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"Doctor, how is my father doing!"

"Mr. w.a.n.g, we are also worried as well, but rabies… even if you are at the best hospital in the world, it's still an unsolvable problem. We are really…" The doctor's face filled with grievance said. It was clear that the way he treated his man was much more polite compared to Jiang Chen.

"That's impossible! A dog hasn't bitten my father, how could he have gotten rabies!" The man's eyes were flus.h.i.+ng red, and his fists were tightly clenched. He still couldn't believe what the doctor had said.

"Yes, we never had a dog before, my dad never came into contact with one. How…" The woman standing on the side said, her face pale.

"Rabies' incubation period could last up to one year. If he is not injected with vaccine on time, it's incurable."

"What! What the fu*k did you just say? Who's incurable?" The man furiously grabbed the collar of the doctor and scared frozen the nurse-to-be.

"Brother! Calm down!" The woman on the side tried to comfort her brother, who clearly was over his head, but it was futile.

"Mister, Mister w.a.n.g. That's not what I meant. Please, please calm down." The doctor that looked annoyingly at Jiang Chen before now had an almost crying expression.

For no other reason, but the fact that he couldn't displease the person in front of him.


Jiang Chen leaned against the chair as he drank his coffee and watched the mess unfold. The man looked like someone with influence, or the doctor being hoisted up wouldn't have said a thing nor keep apologizing.

Two men in buzz cuts and casual clothing stood beside the man. They looked like soldiers by the way they stood, probably active too.

Of course, Jiang Chen already experienced the war himself, so he was not too surprised by the ident.i.ties of these people. He continued to watch for a few more moment before he going back to his phone. The only friend he could have a conversation with on Wechat was Liu Yao. She almost responded immediately to his message.

Being replied to by a celebrity substantially fulfilled his vanity, so he was happy to chat.

The bystanders in the restroom all left when they sensed the situation turned sour. While people enjoyed watching conflicts, it was only when there was a lot of individuals. Because even if something happened, it wouldn't affect them. But with not a lot of people around, everyone was smart enough to stay away from the trouble. The group of people didn't look like friendly people.

Except for Jiang Chen, who was not afraid of anything, he continued to play with his phone while no one else stayed in the room.

The conflict naturally caught the attention of security, but they only stood on the side and didn't dare to step in. The doctor kept trying to convince the man to calm down and was too afraid to ask for help.

Maybe because of his sister's dissuasion, or maybe because he knew that rabies was hard to treat, the man regathered his breath and put the doctor down.

"Give me your phone," A rascal voice rang beside Jiang Chen's ear.

Jiang Chen looked up and raised his eyebrows.

He didn't know when, but the buzz cut bodyguard stood in front of him and leaned into his personal s.p.a.ce. His facial expression looked precisely like that of a bully asking for lunch money. Arrogant and shameless.

The expression he had looked as if he had Jiang Chen's lunch money already.

"Oh? Give me a reason." Jiang Chen wasn't angry as he started to laugh.

"Don't bullsh*t me, if you don't want trouble then give it to papa now." The guy didn't want to waste energy on Jiang Chen, as he directly reached for Jiang Chen's phone.

Most soldiers act ent.i.tled in some way, especially close guards of the masters. Li Gangming, eager to demonstrate his ability in front of his boss, didn't wait for his boss to say anything before he took huge strides towards Jiang Chen, asking for his phone.

But Jiang Chen's action surprised him. The harmless looking man just clamped onto his hand.

What made him even more frantic was that the clamped down hand couldn't move no matter how hard he tried.

Testing my strength?

The stubbornness of Li Gangming also came alive as his dark face turned red. He desperately tried to use his power to move his hand, but Jiang Chen just casually looked at his face and clamped his hand down like an iron claw, not letting him move a single inch.

[You are funny, 25 muscle strength is not something you can overcome. I haven't even used fury yet, or I'd break your bones.

Soldiers? I have seen people kill people. People eat people. Why would I be afraid?]

"Li Gangming, what are you doing!" The woman who was trying to persuade her brother frowned as she angrily shouted at Li Gangming, who had his hands on Jiang Chen.

"Ahh, no, Miss w.a.n.g, this guy…" Sweat began to roll down Li Gangming's face as he explained to the sister of the politician.

"Let him go, why can't you do things nicely? You act exactly like my brother, always quick to jump into a fight."

Because of the angle, she couldn't see the hands of the two people. But it was apparent that brother's soldier was bullying people again.

But Li Gangming's face looked like he just ate a fly. He wanted to explain that it was not him that didn't want to let go, but he didn't have the face to say it in front of his boss.

The man forced a smile when he heard his sister's words. He was about to signal Li Gangming to stop but was shocked.

"Nice moves, sir. What martial arts fraction are you part of?" A sharp glare shot out from w.a.n.g Zhiyong's eyes as he could clearly see Jiang Chen's power.

Li Gangming is a good fighter in his battalion, but he couldn't even move under the grasp of this man. It was something more than strength alone. In his eyes, he already considered Jiang Chen an "Inner Technique" master. w.a.n.g Zhiyong always had a keen interest in martial arts, or he wouldn't have just left the huge presence of his family to join the military.

The unfortunate thing was that Jiang Chen managed to do so by just using his strength. In pure strength, only Superman, or Batman could be comparable to him.

He didn't want to cause trouble, so he stopped when he had made his point. He let out of Li Gangming's hand, and emotionlessly said.

"No martial arts, that was pure strength." [Martial arts? I don't have time for that.]

But in w.a.n.g Zhiyong's eyes, Jiang Chen's casual and carefree expression resembled a martial arts master.

"Impeccable strength! Sir, are you interested in joining the army?"

Jiang Chen's face twitched. [I am already a billionaire. Am I dumb or are you dumb for me to become your soldier.]

His eyes moved as he thought about how he should phrase his words.

"That's okay, I am used to the free life."

"Brother, are you out of your mind! Father is still lying there. You, why is it that every time you see someone who can fight, you want to ask them to join your army? I can't believe you!" The energetic girl frowned at her brother as she said worriedly.

w.a.n.g Zhiyong's face also turned sour as he thought about his father. His body was perfectly fine, and suddenly he got rabies?

"Please don't let this bother you, my brother is just an inconsiderate guy. His head is messed up because he watched too many Wushu shows at a young age," The girl said while poked her brother's arm. She then lowered her head to apologize.

"Li Gangming was only worried that you took a video. You know the internet is a scary thing. If something was uploaded onto the web, it might affect brother's progression. So…"

The girl looked at Jiang Chen with a serene smile.

Although Li Gangming on the side had acted like a bully most of his life, it was based on the context he could win. Now that his boss' sister already apologized, if he continued to act tough, it would be rude.

Resisting the soreness on his wrist, Li Gangming put his fists together and apologized to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled as he never intentionally looked for trouble. Since they already said sorry, he happily accepted it.

He opened the photo alb.u.m on his phone and waved it in front of Li Gangming's face to prove that he didn't take any photos or videos. Seeing Li Gangming nod in confirmation, the reasonable and graceful miss expressed her grat.i.tude again.

The small conflict was resolved with ease.

At the same time, the straightforward man abruptly opened his mouth and said a sentence that made Jiang Chen want to laugh.

"Sir, do you have any way of treating rabies?"

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