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"You handled these issues perfectly." After listening to Sun Jiao's report, Jiang Chen nodded and contemplated for a minute.

"How's the base's combat ability?"

"Almost everyone can fight with a gun," Sun Jiao said proudly.

"Already?" Jiang Chen was astounded.

"We purchased eight virtual reality training chambers from the Zhao Corporation. I believe they said that the PAC used this to train civil soldiers. It's fairly common at the Sixth Street where they have some stockpiled in their storage. After hearing that we didn't have any, they sold it to us at a discounted price."

"Take me there to have a look!" Jiang Chen was extremely interested and curious to understand the virtual reality training chamber's functions. If possible, he wanted to bring one and use it as a first-person shooter simulation to practice his combat ability.

Sun Jiao smiled at Jiang Chen's excitement as she led him to the community center.

The training chamber was designed with futuristic designs and fluidity. Jiang Chen touched the smooth surface, unable to contain the thrill.

Sun Jiao began to explain, "This model was produced in 2140 as one of the early models of the virtual reality training chamber. Despite that, its functionalities match those of the later civilian educational models. Deep submergence into the training chamber allows human memory to operate at peak performance and also enables the bodies to perfectly synchronize with the learned motions.

"Because death in training is just a game over, many high-risk training activities can be completed in virtual reality. Although obviously, the physical body still has to be conditioned in the real world."

"Physical conditioning can be solved through the genetic vaccine." Jiang Chen nodded, pleased with the explanation.

"Right. That's why I included 50 D-Level genetic vaccines in the purchase order. All of them were injected, allowing the base's combat power to become slightly stronger."

Jiang Chen and Sun Jiao were both injected with the C-Level genetic vaccine, but due to their scarcity, an order of 10 was reasonable, but 50 was not. Since the vaccine was not commonly purchased, it was not produced in large quant.i.ties, so she decided to purchase the relatively cheaper, lower-grade D-level genetic vaccine.

The only difference between the C-Level and D-Level was a five-point stat difference, but it didn't limit the body's potential; usually, even an E-Level was more than enough.

For example, the majority of the civil soldiers stationed in the outer circle of the Sixth Street were injected with E-level genetic vaccines; some only had the anti-virus vaccination since the possibility of close-range combat these days was nearly zero.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen had an idea.

"Is it possible to use this thing to study something else, like a language?"

It would be useful in teaching Ayesha. Combined with the genetic vaccine, he could train a beautiful bodyguard and driver.

The loyalty of Ayesha was definitely not a concern, but Yao Yao could change the training program's weapon level to 150 years ago to solve any inconsistencies.

Sun Jiao was confused, not understanding Jiang Chen's purpose in asking but still nodded.

"In theory, yes, the training chamber was equipped with a standard studying function since memory operates at its peak in a deep sleep. I learned this growing up in a survival base. But studying this useful?"

Survival base 071's education system was mostly based around virtual reality training chambers' high efficiency and ease of use.

But as for studying languages, even most of the foreigners left behind in w.a.n.ghai City had learned Chinese already.

"It'll be somewhat useful. I'm planning on bringing one back." Jiang Chen nodded, not bothering to hide his actions as he stored the training chamber into the storage dimension. He would give it to Yao Yao to adjust. He also took a few of the remaining genetic vaccines with a specific purpose in mind.

Aware of his secret, Sun Jiao was no longer shocked by the "magic", but she conscientiously swiveled her head to make sure that no one else saw.

"The training chambers are powered by crystals, costing around one crystal every ten hours. Although it previously used electricity, after the apocalypse, it became difficult to supply such a significant amount of power that way, so the Sixth Street engineers converted many of the machines into using crystals. After initiating the program, inject an ample amount of nutrient supply. I use a ratio of 10 crystals for 50 kilograms to purchase 4 kilograms worth of ingredients. Add 1 liter of water to 0.5 kilograms of ingredient."

"Mhmm, understand." Jiang Chen scratched his head as he stored the four bags of ingredients into the storage dimension.

While each bag was only the size of a pillow, the density of the particle-like ingredient was extremely high, making the four bags weigh an astounding one ton.

Then, he changed the topic to external affairs of the base.

"If the thirty survivors in the base have already completed military training and can protect the base, then why don't we start the next step?"

"Oh?" Sun Jiao was drawn into the conversation and waited for Jiang Chen's directions on their future path.

"Establish a temporary trading station in front of the base and sell compressed crackers to the survival groups, and also allow for the exchange of crystals." He smirked. It was time to get the survival groups involved now.

"Hmm? But exchange for what?" Sun Jiao didn't quite understand.

"Electronic parts and construction materials—as long as the base has a use for it. It's not too difficult to find these items in wreckages, so go ahead and price according to the Sixth Street standard. We don't have to care how much we earn as long as those people work for us. Once they grow to depend on us, and their weapons can't pose a threat to us, we won't have to worry about their ill intentions. I believe that after some time, some small survivor groups will want to join us."

Small, independent groups had no need to trust each other and would pose no threat of banding together into an alliance against the Fishbone base in the future. If they had the ability to gather in the first place, they would never have been suppressed by mutants, zombies, and bandits to this extent. Instead, they would have developed into a ma.s.sive force like the Sixth Street.

The goal of most survival groups was survival, and their desire to expand and attack were much smaller compared to large organizations.

"But these people are difficult to control," Sun Jiao said, unsettled.

These survivors were different from the slaves on the base; they had no slavery microchips.

"That won't be a problem," Jiang Chen smiled, "as long as we promote the people with absolute loyalty to management positions. They are the 'heroes' for building the base, so we can't let them remain as workers.

"Of course, this is only a strategy. For now, we can't allow them to enter the base. All trade must be made at the front gate, and every once in a while, cease the trade to create the illusion that we don't have many supplies."

Sun Jiao immediately understood what Jiang Chen meant.

The thirty people would gradually a.s.similate with the foreigners.

"Also, next time, order another group of refugees. Before we accept anyone from the outside, we need to expand our population base. Let's set it to sixty people, and compensate Zhao Chenwu with 30 crystals. We can't always ask him to be the kind person, so we'll give him some benefits in the people trading business," Jiang Chen added.

The last time, Zhao Chenwu did them a favor and provided Jiang Chen the people at no cost, but it was too stingy to expect the same again. The business relations.h.i.+p had to bring mutual benefits in order to establish a healthy relations.h.i.+p. And if Zhao Chenwu continued to sell people relying on his political power, he risked impeachment.

If one group of slaves could bring him at least 10 crystals of profit, he would be very interested.

"Hehe, looks like you haven't forgotten about all of the matters here. I apologize for blaming you." Sun Jiao saw that all of the important matters were taken of and returned to her usual audacious, naughty tone. She approached Jiang Chen and played with his hair.

"Ahem, of course, this is my home in this world."

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