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The airs.h.i.+p was not the most stable platform, Jiang Chen did not dare to activate interdimensional travel on top of a floating s.h.i.+p. On a side of caution, he returned to the fortress. His private force strongly opposed of this. If the frontline failed to hold, it would be extremely dangerous to stay on the ground. However, he insisted on doing so.

"There is a two-kilometer distance from Desperate Beach to the fortress. Is the Mud Crabs loaded with rockets on their feet? I believe Li w.a.n.g can hold them down. Even if he disappoints me, I don't believe that the buffer distance of two-kilometer is not enough for me to move to the airs.h.i.+p!" Jiang Chen said to his captain.

However, to his surprise, after hearing that he planned to return to the surface, Lin Lin also insisted on returning to the surface.

As for the reason...


"You're planning to go back for the generator, right? In this case, if I stay in your room, I'll report the situation to you in time in the event of an emergency. Even if your guards knock on your door, someone will be inside." Lin Lin told Jiang Chen.

Under everyone's sly gaze, Jiang Chen took Lin Lin and stayed in the same room.

However, nothing worth blus.h.i.+ng happened inside.

Jiang Chen went to the modern world immediately and left the little girl alone.


The time axis was synchronized. Even if there was a time difference of one or two hours, it was also night time in the modern world.

Sitting up on the bed, Jiang Chen checked his watch. It was already ten at night.

Ayesha's sleep schedule followed a strict routine. If he was not at home, she would be asleep or taking shower at this time.

Sure enough, when Jiang Chen walked to the end of the corridor on the second floor, he heard the sound of falling water and saw the graceful and pet.i.te body behind the frosted gla.s.s.

There was a smirk on his face as he gently stepped toward the bathroom and pushed open the door.

There was a short-lived scream, but it was quickly submerged by the sound of splas.h.i.+ng water. With a few moans, the wonderful music played from the bathtub to the bedroom. Ayesha used her tenderness to remove all the fatigue from Jiang Chen's body...

The next day, when Jiang Chen woke up, Ayesha had already snuck out from his arms and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for him.

But when he came to the kitchen, he saw the little girl wearing only an ap.r.o.n while bringing the delicious omelet to the table. Looking at this scene, Jiang Chen subconsciously gulped, but did not do anything. He still had plans today. If he was so corrupt in the early morning, he won't be able to step outside.

Sensitively aware of Jiang Chen's thoughts, Ayesha returned to the bedroom and put on a less attractive dress. She came to the dining room and sat beside him.

"The things have been s.h.i.+pped to the underground facilities of New Moon Island."

"Excellent. I have to leave in a bit."

"Need me to help?" Ayesha asked.

Jiang Chen sent the omelet into his mouth and swallowed, he smiled, "It's not a particularly troublesome thing. But if you want to, come along."

Nuclear fusion generators have already arrived, and the power grid in Penglai City will also turn into a zero-pollution, environment-friendly city with nuclear power as the main source of power and supplemented by wind and solar power. This time he was going to New Moon Island to install the nuclear fusion generator in Penglai City.

At the underground facility, Jiang Chen along with Ayesha went to the highest security warehouse. In this empty room, he saw the machine that would turn the world crazy - nuclear fusion generators.

Commanding construction robots to transfer the five nuclear fusion generators to the Droplet. Jiang Chen and Ayesha boarded the Droplet and exited underground, heading towards Penglai.

Because Penglai's debut was so spectacular, it inevitably brought the attention of intelligence organizations from all over the world. In order to prevent these spies from stealing information inside Penglai, Celestial Trade patrolled day and night on the sea near the island and deployed life signal detection devices on the seabed. Through layers of security recognition procedures, the possibility of infiltration from under the sea was completely eliminated.

However, these identification procedures were only aimed at others. For Jiang Chen, the owner of the island, these things did not exist.

In close proximity to Penglai City, Jiang Chen presented his ident.i.ty certificate through three-phase identification methods of iris, voice, and fingerprint. He soon obtained an entry permit. A staff member who had been on the island for a long time opened the submarine hatch and waited for the Droplet to enter. Then the second hatch was opened to allow it to float into the submarine harbor in Penglai City.

Feng Kaiping, the person in charge of Penglai City, came to greet him.

Jiang Chen was direct and asked him..

"Put aside all ongoing work and temporarily remove the staff members below 'A' level permission from the lower levels of the 20th, 21st, and 22nd floors of the sea temporarily. In addition, get the person in charge of the power system to see me. I have something to explain to them."

All of the staff below "A" were temporarily removed, leaving virtually no one on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd floor. However, Feng Kaiping did not hesitate at all. Jiang Chen's face told him that it was not a joke, but a truly important matter.

Soon, Zhang Haiw.a.n.g, Penglai City's electric power minister came into the harbor. He felt that he made a mistake somehow and looked at Jiang Chen anxiously. However, Jiang Chen's first sentence removed any of his concerns and put him in a state of astonishment.

"Cancel the tidal power generator project under construction and the seaweed plantation project. Cut the number of wind turbines by half, also, solar power panel construction can be stopped too."

Zhang Haiw.a.n.g was silent, then he asked in a trembling voice.

"President... are we out of money?"

"Money?" Jiang Chen took a second to process before he started laughing. "You're thinking too much. It's something different."

Speaking of this, he put on a serious face and looked at Feng Kaiping and Zhang Haiw.a.n.g, who were standing in front of him.

"From now on, what I'm going to explain next is Future Group's highest level of confidentiality. You know what this means. If you leak anything, you don't even have the opportunity to hire a lawyer to defend yourself."

The two held their breath.

They knew very well what this means.

If it were an ordinary commercial secret leak, the maximum punishment would be a fine, unless it resulted in serious losses for the company. In this case, this would lead to prosecution for criminal responsibility. However, Future Group was not purely a business organization, at least not in Xin.

"President... you're being funny, our loyalty can be seen by heaven and earth." Feng Kaiping was the first to react and quickly expressed his loyalty.

"Yes, right! That's right!" Although Zhang Haiw.a.n.g, who is usually more talkative, stuttered, he still quickly complied.

"You shouldn't be too nervous," Jiang Chen smiled. After a pause, he slowly said, "From today on, Penglai City's power grid will be focused on nuclear power, and five nuclear fusion generators will be responsible for its power supply."

Zhang Haiw.a.n.g, the electric power minister, was stunned.

Nuclear energy? He thought he was mistaken. Xin was not a nuclear-armed state, without even a nuclear power station, where did the nuclear energy come from?


A light flickered in his head, he suddenly made out the more astonis.h.i.+ng news from Jiang Chen's words!

Nuclear fusion... generators?!

He subconsciously looked at his watch and his expression was even more peculiar.

[What the fu*k?! Today is not April Fool's Day!]

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