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Chapter 145: Have you seen Mission Impossible 5?
Nick's eyes narrowed, and he used his shoulder to wipe off the blood splashed onto his face. Although his expression remained the same, he was internally shocked. To be able to lock onto a target and fire in two seconds, the sniper's shooting could not get any better.
Before the voice faded, another shot was fired.
The bullet accurately penetrated the head that peeked out from the other side of the cover.
Morris wanted to use the opportunity garnered by the commander's life to lock onto the position of the sniper. But the opposing sniper's reaction was unfathomable, as they immediately switched target after the shot, firing without a glimpse of delay.
Natasha's was furious. Within one minute, her team suffered three casualties.
"Dammit, Yuri, Morris down! Captain, we should request a.s.sistance!" The other Russian agent beside Nick firmly leaned against the cover and yelled in Natasha's direction.
"We sent out all the help we could. Command center, target x13-y15, requesting smoke bomb launch."
"This is command center, permission granted, smoke bomb launched."
The explosion rang once again as thick gray smoke covered the area. The smoke bomb with thermal reaction meant that even if the enemy was equipped with heat detection scope, it could block their vision.
Natasha let out a breath of air as she carried her rifle and dragged Jiang Chen by the collar, about to get up.
But now, sensing the opportunity was here, Jiang Chen's eyes moved, and he clamped both of her hands. Before Natasha could reaction, Jiang Chen grabbed both of her hands. In the not most elegant position, she was pushed to the ground.

Seeing the situation, the Russian beside Nick quickly aimed at Jiang Chen.
"Break up the hand." The grim words came out, and Ayesha simultaneous pressed the trigger. The bullet ripped apart the right wrist of the Russian as the horrifying bone was exposed in the air. Before the man could scream out in pain, Nick, who sensed the opportunity, dashed up and slammed him to the ground. With his knees pressed on the arm, Nick used the rope between his hand against the Russian's neck and choked him unconscious.
Seeing as the Russian didn't move anymore, Jiang Chen signaled Nick to treat him and tie him up, before he looked at Natasha again.
The Ukrainian girl riding him had a face full of humiliation as she desperately tried to fight back. Her face was steamy red, but regardless of how much force she used, both of her hands could not escape from Jiang Chen's iron claw.
She couldn't imagine this guy, who identifies as a merchant, could use one hand too tightly clench onto both of her hands. Despite how hard she tried, she could not move the slightest bit.
"Stop, don't waste your energy," Jiang Chen said casually as he looked at the b.a.l.l.s, distorted against the concrete floor, with a grin. He then mocked, mimicking her tone, "Third time?"
Seeing as struggling was futile, Natasha decided to stop moving. She turned her face as she used the corner of her eye to angrily stare at Jiang Chen, who was sitting on her waist.
"Did you lock onto the sniper's position?" With one hand clenching Natasha, Jiang Chen used the other hand to touch his ear. He looked like he was speaking to himself.
"Locked on, the target is moving." Although it was outside of her range, that "rat's" life signal was already marked on the map.
"Follow him, try to capture him alive."
"Roger," Ayesha's responded concisely.
Jiang Chen ended their communication and glanced in Nick's direction.
The Russian with a broken hand was tied up and thrown against the wall. Nick overlooked him with a rifle in hand. The man seemed to have gone unconscious because of the lost blood, but that was okay, as long as he didn't die. If it was not needed, Jiang Chen didn't want to b

e an enemy to the intelligence department of the "Five Thugs." Then, Jiang Chen looked backed at Natasha, looking at her dubiously.
"Now, it's time for me to interrogate you?"
Natasha smiled contemptuously. "You won't get a single word out of my mouth."
"That's not a guarantee." Jiang Chen shrugged as he suddenly smiled mischievously. "Since my people already took care of the sniper, we have plenty of time. Why don't we do something fun."
"I promise it won't be fun." Natasha sneered, her green eyes filled with defiance.
"That depends. Maybe, in the end, you can't even control yourself." Jiang Chen's laugh was pure evil.
Funny, he realized after being injected with the genetic vaccine, not only did his physique improve, the width and hardness did as well. With the help of fury, even Ayesha, who was slightly M, would go insane.
But he obviously was just joking. He was not at the point where he would do it here.
"With you?"
Natasha's contemptuous voice ignited a flame in Jiang Chen's heart.
[I can't take this.]
Jiang Chen was immediately unhappy.
"Do you want to test it out?"

On a block 500 meters away.
A slim figure, carrying a sniper rifle, was moving quickly through the street in shambles.
This area was the frontline between the government force and civil militant. The gla.s.s along the street was shattered, and busted tanks and armored vehicles were everywhere on the road. Gunshots could be faintly heard from afar to what seemed like a fairly large scale attack.

She ducked down and maintained her running position. She then looked at her right arm.
The dangling right arm illuminated with light. The radio life detection system synced with the gathered data on the EP map. Right now, the red dot on the map already stopped moving, that sniper must have arrived at the backup sniping point. If she just wanted to kill him, one shot would be enough from such a distance. A sniper with exposed coordinates was as good as died. But to capture him, naturally, she had to get close.

Ayesha was getting closer and closer to the target, her rapid steeps started to turn more cautious.
Quickly, her distance with the target was only one street. Ayesha leaned against the wall as she examined from across the street.
It was an abandoned office building. The revolving gla.s.s door was cracked with wrecked armored vehicles slammed into the door. Ayesha retrieved the sniper rifle from her back. She looked into the scope and scanned the building.
After confirming the exact location of the target, Ayesha hoisted the pistol by her waist, slowly took a deep breath, and then dashed into the street.
She carefully docked across the shattered door, with light steps, and cautiously sneaked upstairs.
Usually, once sniper is in position, their awareness to their surrounding decreased to null. For snipers that worked alone, mines and traps were pretty much a must.
She carefully followed the safety tunnel to the fifth floor. At the corner of the hallway, she stopped.
She stopped, let out a sigh, grabbed an EMP grenade from her pocket, and slid it out after detonation.
Static noise.

Ayesha held the pistol, turned around, and continued to the fifth-floor door. At the door, a mine sat there. But the infrared emitter on top was destroyed by the EMP. She stepped over the no longer functioning mine, with agile steps, and sneaked to the end of the tunnel.

Vasily quietly laid on the ground with eyes locked on the scope. Based on the image from the drone, the four people didn't leave. Instead, under cover of the smoke, they went into a shack not too far away.
The plot's progression surprised him. The Chinese the command center explicitly stated to capture, took down the KGB agent in one move. The intelligence department said he was just an ordinary person?
An average person that could take down an agent with one move?
Regardless, he was still there. As long as he maintained his position on the sniper, he only needs to wait for reinforcement, and take them as hostages.
But for some reason, his felt unsettled.
Suddenly, someone kicked him in the b.u.t.t.
He immediately flinched. The moment he turned around, he also reached for his pistol. But before he could, a black shadow covered his entire vision.
The headphones dropped to the side. Ayesha emotionlessly looked at the bloodstain on the gun barrel, and then at the Russian with his nose smashed.
"Dagger 02, Dagger 02, report your status-"
Ayesha crushed the headphone as she took out handcuffs and cuffed the unlucky guy.
She opened the mic.

"Target retracted."

"Beautiful, drag him over here." A smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face, but that smile in the eyes of Natasha was eviler than the devil himself.
The sniper was captured. Interrogation should get out some useful information from him. But Jiang Chen was still curious as to how he drew the interest of the KGB.

He looked at the Natasha, tied up on the ground, as he gave her a friendly smile.
But the friendly expression did not receive the same recognition from her.
Natasha used the same grim look and stared back at him.
"Don't look at me like that." Jiang Chen shrugged as he tried to defend his action. "I said I am just a businessman, but you stick to me like flies. Did I bother you or trouble you?"

"Fly? What do flies like to stick to?" Natasha sneered.
Jiang Chen first stopped, then laughed.
"Are you trying to enrage me? Is there any benefit to you for doing so?"
Natasha bit her lip, not responding. The blond hair on her forehead was a bit messy. In her deep eye socket was a pair of piercing eyes. The vibe was certainly there. The look of, regardless of anything you do, I won't say anything.

This made Jiang Chen troubled. To be honest, he personally didn't enjoy use force on beauty.
He sighed and said, "In my opinion, you should just cooperate. Tell me who you represent? Why do you need me? For what? And then I'll let you go. Such simple concepts. Although I am not an agent, I have seen entire Hollywood blockbusters and war dramas. Even if I haven't seen an interrogation before, at least I could try to use a thing or two. If I accidentally don't control my force, then you-"
"Do you think I am scared of death?" Still the contemptuous tone.
Mission outside of the border without the grant of the United Nations. For the glory of the country, even if she dies, she would not admit her ident.i.ty.
Jiang Chen stopped again, gave it some thought, and nodded while scratching his chin.
"Not a bad point."
He can't kill her. Jiang Chen didn't plan to make enemies with the KGB.
But how would he get the information out of her?
Suddenly, Jiang Chen clapped his hands as if he thought of something. Then, he smiled at Natasha with a not so friendly smile.
"What are you smiling at?" Natasha felt uncomfortable.
"Nothing. But speaking of which, have you seen ?"

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