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The Lewis family was neither a big name in Cali nor a renowned name in UA's upper cla.s.s, but its family wealth was ranked the wealthiest in the state. With the overseas real estate boom in Hua, the family owner Pound Lewis made a fortune. He was listed in Forbes' Top 30 Wealth List because he held stocks in Dream Estate with a total value of 23.7 billion US Dollar.

With just money, he would just be considered nouveau riche. In order to build up his cla.s.s, Pound did all he could to squeeze into the upper echelons. He once spent a billion dollars to become a Warner Bros. shareholder in order to walk the Oscar's Red carpet. He wouldn't miss this opportunity to be at such a world-cla.s.s charity party, of course.

However, because of business reasons, he didn't have time to visit in person, so he sent his son Berkeley Lewis to take part in this charity party.

However, compared to his wealthy father, Berkeley Lewis was undoubtedly a douche. Other than spending all day driving sports cars his father bought for him, he always hung out with Hollywood stars using his father's name. He was the perfect definition of a playboy.

After seeing Emma Watson, he was immediately attracted by her n.o.ble and glamorous temperament, so he used the usual tricks and invited her to dance. Unfortunately, Emma didn't respect his father and euphemistically rejected his invitation.

As a woman who once delivered a feminist speech at the United Nations, Emma would not just bow down because his father was on Forbes' list. Berkeley's "good reputation" wasn't a secret in Hollywood either. She naturally felt disgusted by this type of persona.

As for being a Warner Bros. shareholder?

There were many Warner Bros.'s shareholders - at least twenty. The UA company's general shareholding structure was scattered. 1% of the shares were enough to enter the board of directors, and 30% of shares were enough to become the chairman.

However, Mr. Berkeley obviously didn't antic.i.p.ate that he would be rejected by a second-tier movie star. It was obvious he used implicit words to hara.s.s Emma, and he even wanted to reach out and hold her around the shoulders. Emma finally erupted, pouring champagne over his face.

When she took the champagne, her hand accidentally knocked the crystal gla.s.s off the table so the shattering sound attracted the attention of surrounding guests.

The previously-gelled hair was now stuck to his face. Lime-flavored champagne dripped down his hair. When he was splashed with champagne, Berkeley Lewis was completely dumbfounded. The situation around him and his surroundings caught him in a turbulent whirlpool of embarra.s.sment. His eyes were gradually filled by anger.

Emma calmed down from her impulses and her face gradually turned pale.

At the heat of the moment, she splashed him out of rage. When she calmed down, she suddenly realized that what she did was excessive.

"Very well, very well..." Angry lips trembled, and Berkeley stared at Emma gloomily.

If it wasn't for the people watching, he would've thrown a punch.

However, he couldn't. To lay hands on a female guest at a banquet would, disregarding his loss of reputation, cause his father who loved his own reputation to chop him in half!

Seeing that his boss was splashed, the bodyguard walked up and emotionlessly said one word to Emma.


Burly muscles bulged in the suit, just like an orangutan wearing human clothes. Seeing as Emma didn't respond, the bodyguard expressionlessly squeezed his fists. The sound of joints cracking made Emma's face turn even paler.

"It's not a gentleman's action to threaten a lady."

With a smile, Jiang Chen didn't look at the bodyguard but looked at Mr. Lewis.

Seeing someone intervening, Berkeley raised his eyebrows and turned his attention at the man. When he saw Jiang Chen's face, his face turned green.

If someone didn't know Jiang Chen's face a year ago, that would be excusable. However, if people still didn't recognize him after being on the news for an entire year, then they must be out of sync with this world.

Originally, Berkeley was going to leave some harsh words and wait until he returned to Cali to find a few people to take care of her. But when he saw Jiang Chen stepping in, he immediately dismissed this idea

Future Group was also on the same level with B City Consortium. This kind of monster wasn't on the same level as the rich people on the Forbes list. When other people get angry, they would beat people. When this guy get angry, he beat up an entire country. If he got in trouble with this guy, not even father times ten would be able to save him!

"I'm sorry."

Lewis bowed down and dragged away his own bodyguard without saying anything.

Although he was a douche, he wasn't stupid.

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face, but he also felt bored after Berkeley just left.

The unpleasant atmosphere quickly dissipated as most of the guests came to see a scene. The party returned to the lively and peaceful atmosphere. Seeing that the Playboy took his bodyguard and left, the timid Alex finally sighed and stepped forward to give the two a middle finger behind their back.

"G.o.d, sis, are you okay?"

"Why didn't you come!" Emma gave her younger brother a hard stare, but she had no intention of blaming him.

With her brother's small build, ten of his fingers couldn't defeat one of the bodyguard's fingers.

"I..." Alex blushed and scratched his head, and suddenly an excuse came to mind. He immediately pointed out Jiang Chen with a grin. "I looked for someone to save you."

Emma and Jiang Chen's eyes met up and then they awkwardly looked away.

"Thank you."

To be honest, she had been hiding from him. Jiang Chen didn't tell her why he chose her to be part of the "The Time Curtain." Her excessive self-protection instincts told her that his own thoughts might be the same as the other man,'s - he was just less obvious.

When she thought about this, there was an inexplicable feeling that grew in her mind

If he asked her, could she really have the confidence that refused Berkeley, to refuse him?

While having mixed feelings, her thank you was very sincere. Because she knew clearly that if it wasn't for Jiang Chen, even if she left unscathed today, the situation waiting for her wouldn't be good in Cali.

"You're welcome." Jiang Chen smiled. He didn't think as much as her - his actions were more about seeing an acquaintance in trouble and doing a favor. "But it's better to think before you act. After all, you can't count on there being so many gentlemen willing to save you."

The richer people were, the more people cared about their own feathers

Due to their ident.i.ties, most people just glanced over. Was it worthwhile to get in a conflict with a billionaire for a movie star? Anybody who did business would do the math. It was precisely because of this that only Jiang Chen stepped into the mess. Only he didn't care.

Without chatting with Emma for too long, Jiang Chen realized the time then bid farewell to the siblings. He then went to the agreed location and met up with Xia s.h.i.+yu.

There was a half-hour before the auction's start time. Taking advantage of this time, he intended to fill his stomach first. The food on this long table was full of colors, flavors, and smells. Having entered the venue for so long without even touching the food was a great tragedy

After arriving at the agreed-upon spot, Jiang Chen realized Xia s.h.i.+yu had waited for a long time already.

"Who is she? She looks… familiar."

"Emma Watson, the brand amba.s.sador for nutrient supply under Future Biology. She tied her hair up and I didn't even recognize her at first," Jiang Chen said with a smile.


"Yes, but if you call her that, she probably won't be too happy," Jiang Chen said jokingly.

[What is your relations.h.i.+p with her?]

Xia s.h.i.+yu just wanted to ask this question, but when she thought about it, she swallowed it back.

[If this is the case... What is my relations.h.i.+p with him?]

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