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"Then? You brought out a more advanced technology and submitted it to the superior of the person that threatened you?" Sun Jiao lied on the beach chair. Her red lips bit the straw, and she said sluggishly.

"Although your understanding is a bit weird, it is not wrong." Jiang Chen shrugged.

"Ancient people are so troublesome, if there is a problem, solve it with nukes." Lin Lin bit on the plastic spoon and said without consideration.

She spoke before the words processed through her brain, so Jiang Chen selectively ignored it.

"Nukes. It is better not to use it. Since... The scenery on that side is so beautiful." On top of the chair, dangling her pale and thin legs, Yao Yao tilted her head.

Right now, the four were relaxingly sunbathing.

Wait, how could they be sunbathing in the apocalypse? Especially in the winter time when the average temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius.

They had to thank Lin Lin.

After Lin Lin heard about the magic known as sunbathing, she longed for the "ancient" culture and immediately began to work in the backyard of the mansion.

She first took over the private pool used to store gold, then begged Sun Jiao to order the base's construction team to use polyethylene insulated wall to tightly surround the pool and add air filter vent. Then, she covered the swimming pool with sand.

Immediately, she then used multiple artificial UV light devices to replicate natural light. She installed it on the ceiling and simulated the sun's position based on the time and angle of the light.

Finally, she lavishly used hologram projection devices and flawlessly replicated a beach environment. Other than not being able to sleep in the water and no saline sea wind, there wasn't any big differences to the real thing. 

Although Jiang Chen mocked her for all her effort as it would be simpler to use virtual reality to experience the joy. But Lin Lin argued, "the virtual world and real world are two completely unconnected things! This is the necessary experiment to research traveling through dimensions!" to negate his mockery.

All in all, after her work, the sunbathing experience was completed.

The room temperature was adjusted to 30 Celcius, even in the cold wasteland winter, they could enjoy the warmth of the summer beach.

"Woo, I do agree with Lin Lin's proposal." Sun Jiao sipped on the cold as she pouted.

Seeing that someone agreed with her perspective, Lin Lin immediately proudly raised her head.

"The civil society has civil society's rules, how could one just pull out nukes randomly." Jiang Chen facepalmed.

"Civilized people are so probelmatic," Sun Jiao muttered.

"Therefore, things on the other side are not easy," Jiang Chen said helplessly while grabbing a beer from the ice-filled box and taking a big gulp.

The cold beer sliding down his throat was a thrilling feel.

He burped and lied relaxingly on the chair, enjoying the rare moment of peace.

The reason why he appeared here was purely because he had a little bit of free time in his busy schedule. Then he was dragged here by Sun Jiao and Yao Yao to sunbath.

At first, he was not really interested, because this artificial sunbathing experience didn't look too fun.

But he quickly changed his mind.

Of course, the bikini is core to the beach.

The bikini formed with delicate white laces and transparent clothes covered most of the skin but had an intricate and cute vibe to it. Without guessing, it obviously belonged to Yao Yao.

With black lace as the main structure, the bikini that only barely covered the essential parts with seduction and s.e.xiness naturally belonged to Miss Sun Jiao.

As to Lin Lin, her almost blinding white skin made people particularly jealous. The digitalized metabolic function meant that she didn't even need sunscreen to carelessly enjoy the sun.

Because it was too boring just to lie there quietly, Jiang Chen began to tell them about the things that happened on the other side.

"But this type of outdated technology, is it really okay?" Yao Yao quietly said.

Although it was Jiang Chen's special request, for her to create the "flawed" smart drone control system, it still made the benevolent Yao Yao feel guilty.

"It is already really advanced. If it is more advanced, then there would be new problems." Jiang Chen rubbed Yao Yao's head and smiled.

Technology from 2020. It would be considered extremely outdated to today's standard. Even the programming language was the "most primal," but it was advanced to the modern world.

"If you can't use nukes, what about power armors?" Lin Lin continued to propose bad ideas as if the world is not chaotic enough. "A technology discrepancy of 150 years, a power armor alone would destroy that Linhua Group right? And there wouldn't be any nuclear radiation."

Jiang Chen facepalmed, why is communication so difficult.

Although he would definitely bring out the power armor, absolutely not now.

But wouldn't be too long until that happens.

"Linhua group is not a military organization, how should I say this... All in all, they are just a normal company. You have spent too long in virtual reality, how would you not know what a company is?"

"Umm, I didn't leave the hospital in virtual reality," Lin Lin murmured in a small voice.

"Is there no military?" Sun Jiao bit the straw as she said with authority. "That's even easier, I can wipe them all out by myself."

Then, she picked up another can of She was on her fifth one.

Sun Jiao seemed to be particularly fond of

[Why are they so violent... Yao Yao is more gentle.]

But hearing their words, Jiang Chen's heart felt warm.

Although they had no understanding of the other world, they still warmheartedly gave him ideas, caring for him.

"How's your research going? Lin Lin?" Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly.

He referred to carrying live beings through the interdimensional s.p.a.ce.

Lin Lin pouted her mouth in remorse and shook her head.

"Are you stuck... Don't worry, take it slow," Jiang Chen comforted her.

With research, there is no use in rus.h.i.+ng, although he wants to see results earlier too.

"Then what do you plan to do? Although I don't know civilized people's way of doing things, if you bring out the technology today, maybe tomorrow they will discuss with you the possibility of other technology," Sun Jiao said.

"There is no need, I only need some time," Jiang Chen shook his head, "I'll leave by March at the latest. Once Spring starts, the required food for the Sixth Street trade will be gathered overseas. The software will be my departing gift since that place is my home country."

Military tech is not military purchase, there was no room to collaborate with an external force. Since the research team is supposed to be overseas. Jiang Chen only stated he was only the representative for that research team in Han. Once the complete version has been pa.s.sed on to Zhongxin High Tech, the subsequent update would not easily be given to Future Technology. Once they have the source code, Zhongxin Tech would likely improve on the completed version then create a final version. The subsequent update would be completed by them without much trouble.

Within this month, his ability to leave the country would likely be restricted, but it would not be so problematic once he pa.s.sed on the software.

Since Jiang Chen was not the developer, he was only a representative.

If the research team is not in the country, it would be futile even if they controlled him.

In the next month, he would only have to prove he is a representative. For example, travel around? Or head home. As long he pretended to be "not writing the code," the a.s.sumption of "the research team being fact.i.tious" would no longer stand.

Controlling a representative would not bring any material benefits. It would be similar to the control of an not being able to force the other country to give grounds in foreign affairs.

By that time, even if he really wanted to go, there wouldn't be any difficulties.

Perhaps someone would try to convince him to stay, but it would be impossible to force him to stay.

At least there wouldn't be a fool like w.a.n.g Linhua, gambling on if Jiang Chen was the only developer.

"What are you going to do with Linhua Group?" Sun Jiao asked.

"I said I will make him regret." Jiang Chen's smile was evil.

Looking at Jiang Chen's expression, Sun Jiao smiled and didn't say more.

At this time, the tablet on the table began to flash.

"Your phone." Lin Lin used the plastic spoon for the pudding to point at the tablet on the table.

Jiang Chen grabbed the tablet as he pressed the pick up b.u.t.ton.

The image was first blurry before it quickly stabilized.

Ayesha appeared on the other side of the screen. When Jiang Chen left, he gave his EP to her and told her to contact him if anything happened.

"Did anything happen?"

"Your phone just rang, it was w.a.n.g Dehai."

"Mhmm, I see, I'll head back immediately."

Then, he hung up.

"Umm? Is that your woman on the other side?" Sun Jiao was thinking about something as her gaze became mischievous. "Your taste is quite good."

"Are you jealous?" Jiang Chen joked.

"How is that possible." Sun Jiao looked at him with charm, "Are her bigger than mine?"

"Bigger doesn't always mean better. Even if it is a bit smaller, it can still be delicious..." Yao Yao used a small voice to argue.

"I agree." Lin Lin raised her hands, but then she smirked at Yao Yao without any good intention, "But for Yao Yao, there is nothing at all."


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