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Chapter 264: Communication with the Past

It was an odd question to ask.

From Jiang Chen’s perspective, the history of this world was strange no matter how long he looked at it.

Hua reached an agreement with the surrounding countries to form the Pan-Pacific Alliance that included 60% of the world’s population. The resulting alliance would compete head-to-head with NATO and CCCP.

For someone like Jiang Chen who would occasionally read the news and keep an eye on current political events, it was a plausible scenario.

''Perhaps it was the Soviet’s collapse?'' Jiang Chen thought for a moment, ''I remember it was in 1991. In our world, the Soviet was only less than 70 years old.''

Because of the short-lived two extreme opposites, it didn’t trigger the tension which caused the resulting Third World War. Jiang Chen was not a historian, it was his best guess of the situation.

''The Soviet collapsed? That’s hard to imagine…'' Lin Lin pressed her chin as she frowned.

''Speaking of this, did we go off topic?'' Jiang Chen coughed and said gently.

''No,'' Lin Lin shook her head, ''Do you know how the crystal is formed?''

''The biological crystallization that formed in mutants and some zombies?'' Jiang Chen didn’t know why her thought jumped to this common knowledge.

''That’s right; the crystal is a form of biological crystallization,'' Lin Lin nodded, ''Based on the theory proposed by Doctor Klein in 2132 through his experiment, every carbon-based creature with a conscious all possess Klein particles in their body. But normally speaking, the energy level is usually stable and in meager quant.i.ty.''

When Jiang Chen heard that every living creature possessed Klein particle, he subconsciously touched the back of his head.

''Don’t worry, not every creature would grow those kinds of ''tumors''. Unless it was an uncontrolled mutation which forces the area that stores the Klein particles to change, then crystal will not form. The stable energy would be agitated to become unstable. Under normal circ.u.mstance, creatures with crystals would more easily survive through natural selection. Therefore the mutants that walked out of the nuclear craters would normally possess crystals,'' Lin Lin looked at Jiang Chen’s action and mocked.

''Based on dissection experiment, the Klein particles would normally be stored in the brain.''

When she talked about this point, Lin Lin stopped and took a deep breath.

''Hypothetically… I am saying hypnotically if there is a person, the Klein particle concentration in the back of its head would be much higher than normal people. Although crystals had yet to form, the Klein particle concentration was infinitely approaching the threshold value that would create the crystal. Although the probability of this type of genetic mutation is extremely low, with the population base of billions, it could theoretically exist.''

''Through a kind of induction effect, just like magnet could magnetize metal which would allow his brain to receive a signal from other timelines. He would be like an old antenna, although he didn’t possess the ability to send out signals, he could pa.s.sively receive signals from other broadcast waves. Normally speaking, this signal could only come from the future!''

Jiang Chen’s expression also became sterner, but then he quickly discovered something that didn’t add up.

''Antenna? That’s not right… The brain is not a decoder after all, even if there is an antenna on the brain, the brain could not decode the electromagnetic wave into video message?''

Lin Lin shook her head.

''Theoretically it is possible. The area where the Klein particles are stored is part of the brain after all. If the person receiving the signal happened to be sleeping, this would allow the special wave of Klein particles to be translated into a dream which would allow the person receiving the signal to 'see'.''

''The broadcasting of high energy special waves to the past in the fourth dimens

ion was something that was done in the past, but because it was impossible to pinpoint the fourth-dimensional coordinates, the broadcasting was meaningless…There was no point in sending the signal billions of years back. In the end, with the consideration of b.u.t.terfly effect that could cause an uncontrollable effect on the ''present,'' the experiment was halted. The more advanced the technology, the more likely human play themselves to death.''

When she spoke of this point, Lin Lin looked at Jiang Chen who was speechlessness.

''But by the looks now, the concern was extraneous.''

The ''ancient'' Jiang Chen was standing in front her. The interfered ''past'' would not cause any effect on the ''present'' now, it was just from the time point where history interfered that a parallel timeline to the ''present'' evolved.

''Time travel, excluding you as an exception I can’t explain, without the help of wormhole, even with the entire effort of a civilization, it would still not be possible to send a single particle of sand from the present to the past.''

Lin Lin took out the memory chip from the full sensory computer.

''The cost of sending tangible ma.s.s to another point on the timeline is too expensive. Also, what if intangible material without ma.s.s was being sent? The signal with only 52kb of information, it could be done with the technology before the war. Plus, there's also the trouble of pinpointing where the signal will be sent…''

As she spoke, Lin Lin put the EP chip back into Jiang Chen’s hand. She looked at him with a serious expression.

''What if, someone received the information from the ''future'', what would he do with it?''

What would someone do if they received the signal from the future?

When Jiang Chen left Lin Lin’s room, he had been thinking about this question.

But as to what someone would do, it would depend on the information sent from the future?

If it were the winning lottery number for the next day, then that person would obviously buy the lottery. But the people from the future would not be bored enough to remember the winning lottery of the particular date to send the information back with a tremendous cost.

''Change the future?'' Jiang Chen mustered to himself as he went to his bedroom and lied down on the bed.

If CCCP and PAC didn’t exist, could they avoid the Third World War that occurred in 2171?

But from the looks of now, the person that sent the signal back was doing futile work.

This world didn’t change.

What changed was a parallel universe.

As Jiang Chen thought about this, he initiated interdimensional travel.

The scenery in his eyes changed, the suns.h.i.+ne outside of the window instantly became graceful.

It was noon already, Ayesha had already got up at this time.

Jiang Chen pushed open the bedroom door and walked into the living room.

Seeing Jiang Chen walk over, Ayesha who was flipping through fas.h.i.+on magazines on the sofa got up and greeted him.

''Someone came to find you.''

''Someone came to find me? Who?''

Jiang Chen said while he stretched his body.

''He referred to himself as Mr. Chen. He called our room from the front desk.''

Mr. Chen?

Seemed to be Robert’s business partner at Los Santos with some influence in Xiangjiang. On the way to Xiangjiang, Mr. Chen had helped him a lot.

Jiang Chen certainly had great impressions of him.

''What about now? Where is he?''

''I told him you were still sleeping. He asked to notify you after you woke up that he is waiting for you at the first-floor restaurant,'' Ayesha said gently.

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