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Chapter 308: Decoding the Pa.s.sword

When Jiang Chen came out of the community center, the sun had already set.

The past few days, he has spent the day in the community center and with the help from w.a.n.g Qin, became familiarized with the specifics of the base. Following the expansion of the base, the weaknesses in the existing foundation of the base were starting to show.

In the beginning, the major infrastructures of the Fishbone base were two warehouses. Thus, a warehouse manager was more than enough to control the supplies of the base. The cafeteria was looked over by Zhou Jiexi, and a big pot of porridge along with some leaves was enough to feed everyone. The base's thirty survivors' primary duties were building things. Lu Huasheng was responsible for the construction of the base and also took on the responsibility of managing the survivors.

The simple management system was effective in the small-scale base, but once the population increased, flaws were exposed.

Although Jiang Chen certainly made some changes, such as the pyramid-shaped citizen structure and the establishment of a standalone logistics department to manage the supplies of the base, following the two population explosions, (Shenxiang town colony and Qingpu survivors), the existing organizational structure was chaotic and unsustainable.

The base had encountered a lot of things either "no one knew who should be responsible for it" or "there were not enough people to take care of it". During these times, Jiang Chen also happened not to be around, and so Sun Jiao made most of the decisions. As the "d.u.c.h.ess of the leader" and "formal well-known lone traveler", her ability and reputation could certainly handle the small problems. But once the base grew bigger, the casual decision-making process would obviously not work.

Therefore, two imperative tasks were placed in front of Jiang Chen.

Establish law or change the structure.

Law is the basis of rules. The reason why the Fishbone base had no security problems as of now was mostly because of Jiang Chen’s personal influence as well as the honorary chip's absolute constraint on the "knight cla.s.s". These constraints would weaken with time and as the population continues to grow, therefore creating laws was imperative.

It was also simple to understand a change in structure. It comprised of creating a concise and effective organizational structure that managed all survivors in the Fishbone base as well as its jurisdictions.

The sooner these tasks were completed, the better it was for the Fishbone. Therefore he had been working until sunset every day before returning to the mansion.

Just like before, when he returned to the mansion, Yao Yao had already put the steamy dishes on the table. Sun Jiao and Lin Lin also sat around the dinner table, waiting for Jiang Chen before they started to eat.

After dinner, Yao Yao excitedly dragged Jiang Chen to her bedroom.

The ten days of hard work finally paid off. The small loli finally cracked the pa.s.sword and copied all the information from the EP memory chip to a graphene chip.

"Thank you." Jiang Chen took over the chip as he rubbed Yao Yao’s head lovingly.

"Eh, hehe." She timidly smiled as she buried her head. While enjoying Jiang Chen’s compliment, her hands played with her dress.

Jiang Chen took the cards. Due to his eagerness of wanting to read the information inside, he was about to leave. However, as he turned around, he felt a weak force tug at his s.h.i.+rt.

"Hmm? Is there something wrong?" Jiang Chen looked at Yao Yao who was holding onto him and was quite puzzled.

"Hmm… Can… Can I demand an unreasonable request?" Her cheery like mouth opened, and her adorable face blushed as if blood was about to drip out.

While looking at Yao Yao shy expression, Jiang Chen already knew what was on her mind.

With a smirk on his face, Jiang Chen held the cute face in his hands as he kissed her lips.

"Wooo! Wo…"

Just like a startled rabbit, Yao Yao’s body tensed up. She feebly moved a bit before her entire body was paralyzed in a warm hug and she obediently closed her eyes.

As if all her strength followed the sweet liquid and was extracted by her loving big brother…

Jiang Chen who possessed all control sniffed the fragrance wafting from her hair as he freely conquered her softness and drawn in the savory juice.

Lips parted.

Jiang Chen drew a transparent silk from the pet.i.te tongue.

Yao Yao who escaped from Jiang Chen’s hug feebly gathered her breath. From the lighting of the room, there was a hint of silvery liquid on the tip of her soft lips. Her face revealed her embarra.s.sment.

"Are you satisfied?"

Yao Yao’s face became redder.

"Mhmm?" Jiang Chen put his ear beside Yao Yao’s mouth.

"I just… wanted a hug."

After returning to his bedroom, Jiang Chen inserted the graphene memory chip into the full sensory computer and waited to read the encrypted files.

The folder was surprisingly empty. It didn’t contain a large number of secret files as he had first imagined.

An EP ability report, an electronic map, a mission brief, as well as a note.

Jiang Chen only scanned the ability report with a medium to high ability rating. After he confirmed that the bearded man was called He Wenhu, he closed the doc.u.ment.

Then, Jiang Chen pressed on the full sensory screen and selected the electronic map.

Just from the appearance, this map didn’t look too different compared to a normal survivor's map. However, after some close examination, he found some odd signs on the map. On the outskirt of the city center, near Songjiang area, there was a red question mark.

"Question mark?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows.

Normally, survivors would not run to a city center. It was just a nuclear crater there. Not only were the zombies and mutants dangerous, but the radiation level was also shockingly high.

If people really ventured there, then there was only one possibility. Something must be there!

Because of the limited intel, Jiang Chen couldn’t think of a logical explanation, so he turned his attention to the mission brief and note.

Additionally, think twice when you do things. Try to figure out what that guy is up to. You know it is better for the drug’s ingredient list to be in the hands of one person.>

From this point alone, the people from Dark Red Chamber of Commerce and Lin Chaoen seem to have their own agendas. But regardless of their plot, Jiang Chen will not give away fallout shelter 027.

Jiang Chen closed the mission brief and opened the note.

The note seemed to only be jot notes of information. However, within them, he found some useful information.

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