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A+ A- Chapter 387: Sisters

The next morning, a ray of suns.h.i.+ne shone through the ledge of the roof and scattered on Jiang Chen's nose.

Jiang Chen's eyebrows jumped as he opened his drowsy eyes. Almost at the same time, a sour feeling flooded into the back of his head.

[Hungover again…]

After showering last night, Sun Jiao drank some more with him. As to what she did to him after he was drunk? Hehe, there was no need to guess.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath of fresh morning air as he wanted to drowsily rub his sore facial muscles, but his right hand seemed to be trapped by something. He took a moment to process that before he tried to move his left, but it was also trapped.

Even though Jiang Chen reacted slowly, he realized that the situation was a bit odd.

He shook himself free of his drowsiness, turned his head and immediately understood the situation.

"… Up so early." The sluggish voice rang in his ear as the completely naked Sun Jiao didn't let go of Jiang Chen's arm, but rather, she adjusted her body like a cat being fed.

The messy bed and the marks on the sheets as well as the pillows thrown on the ground gave a glimpse of the intimacy that happened the night before.

This wasn't the problem.

The problem was that there was more than one cat.

Jiang Chen slowly turned his stiff neck and looked at the figure to his left.

"Morning, brother-in-law," Sun Xiaorou greeted him with a


This must be a dream.

Jiang Chen muttered to himself and closed his eyes again.

But it proved to not be a dream.

Because of the alcohol, his memory of last night seemed scattered in Jiang Chen's head. But after having a good sleep, all the way until noon, he began to recall what happened. First, he held hands with Sun Jiao, but somehow a third person joined in.

With the sheets around her chest, Sun Jiao confessed to Jiang Chen what happened last night. Sun Xiaorou kneeled by the bed and confessed her affection for him from the bottom of her heart.

A few days ago when Sun Jiao was was.h.i.+ng Sun Xiaorou, Xiaorou poured out her feelings for Jiang Chen. When Sun Jiao heard this, although she was hesitant at first, she still expressed understanding of her sister's feelings.

At the same time, a question that had been bothering Sun Jiao came back to her. Jiang Chen never ate Yao Yao, so she was afraid that she couldn't keep him in her world just by herself. Having seen the other world through the fourth dimension messenger, she knew that even as the emperor of the wasteland, not to mention the general of NAC, his life here was not comparable to being an ordinary citizen in the other world.

She then remembered her sister and the feelings she confessed to her that day.

Although what she did was somewhat despicable, she hoped that he could stay on this side, or at least

least prevent him from randomly disappearing one day.

Therefore, she wanted to give him more reasons to stay.

That was Xiaorou's thought too, right? She comforted herself like that before she decided to drag Xiaorou into things last night.

On the bed, Xiaorou stared into Jiang Chen's eyes as she said remorsefully:

"Do you dislike me?"

"No, but-" Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

"As long as you don't dislike me." Like the weather in May, a bright smile instantly bloomed on Xiaorou's face.

Drawn by her bright smile, Jiang Chen stared at her blankly when the sheet dropped from her body.

At the same time, Sun Jiao hugged Jiang Chen from behind as she said with slight jealousy:

"You have to thank me. Also, I'm the main course."

"Ah, I…"

Because this was all too exciting, Jiang Chen's brain was a mess since words couldn't come out of his mouth.

"That's right, sister is the main course."

Xiaorou smiled and pecked him on the lips.

Jiang Chen felt something shattering in his chest.

Mhmm, something called boundaries.

The intimate night was too short since it was already morning, but the emperor decided to skip the morning ceremony (1). Although this saying described Consort Yang, Jiang Chen felt that it applied to him too.

The weariness of the past days completely faded as Jiang Chen walked into the community center feeling completely energized. Han Junhua, standing beside the office window, saw that Jiang Chen had arrived, so she walked over with her arms crossed.

She didn't ask why Jiang Chen didn't show up in the morning

the morning as she took out two doc.u.ment packages and put them in the middle of the table.

"The administration department lead, Lu Huasheng, delivered three construction designs of the general's office."

Jiang Chen opened the doc.u.ment Han Junhua pointed at and took it out along with three graphene chips. The graphene cards stored the 3D models. The three designs each had unique aspects; he couldn't tell which one was better.

"What do you think?" After putting the three chips on the table, Jiang Chen asked Han Junhua for her input.

"I don't have any opinion on the exterior appearance, but the office should be reinforced as much as possible. In any circ.u.mstance, the commander's office would be the primary target of the enemy," Han Junhua said.

Jiang Chen scanned through the doc.u.ment and wrote Han Junhua's recommendations in the box for suggestions.

"Okay, then this one." He picked the card that looked the most pleasing to the eye and stuffed the doc.u.ments back into the package. With the two cards that didn't get picked, he threw them into the garbage.

Then Jiang Chen reached for the other package.

There was a stack of doc.u.ments inside.

"The logistics head, w.a.n.g Qin, came in the morning to submit a colonization expansion proposal. The specifics included requesting Shenxiang Colony to expand in the direction of Dianshan Lake with an estimated 15,000 acreage of land to be used for the planting of Carm trees and mutated fruits. She wanted me to let you know that if we initiated this we initiated this proposal, we'd become the biggest supplier of Carm Treesap and mutated fruits at Sixth Street," Han Junhua described.

"15,000 acreage? Let me see… it would hit Dianshan Lake directly. We have a battle with the mutated humans in the fall; are there any problems with expanding at the front lines?" Jiang Chen took out a map and looked at the land circled in red with a frown.

"From a war strategy perspective, there's no problem at all. We're on the offensive side with the battle centered in Jia City. Without any surprises, the mutated humans wouldn't be able to reach Shenxiang at all. In terms of the economics, it's not my specialty, so I won't give an opinion on it," Han Junhua said concisely.

"It's also not my specialty either, but if there's nothing wrong with it strategically, then I trust my talented staff." Jiang Chen laughed and signed the proposal.

Carm tree was the primary raw ingredient for the production of plastic on the wasteland. Kinetic skeletons and rifles all needed it.

Han Junhua quietly watched Jiang Chen stuff the signed doc.u.ment into the package.

"Are you planning to leave?" Seeing Jiang Chen was about to go, Han Junhua asked.

"I need to go find Du Yongkong. If Lu Huasheng and w.a.n.g Qin are here, just give the packages to them," Jiang Chen instructed her as he stopped at the door.

"… Okay." Han Junhua crossed her arms and nodded.

"Thank you."

Han Junhua paused then shook her head.

"No problem."

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