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Chapter 234: Each Parties' Response

"Little Zhang, you drive."

"Okay." The young man who stood behind Ye Guolong sat in the driver seat without a word and started the car.

Ye Guolong sat in the car, he played with the USB in his hands, cracked a smile and stuffed it in his pocket.

"The old guys at the Zhou and w.a.n.g family are embarra.s.sing. F*ck, don't let the technical people be in politics. This is bullsh*t," Ye Guolong cursed before he lit a cigarette for himself.

To be honest, he felt sympathy for people like Jiang Chen.

When he was young, he also experienced something similar. It was his hard work, but people pointed things out on the side. In the end, when the results came out, his name had to go behind theirs.

The good thing was that his technicals were strong. People without ability could no longer climb above a certain point, but he ended up prevailing to the top.

He was at the subdivision level, with colonel rank. In a few years, it won't be difficult to become enter the division level.

Because of his experiences in the past, the people he despised the most were people that wanted to steal the work of others. In his perspective, the technical people should stay away from politics and diligently focus on the technicals. Or how else could the strategy of the country to promote technology be achieved?

But it was only wishful thinking. With technology becoming more and more political, even he had to play by the rules of the game.

He had seen Future 1.0. The human-computer interaction achieved to such a high level of complexity. He still remembered how amazed he was at the intricate design of the system. What shocked him more was that an expert like him could not figure the fundamental principle of the software out. This made him amazed at the ingenious of the younger generation.

Seeing today, the rumored chief engineer, Jiang Chen, was a stellar young man.

But unfortunately, even a stellar individual like him still must face the treacherous acts of people with ill thoughts.

Although the smart drone control system 1.0 could no longer be categorized under Future Technology's name, even Future Technology has to be contracted to update and develop the later phase of the smart drone control system. Ye Guolong already made up his mind. Within the permissible boundary, he would fight for Jiang Chen's interest as part of the compensation.

"You are right Colonel Ye." Zhang Wei drove the car and laughed.

Because of his ident.i.ty, he could not comment more on the topic.

Ye Guolong, knowing that, didn't discuss the topic further with him.

"Go back to the hotel. We will go back to Shangjing; we have a lot of things to work on once we go back," Ye Guolong said nonchalantly, as he opened the car window to dust his cigarette.


Ye Guolong let the cold air inside the car as he abruptly said.

"Speaking of this, Little Zhang."

"Hmm?" Zhang Wei smiled.

"As someone of your age, what do you think of Jiang Chen as a person?"

Zhang Wei hesitated for a moment.

"In what area?"

"Anything, we are only chatting." Ye Guolong cracked a smile.

"Very rich." Zhang Wei chuckled.

"No sh*t, I don't need you to say that."

"I don't know if it is my illusion or not, but I think he has great combat ability." Zhang Wei had a stern expression.

"Great combat ability? Compared to you?" Ye Guolong asked curiously.

"Of course I am a bit better since I did spend so many years at the border," Zhang Wei touched his nose and said.

Ye Guolong laughed as he didn't say more. A soldier's combat ability compared with a technical person's? It was not embarra.s.sing at all.

But what Ye Guolong didn't know was, Zhang Wei was not completely truthful.

Since it was his superior, how could he say he was weak compared to someone else? They were only chatting and would not actually fight.

But he had suspected that

his illusion was wrong.

The instinct from the battlefield actually told him, if he met the person on the battlefield, he had no odds of winning at all.

w.a.n.ghai city UA Consulate.

Smith sat at his table, with his legs crossed. He was drinking his afternoon tea while killing time reading the newspaper.

As the person responsible for the consulate, if there were no foreign affair duties or a citizen causing trouble, he spent most of the time relaxing. He enjoyed the feeling of no reporters checking in to see if he had wasted taxpayer's money or not. He could relaxingly enjoy the afternoon during work.

If the air were a bit better here, it would be perfect. But of course, he knew not everything could be perfect.

Then, the sound of the door being pushed open signaled the end to his relaxing afternoon.

"Mr. Smith. I think this is the second time I have seen you drinking tea in the afternoon," A yellow-skinned young man said in a ridiculing tone as he walked in with speedy steps, grabbed a chair without care and sat in front of Smith's table.

If Jiang Chen were here, he would be shocked to find out that the Chinese young man was precisely Zhang Youjie. The one that described himself as a consulate worker and tried to lure him to immigrate.

"Ahem, is CIB that bored that you are doing the job of the inspectors?" Although complaining, Smith still stuffed the newspaper in his hands into the drawer and folded his hand together. "Speak your mind, what kind of trouble did you cause."

Zhang Youjie was not a consulate worker at all. Although his name is on the list, he is actually a CIB agent. This secret, only Smith as the Consul General knows about.

"No trouble. I just got an interesting piece of information from our insider." Zhong Youjie took out his phone and slid it across the table.

Smith glanced at the tightly shut door before he looked at the picture on the screen.

"Jiang Chen? I heard of this person before. The president of Future Technology. Wall Street seems to think highly of this person, stating he is the second Steve Jobs..."

"Everyone knows him, especially the Consul General who spends time reading the newspaper during work." Zhang Youjie had no considerations for Smith as he glanced at the guy displeasingly. Smith sniffed his nose and ignored his ridicule.

"Therefore? Is there a problem with this guy?"

"Our intel had always suggested that Future Technology's artificial intelligence's value was not as high as we had imagined. Since Future 1.0's basic principle was logical answering, as opposed to say they are advanced in software design, it would be fairer to say they have a strong understanding of human psychology. Although the encryption on the database is shocking, it is not advanced to the point worth our effort."

"Therefore?" Smith didn't look like he was too interested.

"The situation has changed."

"Future Technology has demonstrated value worth your effort now, am I right?"

"That's right." Zhang Youjie smiled mysteriously and lowered his voice. "Based on insider information, the smart drone control system designed by Zhongxin High Tech is actually from the president and chief developer of Future Technology - Jiang Chen."

"… This is surprising information," Smith turned more serious, he leaned against the chair and muttered to himself.

"Based on the source’s a.n.a.lysis, this smart control system will be used on "Dragon II" High alt.i.tude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, it could be used to guide the DF-21D Anti-s.h.i.+p ballistic missile. Because of the barrier in design, the "Dragon II"’s control system has been delayed and expected to be completed by May of next year. But because of this G.o.dd.a.m.n Future Technology, our little friends in the South China Sea are too nervous to sleep now," Zhang Youjie cursed out.

"It’s only software, is it worth being so dramatic about?"

Zhang Youjie glanced at Smith.

"Based on the information as well as the a.n.a.lysis conducted by Pentagon, this artificial intelligence could allow "Dragon II’s" hardware utilization efficiency to increase by 10% more than expected. Do you know what this means?"

"I don’t know, but I feel CIB doesn’t seem to dislike Future Technology." Smith shrugged.

"Of course, because the possibility of a partners.h.i.+p remains."

"Oh?" Smith looked curiously at Zhang Youjie, "Partners.h.i.+p?"

"That’s right, based on my research, Future Technology had a conflict with Linhua Technology, but Linhua Technology has connections to the political scene. Therefore, Future Technology received a hindrance to its growth. To alleviate the pressure from the connection, he had to submit this software to Zhongxin High Tech to gain protection." Zhang Youjie had a dubious smile on his face. "We can use this point to convince him. The ticket to the free world, the support from the capitals, there is no way he would not be tempted."

"These G.o.dd.a.m.n "connections". G.o.d, this word is hard to p.r.o.nounce, but I like it." Smith began to chuckle.

"So I need your help." Zhang Youjie leaned against the chair, fingers crossed.

"Of course, at your service. But what if he is not interested anymore?"

"Make accidents happen to him, and also give a warning to the team behind him."

After sending Ye Guolong away, Jiang Chen returned to his mansion.

Because she didn’t like strangers, when guests came, Ayesha went to her bedroom. When she saw that the guests had left, she came downstairs.

Seeing Jiang Chen’s delighted smile, Ayesha also felt happy for him and tilted her head.

"Did something good happen?"

"Somewhat, but there is definitely going to be more troubles than before." Jiang Chen smiled as he rubbed Ayesha’s head.

"Is it troubles I could help with?" Ayesha put her hand over his as she asked softly.

"Mhmm, I need to give you a gun, not a sniper… Could the Type 11 tactical pistol work?"

"Anything is fine, I have practiced hundreds of times in the virtual reality chamber."

Inside her blue pupils radiated warmth.

Jiang Chen rubbed Ayesha’s head again, got up, and narrowed his eyes while looking at the bright suns.h.i.+ne outside. He muttered to himself.

"This is troublesome. Do I have to be careful even when I'm just on the streets?"

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