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Right now, inside the New Moon Island command center, the light on the screen flashed while ten workers busily worked in front of the computer. On the big screen of the command center was a vessel with 400 tons of displacement. It had no flags and just a few people were on deck.

It was the image captured by the hummingbird drone.

Based on the a.n.a.lysis, the destination of the vessel was Xin's New Moon Island.

A month ago, Jiang Chen set up a Wide Range Life Signal Detector on the island to monitor the life signals within a 500 kilometer radius. The device was certainly useful in a sea territory. If it were set to the life signals of the fish, no fish would escape this device. The same would go for any human if it was set to detect humans.

Since the technology was already mature on the wasteland, it wasn't hard for the Fishbone workers to a.s.semble an enhanced version. It was easy to censor one's signal as a chip inside the EP could do the job. However, in the modern world, no one would escape the eyes of this device.

Therefore, the technology widely used in the 22nd century for search and rescue became radar technology for Jiang Chen. As long as it wasn't drones, no living creature would escape its eyes.

Ten minutes ago, the radar station detected the information of this vessel. It was a transportation vessel, but they caught the signal of one hundred people onboard.

During this sensitive period of time, any of the vessels near their territory would be monitored.

When the vessel was still 50 kilometers away from the border, after confirming that the vessel wasn't traveling through a standard international route, the soldiers at the command center first determined that the vessel may be smuggling goods, so they immediately contacted the patrol boat in the nearby territory and approached the s.h.i.+p.

Ten minutes later, the vessel entered Xin's border. Then it adjusted its course and headed straight to New Moon Island under the cover of darkness.

The patrol boat approached the vessel four kilometers away and attempted to enter the radio channel of the vessel. However, the vessel entered radio silence and ignored all communication attempts. The patrol boat, realizing the oddity of the situation, did not take the risk of approaching the boat but instead, released hummingbird drones.

Under the night's veil, the drones flew across the ocean surface, approached the vessel suspected of smuggling, and entered the vessel.

The image transmitted back shocked the entire command center!

The boat didn't contain smugglers, but instead, fully equipped soldiers! The disguised sailors on deck were all equipped with pistols and wore bulletproof vests.

There were a total of 100 unknown militants.

The vessel was also equipped with landing boats and other military equipment. Other than the lack of country identification, it was a force no inferior to an actual army.

Realizing the oddity of the situation, Ivan immediately ordered New Moon Island to enter combat ready state. All soldiers were fully equipped and gathered at the airway, waiting for the order.

Barkary put down the phone and looked anxiously at Ivan.

"Boss isn't picking up."

He couldn't reach Jiang Chen. With Jiang Chen's C-grade genetic vaccine improved body, it would take at least one hour before he "finished."

Ivan silently looked at the screen in the command center. The vessel was approaching New Moon Island at high speeds. There was only two hundred kilometers of distance between the enemy and the island. It only took a moment before they were 80 kilometers inside the border.

Judging by the situation at hand, they came with not the friendliest intentions.

"The boss is purposely not picking up." Ivan seemed to have understood something as he told Barkary in an undertone.

"Purposely not picking up? Why?" The black young man was puzzled.

"Boss provided us with the most advanced equipment and told us how to handle the situation. If we cannot even handle this small problem and have to call him every time, then I am not fit for the job of a commander." Ivan adjusted his hat as his stare on the vessel in the screen became more determined.

The rumbling sound of helicopters breaking through the sea waves roared. Four black shadows forming into an arrow formation headed to the vessel trespa.s.sing illegally.

Four lights s.h.i.+ned from afar and lit up the deck of the vessel. When they realized they were discovered, the crew on deck all hid behind containers.

With their reaction speed, their opponents were no ordinary men.

"No.0371 vessel. No.0371 vessel. We are the coastal guard of Celestial Trade. We suspect your vessel contains illegal goods. Please immediately stop and cooperate with the search. I repeat. Please immediately stop and cooperate with the search."

The four helicopters all opened the channel and broadcasted to the vessel.

But the vessel seemed like it didn't hear anything as they continued to maintain their course.

At the same time, inside the captain's room of the vessel:

"How is that possible? We closed all radio devices on board - how could they discover us 200 kilometers away?!" Captain Santos smashed the table.

Sitting across him was country F Lieutenant, Kluse. He remained silent.

Half a month ago, they retired from their previous positions with the direction of the defense minister to enter the disguised mercenary force. Their mission was to execute a secret military mission named "Revenge" to punish the criminals who sunk the fis.h.i.+ng boats.

The political purpose of the mission was to demonstrate country F's firm stance to the public. They pretended to be mercenaries to avoid the possible foreign affair problem that could arise by sending the actual army of country F.

In theory, the mission should not be difficult. The opponent was only a privately held security company. There was no way their combat abilities could surpa.s.s the elite soldiers who partic.i.p.ated in joint military exercises. Based on the satellite image, although artillery bases were built on the island, no advanced artilleries were installed.

Approach the island, stop the vessel, drop the landing boats, attack, retreat…

With their plan, before the sun rose, they would escape at the port of MLL Island and receive the recognition and praise from the defense minister.

"Someone leaked the mission details?" Kluse remained calm as he looked at the four bright dots with eyes narrowed.

200 kilometers distance.

Even if the UA Aegis aircraft carrier used its array radar, it could only detect within a radius of 40 km without any blind spots. It wasn't a technical limitation, but due to the curvature of the earth, it was as difficult to detect a boat in the sea 200 kilometers away as pinpointing a piece of gold from the desert.

Early warning aircraft? That's even more impossible. No country would sell it, especially to a private security company.

"What do we do?" The captain remained cool.

"Leave it up to me."

Kluse picked up the a.s.sault rifle leaning on the table. With a wicked smile, he moved his neck and stretched his body before he headed out.

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