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“Do you want to activate Safe Mode?”

“Of course!”

In the holographic image, a stream of data flashed through Jean's pupils.

Safe Mode was immediately activated, and the interdimensional communication and electromagnetic wave communication chip of the watch were physically disconnected.

Then, Jiang Chen felt his watch heat up.

He knew Jean was using the full computing power of the wrist-mounted computer to destroy the backdoor program.

In a short while, smoke along with a burnt smell appeared from the side of the watch.

Jiang Chen's eyes narrowed and touched the side of the watch.

Soon, he s.n.a.t.c.hed a fine mechanical mosquito from the side of the watch.

The mosquito had six limbs and had a data needle on its head. However, it was somewhat distorted because he s.n.a.t.c.hed onto it. The mechanical mosquito should have optical invisibility capability, or else he would have sensed its presence.

The “mosquito” likely downloaded the backdoor program to his watch.

“Done?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Of course,” Jean said proudly. “You know who wrote my AI.”

I should thank Yao Yao when I go back.

In his mind, Jiang Chen indulged for a moment and asked.

“How much data was stolen?”

“The amount of data transferred was only 1.3 megabyte.”

“List the doc.u.ments that could have been stolen.” Jiang Chen immediately ordered.

“Roger… the suspected stolen doc.u.ments are as follows…”

Following Jiang Chen's instructions, Jean took out the information that might have been stolen and listed it as a catalogue with abstracts before presenting it in front of Jiang Chen.

When his eyes swept over the list, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The stolen doc.u.ments were irrelevant information. He didn't have the habit of carrying important information with him. The interdimensional communication chip was separately encrypted, and the attacker who infiltrated his watch wrist-mounted computer was unable to reach that stage yet.

“Can I lock the attacker's coordinates?” Jiang Chen suddenly asked.


Jiang Chen was uncertain if the way Jean looked at him was the same as how she would look at an idiot…

“If there was a satellite that tracks the signal source, then it is not impossible,” Jean replied.

“Well, I know I asked a very stupid question.” Jiang Chen coughed.

Jean's holographic image scattered like sand and disappeared from his side.

The wrist-mounted computer was performing high-intensity computations. Now the CPU and RAM were both burning. In order preserve the hardware's life, Jean entered hibernation mode to save computing resources and release the memory of the wrist-mounted computer…

After he stood up, Jiang Chen went to the window and recalled the people he met today.

Old Luo, who he previously encountered in the bar; the person that stalked him on the road. Not accounting for those two, there were many opportunities to release the mechanical mosquito… There would be too many suspects who might download the backdoor program to his watch.

Next to the window, Jiang Chen gazed into the night view of Pingan Street.

After being deep in thought, Jiang Chen reached out and restarted the communication chip on his watch and called Zhou Guoping.


“It's me,” Jiang Chen was concise.

Zhou Guoping at the other end of the phone said respectfully.

“What is the order, General?”

“How infiltrated are your people in Pingan Street?”

“Haha, boss, you came to the right person—”

Jiang Chen didn't want to waste too much time with him, so he directly interrupted his words and said.

“Perfect, go and do something for me.”

“Please instruct me.”

“Help me investigate two people,” Jiang Chen paused before he continued. “One's name is Scarecrow, the boss of h.e.l.l Courier. The other is Sura. If possible, bring his people to me.”

In the dimly lit room, the holographic screen flickered. Only the sound of the fan running could be heard.

Rows of data flowed through the screen at an incredible speed.

The speed at which a man tapped the trackpad gradually accelerated, accelerated, and accelerated…

Eventually it accelerated to the limit.

Ten fingers have turned into residual images and formed countless ripples on the touchpad.

“DAMMIT!” A fist slammed onto the table, and both of the man's hands left the touchpad as he leaned back against the chair, his face full of gloom.

A woman walked up to his side with cups of coffee and placed one of the cups next to his keyboard.

“How's it going?”

“It's awful.” The man shook his head and said, “Lost a mechanical mosquito.”

The woman's face showed a flash of surprise.

“A mechanical mosquito. They can even detect mechanical mosquitos? This alertness is really…”

“Do you want to say too high? You guessed it,” The man shrugged and said.

Just then, a m.u.f.fled sound came from the wall, and a ray of light scattered into the dark room.

The two moved their hands to their waists.

However, when they saw the person standing at the door, they sighed in unison and moved their hands away

“I'm back.”

Old Luo pushed open the door, walked in, and closed the elevator door.

“What's on your body…” The woman looked at him, slightly surprised.

“I came across a little trouble.” After he tossed the broken coat on the hanger, Old Luo sat down on the sofa, took out a cigarette from his pocket, and lit it for himself while he asked casually, “How's the investigation going?”

“Like you,” The man sitting in front of the touchpad shrugged. “Ran into a little trouble.”

“Oh?” Old Luo raised an eyebrow.

“The person responsible for the target's information security has a relevant skill rating of at least A, or even S.” The man picked up the cup of coffee with a weird color on the table, took a sip, and bitterly savored the taste. “Unbelievable, what age is this? There are still people who will pay attention to cybersecurity?”

“Are you not a S-cla.s.s?” Old Luo grinned. “Someone can make the famous Greyhound feel challenged?”

“Attack and protection are two concepts,” The man known as Greyhound shook his head. “Just like football, attacking is also different when you're at home compared to when you're away. Not to mention the hardware situation we have. I have used this server for more than 30 years.”

“Nothing?” asked Old Luo.

“The mechanical mosquito is gone. Or, do you want to put another fly? Maybe this time—”

“We can't continue to waste precious resources on him.” Old Luo shook his head, looked at the ceiling and spat out a smoke ring. He then gazed at the smoke slowing fading and began to seemingly mutter to himself, “Especially when we still haven't found out what NAC knows about that thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“You continue to try to crack the security procedures,” Old Luo tapped his cigarette and then slowly said, “It is top priority to find that thing ahead of Ding Liwei and the Guardian Sect.”

“Leave it to me… I mean I'll try my best.” Greyhound ​​spread his hands and sighed. “Tomorrow, I will go to the market again to see if I can get some old parts back, at least let it work. Until everything is over… it's too old.”

“Go.” Old Luo nodded.

The room returned to silence.

The server seemed to be down again. Greyhound looked at it with helplessness as he held onto a wrench. In the meantime, the woman sat on the chair and read a book by the dim light, as she tried to kill some time.

And Old Luo, just quietly stared at the spicy smoke ring that dissipated at the edge of the ceiling.

After a long time, he sighed softly and threw the burnt cigarette b.u.t.t into the bin.

“It's getting more and more chaotic.”

Originally, their compet.i.tors were only Ding Liwei and Wan Peng of Pingan Street, as well as the Guardian's Sect. With the sudden fall of the Badaling Military Outpost, CCCP and NAC also entered the game.

The most important thing was that the chips they carried weren't small.

Maybe there would be an outcome to this game before the end of the year.

Or maybe earlier…

“Perhaps it's time to deal the hand?”

Old Luo stared at the ceiling quietly. There was an intrigued light that appeared in his eyes and his dry lips moved as he seemingly muttered to himself.

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