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Chapter 1112: Life Span

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One week pa.s.sed by, and Fang Xingjian created his own religion all across the over 200 civilization planets. However, as the duration was too short, not everyone revered and believed in him. Despite this, the admiration, belief, and prayers from several ten billion people soon let the Nine Lives Helix enter deep into the group consciousness.

Fang Xingjian could sense that he could now change the destinies of several ten billion people with just a single thought. He could completely change the direction of the future, leading to the creation and destruction of countless parallel worlds.

This feeling of being able to control the heavens' will and people's hearts, as well as change the future and rewrite history, made him feel an endless sensation of great power.

The Dragon Qi contributed by several ten billion people also made his Royal Heavenly Great Art martial art projection grow stronger rapidly, with his martial will far surpa.s.sing that of Fang Xingjian's other martial art projections. It had reached an unprecedented 15,000 points.

A martial will of this degree would be able to suppress even the Crown Princess head-on. Ordinary tier six Divine level experts would not be a match for him at all.

After completing all of these, Fang Xingjian was now able to perform the Sattva Sword Technique at any time or place. As the number of devotees increased, his grasp over the wills of the heavens and the people grew stronger and stronger, and the number of timelines he could affect also increased. The Sattva Sword Technique's prowess would also grow increasingly stronger.

‘However, it's still just within this universe,' Fang Xingjian thought in his heart as his eyes narrowed. ‘The Sattva Sword Technique can only influence the universe it is in. If I were to go to other universes, I'll need to clear up the pa.s.sageway and bring over the Sattva Sword Technique's powers.

‘It seems that I'll have to look for Ulpian and ask him for the method to get through the quantum foam.


Fang Xingjian's gaze turned toward the void s.p.a.ce. He was only left with over four months until the end of his five-year life span.

He turned to look at Jiuqian, instructing her to stay here and manage the civilization planets and aid the religion's development. He then left behind a hint of martial will and departed Earth, returning to Miracle World.

Upon returning to the palace in the Imperial Capital, he looked for the Crown Princess and said, “I'll use the ten billion people on the Morning Star to trade you for the life span conversion technique.”

He then brought out the planet-capturing device which was loaded with the ten billion people from Morning Star.

This was Fang Xingjian's plan from the beginning. He did not have much time left—only over four months. He did not have any confidence at all of being able to break out from the demonic G.o.d's influence either and thus was desperately trying out every method available.

Although the w.a.n.g Clan's Mountainous Sea's Book of the Way was unable to increase his life span, the Crown Princess' life span conversation technique was a technique from the Western Land's higher realm. Maybe there would be some kind of miraculous effect?

The Crown Princess looked at the planet-capturing device in Fang Xingjian's hand and asked in surprise, “You're already starting to consider about your life span despite your young age?”

“Are you going to give it or not?” Fang Xingjian asked directly.

The Crown Princess gave it some thought and said, “I'll give it. Of course, I'll give it. Why wouldn't I for such a great deal?”

The life span conversion technique was an extremely precious secret manual to ordinary people. However, to people like her who came from the higher realm's immortal sects , it was just a fundamental technique.

On the other hand, the Morning Star's population of ten billion would greatly strengthen her foundation and turn into resources for her to cultivate the Son of Heaven's Sword Manipulation Art. Additionally, these people came from a world with high level of technology and received all sorts of education and training since young. They were also outstanding talents.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian handed the planet-capturing device to the Crown Princess, and she gave Fang Xingjian the incantation for the life span conversion technique.

After receiving the incantation, Fang Xingjian wanted to leave and try it out immediately. However, before he left, he turned and said to the Crown Princess, “Oh, right. Ulpian told me to ask you about the White Emperor Zenith Sword.”

This was something that Ulpian wanted him to ask the Crown Princess previously. However, in the process of giving chase after Catherine and battling the Morning Star, he had forgotten about it. So, he asked her about it now.

“Mmm, I told him about it,” the Crown Princess replied with a frown. “In the past when I fought against the Pope from 1,000 years ago, the White Emperor Zenith Sword he used had 28 sections. Its great prowess was something that even the Pope then had not been able to fully release. I have no idea why seven of its parts have gone missing.”

Fang Xingjian nodded. Since she had already spoken to Ulpian about it, he did not say much. Right now, all of his thoughts were focused on the life span conversion technique.

With a flash, he disappeared, turning into an invisible light wave and appearing several ten thousand meters up in the sky.

“Life span conversion technique…”

The method of converting between life span and strength was a martial technique unique to the Western Land. However, during the conversion between the two, there would naturally be losses incurred. There would also be varied tiers of conversion techniques.

Although the Mountainous Sea's Book of the Way which Fang Xingjian obtained in the past was a powerful martial technique from the Western Land's dynasty that comprised of mortals, how could it possibly be compared to the top-notch martial technique the Crown Princess obtained from the Western Land's higher realm?

This conversion technique that the Crown Princess had imparted to Fang Xingjian came from one of the three strongest immortal sects in the Western Land's higher realm—the Ascendant Heavenly Sect.

This conversion technique was called the Longevity Art. It was many times better and more powerful than the incomplete Mountainous Sea's Book of the Way.

There were many uses of this technique. For starters, one could convert their martial will into life span and also convert their life spans into martial will.

Simultaneously, the technique would treat one's life span as an all-purpose energy source. It could be converted into all sorts of commonly seen energy and power, or even be used to propel one's martial arts, strengthening their killing prowess in actual combat.

Fang Xingjian used the Longevity Art to sense his remaining life span, and the indicated amount of time left was 4 months and 16 days.

Letting out a deep breath, he started attempting to convert his martial will into life span.

In an instant, the Royal Heavenly Great Art martial art projection's martial will seemed burned up in flames like ignited petroleum.

Fang Xingjian used the Longevity Art's method to guide this power. After half an hour pa.s.sed by, the Royal Heavenly Great Art martial art projection's martial will dropped from 15,000 to 12,000, yet there was no changes to his life span at all.

A hint of disappointment flashed on his face. Although he knew that it would not be that easy to break free from the demonic G.o.d's restraints, he still felt disappointed from this failure.

However, Fang Xingjian had a strong mind, and he regained his composure after feeling sad for a couple of seconds.

‘If I can't increase my life span, then let's try to see if I can convert my life span…'

In fact, this was also a question that Fang Xingjian had since a long time ago.

Although there was no way of increasing his strength, it seemed that it was not possible to decrease it either. Regardless of whether it was in the Hades Vault or any other worlds where time was accelerated, his life span seemed to be tied in together with Miracle World in another five years. There would not be a minute more or a second less.

Therefore, he always had this doubt in his mind. If he was unable to increase his life span, then would it also mean that he would not die in advance either under the demonic G.o.d's surveillance? Would it work if he were to convert his life span into strength?

He had not had a chance to do this in the past, but with the Longevity Art, he could now try it out.

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