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Due to the shape of Droplet, it had faced no resistance when traversing in the water. It could move through fifty meters in the blink of an eye with the instrumentation showing a speed of
"d.a.m.n, just from pure speed, it could easily defeat the fastest submarine in the world." With the ocean soaring under his feet, Jiang Chen couldn't help but exclaim at its magnificence.

He remembered that the fastest submarine in the world is the Russian K Cla.s.s Ballistic Nuclear Submarine with its highest speed reaching 44.7 knots. And the speed of Droplet could achieve a daunting 75 knots.

He was wondering how the rumored superconducting magnetic fluid submarine faired against his "ride."

The jagged trenches were filled with swaying seaweed. The colorful fishes freely roamed amongst them. The jellyfish and eel danced under the rhythm of the bubble. All the scenes were captured on the walls of the Droplet.

Other than that, Jiang Chen saw a shark.

When the Droplet pa.s.sed by it, the giant seemed to have ignored the Droplet as it turned its body and instantly disappeared from Jiang Chen's field of vision.

Following gradually increasing depth, the light from the surface began to fade, and the claustrophobic feeling from the dark blue eeriness was more and more apparent. Jiang Chen was uncertain if he had deep sea phobia, but he still closed the wide-angle cameras and only left the four visual windows in the four directions open.

"Droplet, where are we now?"

"We are still 100 nautical miles away from our destination."

[100 nautical miles, or around one hour?]

Seeing that there was still some time, Jiang Chen headed to the living quarters.

The living quarters were compacted together with two beds with nylon hooks on each side of the room. If the beds were lifted up, the table and closet underneath would appear. Jiang Chen examined the interior of the submarine before he instructed the submersible to wake up him once they reached their targeted location. Then he stuffed himself into the sleeping bed to take a nap.

One hour later, with gentle music, Jiang Chen opened his eyes.

When he got off the bed and returned to the c.o.c.kpit, he looked toward the control panel before his eyes widen in disbelief.

7500 meters under the surface?

The dark abyss where life is restricted.

In the entire area, only a light beam s.h.i.+ning from the front of the Droplet remained. The black and s.h.i.+ny rocky surface reflected the faint light under the light beam. The disturbed creatures nesting on the surface scattered before they escaped to the darkness nearby.

Other than the odd-looking deep sea creatures, the cracks on the bottom of the ocean constantly spat out scorching air bubbles. The dark red light was just like a volcano, possessing an incredible amount of energy.

At the same time, a ten meter long, flat-shaped fish slowly moved toward Droplet. The disc-shaped head had no visible eyes, and the nail-like teeth looked horrifying. It curiously examined the Droplet and even used its mouth to touch it. But it quickly swam away as if it was electrocuted without turning its head.

The static electricity on the surface of the Droplet would make most of the deep sea creatures lose their interest. The design was put in place to protect and ensure the safety of the submersible while also there to protect the safety of the creatures.

Without playing further, Jiang Chen manually controlled the Droplet based on the mining deposition marked on the map and moved to the top of the rich molybdenum manganese nodules.

"Initiate mining module." After confirming the targeted location, Jiang Chen order.

"Roger, Mr. Captain." The artificial intelligence politely answered.

Immediately, the circular tube below the Droplet separated out. A trial of air bubbles dispersed out from behind the circular tube and pushed the torpedo-shaped tube to the targeted deposition.

100 meters.

50 meters.

10 meters.

The light locked onto the circular tube as Jiang Chen stared at the scene without blinking.

The black rock was embedded into the greyish black mudstone similar to a road built with pebbles. The circular tube stooped above the black rock with the engine stalling.

Jiang Chen scanned the map on the screen; the green dot that marked the location of the submersible coincided with the red dot on the mining map.

After a brief paused, Jiang Chen ordered affirmatively, "Mining module, deploy!"


Bubbles appeared from the bottom of the circular tube as a graphene hook shot toward the bottom of the sea. The cable tightened and slowly dragged the circular tube toward the ground and stopped three meters before reaching the surface.

The circular tube gradually deployed with the hatch door on the two sides extended out to release two rocket-like items. The rocket was five meters in length and one meter in diameter, the tail was connected to the inner circular tube with a graphene tunnel.

The two rockets were released from the circular tube, and the head immediately dove down with a series of water bubbles propelling it from behind, pus.h.i.+ng the rockets down into the sea.

The rockets' head pierced into the rock body.

Then an almost miraculous scene happened.

The tail of the rocket popped out, while it created more air bubbles, just like an umbrella opening, it expanded into a circular disc with a radius of ten meters. The disc slowly descended and clipped onto the flat sea surface.

From afar, it was just like a circular tube connecting two bowls flipped upside down with graphene tubes.

"Mining module deployed, please deploy transportation module."

The courteous digital voice sounded again and brought Jiang Chen back from being shocked by the technology.

The transportation module was four graphene cables and an oval-shaped ascending device. Because of the size of the equipment, Jiang Chen didn't bring it aboard the submersible. Since he had the storage dimension, it was easy to bring things under water.

With Droplet stalling, Jiang Chen returned to the apocalypse and headed to the backyard of the mansion. The place stored his Dolphin-10, a bunch of graphene cables from the Sixth Street factory.

Under the deep sea environment, 7000 meters under, normal materials could not withstand the water pressure. Therefore, graphene played a key role.

After putting everything into the storage dimension, Jiang Chen returned to the Droplet.

With a hand pressed against the hatch door, his consciousness submerged into the storage dimension. It didn't take long before the graphene cables were deployed outside of the submersible.

Then, Jiang Chen traveled a few more times between the modern world and the apocalypse and released all the construction material outside of the Droplet.

He ordered the Droplet to restart again, and the smart system began to connect the graphene cables together with the floatation markers, using the blueprint stored in the mining module.

He didn't need to do anything after. With five hours remaining of construction time, Jiang Chen yawned and returned to the living quarters.

 The artificial intelligence will take over.

As the captain, he only needed to take a nap. And once construction was completed, he could return home.

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