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The storage dimension somehow reenacted the Big Bang.

The previous 30 cubic meters dimension expanded ten times, and it was now 300 cubic meters already! The previous sub-dimension only restrained by gravity now turned into a "universe!" And the "universe" was expanding outward at a hardly visible speed!

A spherical dimension 300 square meters in volume with a radius of 4.146 meters.

Outside of the spherical was just s.p.a.ce.

It was minuscule compared to the actual universe, Jiang Chen referred to it as "small universe" for now.

He knew with time; the "small universe" will eventually become something comparable to the actual universe.

Although it may take billions of years...

But what fascinated Jiang Chen was not the slowly expanding size.

He had an inexplicable feeling that the transition between emptiness to defined state was the key to him bringing people through interdimensional travel.

Jiang Chen rested until morning. He moved his body around in the room after waking up, seeing that there was no discomfort, he headed out.

The soldier stationed outside the door saluted when he saw Jiang Chen and took him to the temporary command post of the First Corps under his request.

When he saw Cheng Weiguo, he started to ask about the status of the First Corps.

First, it began with the loot.

The 300,000 tons of Grade C steel far exceeded the expected 200,000; the Sixth Street investors would cheer at this fact. At the same time, the First Crops obtained 50,000-tons of Grade A steel from the newly built warehouse in Jia, as well as large amounts of Type-99 anti-tank cannons, mortars as well as other heavy weapons. The looted steels would be used by the factories in Fishbone base to produce Tiger II tanks. The regular weapons were left in Jia and were guarded by the 1000 First Corps soldiers.

On the other hand, the kinetic skeletons and Gauss rifles remains used by the Apostles were collected by Cheng Weiguo. After the end of the mutants flood, the pieces would be sent to Fallout Shelter 027 for technological recreation.

Optical illusion, Gauss rifle, Jiang Chen had been thirsty for these technologies for a long time but never obtained the design blueprint for them. Although he didn't know where the Dusk managed to obtain such technology, they belonged to him now. The loot from a technological point of view was pleasing too.

Bo Yu died. This marked the end of the Dusk and the big problem was finally solved.

The only regret was that the secret of Fallout Shelter 071 would be carried into the grave along with the death of Bo Yu. If he wanted to know, he would have to search for the remaining members of the Dusk, or personally investigate the abandoned remains of fallout shelter 071.

In the nuclear fallout shelter under the Sports Center, the NAC soldiers killed the leader of the mutated humans, Troy, as well as the remaining mutated humans in the Seventh Area. All the mutated humans in the Seventh Area were eliminated. After capturing the Seventh Area and Jia, Cheng Weiguo ordered all mutated humans vial to be destroyed as well as the FEV formula.

Therefore, the problem that bothered w.a.n.ghai for so long was finally removed. The business route to the west would be open again.

By next year spring, endless amount of merchants would traverse to the treasure land, w.a.n.ghai, with their s.h.i.+ning crystals and delicate goods.

On the other hand, only ten thousand Defenders were saved from Jia. They all expressed their interest in joining NAC, even though 50,000 died under the rain of destruction.

It was human nature for the weak to wors.h.i.+p the strong.

If they were protected by a powerful force, they wouldn't have needed to experience that kind of hards.h.i.+p in the first place. So they pleaded Cheng Weiguo to shelter them, even as NAC slaves.

Cheng Weiguo didn't immediately agree. He only expressed that he would pa.s.s their request on to the general.

Jiang Chen considered it for two seconds before accepting them. Then he selected a few people who looked clever to look after the ten thousand people from the First Division and to start rebuilding in Jia.

Jia was the gateway to w.a.n.ghai from the west. Jiang Chen was debating if it should be declared a military zone or economic zone.

But after discussing with Chu Nan on the phone, Jiang Chen made the final decision.

He established Jia as an economic zone and completely abandoned the Seventh Area. This way, the merchants that pa.s.s through the area could complete simple supplying. On the other hand, Jiang Chen requested the temporary director of Jia to investigate the state of the maglev track.

If they could repair the maglev track from Jia's rail station and link it with w.a.n.ghai's rail station, the time between Jia to w.a.n.ghai would drastically shorten. The merchants from Hai heading to Su and Changzhou would indeed favor taking w.a.n.ghai's route and abandon traversing the barren land to the east of Lake Dingshan.

At the end of the call, Jiang Chen briefly asked about the current status of the Sixth Street. He knew that they were in a precarious state, hanging on by a thread.

Currently, large numbers of dangerous mutants appeared from east of the Sixth Street, and the long defense line brought immense pressure to the soldiers defending. Just yesterday, the north door was attacked by a group of Death Claws.

It was a calamity.

It was not difficult for the Death Claw to hop onto the wall. But to the survivors, all the anti-tank cannon or rocket launchers could damage the Death Claw.

"If we cannot receive a.s.sistance within four days, we will have to abandon the Outer Circle wall and retreat to the Inner Circle. The mutants in the rural area have become more and more powerful. The fuel storage in the Sixth Street is also running short…" Chu Nan said difficulty.

"Don't worry. Latest this afternoon, everything will end." Jiang Chen laughed on the phone.

Chu Nan raised his eyebrows, puzzled. He didn't know the ma.s.sive commotion Jiang Chen caused on the East line. But with how confident Jiang Chen sounded, he still stated that he would do his best to defend while waiting for backup to arrive.

The source of Jiang Chen's confidence was simple.

[20 thousand solid fuel rockets to bring on the rain of destruction.]

[Regardless if it is zombies or Death Claws, any carbon-based life form must die!]

Jiang Chen hung up the phone and looked toward Cheng Weiguo waiting on the side.

"When will the 20 thousand rockets be ready?"

"It has been ready since an hour ago, waiting for your order."

Jiang Chen nodded pleasingly.

"What about the armored force?"

"Prepared to enter the battle!" Cheng Weiguo raised his chest.

It was time to end everything.

Jiang Chen looked at the hologram map hovering on the table and a grin formed on his face.

"Tell everyone to get ready. Bring the weapons and let's go home!"

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