression suddenly turned awkward.

[I may have overestimated myself!]

Looking at Jiang Chen's awkward look, Xia s.h.i.+yu giggled at the scene.

She took the card and wrote a series of zeros on it. She was preparing to bid for the pen.

However, at that time, a sign was raised from the other side of the venue, and the host turned his attention to the other side while exclaiming.

"One million! Directly increased the price by ten times! Our winner is Carmen Rothschild! Let us give our applause to this generous gentleman and give it to this generous family..."

Applause rang, but Jiang Chen felt embarra.s.sed.

He noticed Carmen was sitting there smiling, then raised his cup.

[Well, finally someone recognized its true value.]

The fourth piece of merchandise was the "Pearl of the Pacific," the most prized item, which pushed the atmosphere to the climax. With a starting price of five million, the price increase must not be less than one hundred thousand. However, as soon as the painting was put out, a wealthy man already doubled the price to ten million!

However, it was a pity that his compet.i.tor is Jiang Chen.

After some compet.i.tion, when the third sound of the hammer fell, the painting was eventually sold at a high price of 110 million US Dollar by Jiang Chen. A painting sold for 110 million US Dollar, even for the many wealthy individuals at the party, it was still a shocking and ridiculous final price.

Many celebrities focused Jiang Chen with undisguised desire. At the same time, they gave Xia s.h.i.+yu, who was sitting next to him, the dirtiest and most jealous look.

The fifth item appeared and immediately attracted Jiang Chen's attention.

It was a simple notebook. 

To be precise, it was a codebook. 

The origin of this codebook was somewhat unique...

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