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Chapter 603 - Laozi

At this time, Jiang Kun was using a strong power to resist the attack of the Nine h.e.l.l Demon Ancestral Flame. However, the little wolf was concentrating its flames and pouncing all of the Nine h.e.l.l Demon Ancestral Flame onto Jiang Kun's body.

Long Chen had already declared to his opponent earlier that they would concede their second battle, yet this Jiang Kun was still attacking. Xiao Lang set down his Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Fire first, but Jiang Kun was the first to rush in.

Originally, with his speed, the Nine h.e.l.l Demon Ancestral Fire might not have been able to catch up to him. If he rushed in to die, that would be a completely different matter.

The wild beasts' frenzied roars continued to ring out, surrounded by the Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Fire. After a few rounds, the roars completely disappeared, and after the wolf cub's Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Fire was withdrawn, only the ice sculpture of Jiang Kun's corpse remained, looking as lifelike as ever.

The people of the Dragon Clan and Warring Clan were gathered together tightly at this time, coldly watching the movements of the Martial Alliance!

This time, it could be said that Martial Alliance disobeying the rules, it did not have anything to do with Long Chen and the others.

However, the Martial Alliance had always been an arrogant and despotic person, why would he care about this?

Seeing that Jiang Kun had died, the eyes of everyone in the Martial Alliance spouted fire. Seeing this, Yang Ningfeng calmed the anger of the crowd and then said coldly: "Everyone in the Warring Clan, it seems that it is not in accordance with the rules for you to interfere in the gambling battles and then kill my Martial Alliance's Martial Saint."

"We clearly already admitted defeat, but Jiang Kun still attacked, he was the one who did not conform to the rules first, we could do nothing about it, and then we killed him, everyone knows, but Yang Wu was the one who caused trouble, aren't you afraid of being mocked by the world's heroes?" Long Chen said with a smile.

After Jiang Wuya fainted, he became the core of everyone, especially when he worked together with the little wolf to kill Jiang Kun.

"Furthermore, everyone knows that even if we do not take action, this Jiang Kun will soon die." Long Chen added.

Yang Ningfeng did not use kind words, so he was rendered speechless by Long Chen. He turned around and asked Zhao Danchen for help. At this time, Zhao Danchen's face was ashen, and he scolded: "Don't waste time, haven't we won already? Asking them if they have submitted, if they are not, I will have to start then! "

Zhao Danchen had always been the main character in the battle, so he didn't care about how big of a loss he would suffer, he was even happier if he just destroyed the entire Warring Clan. If he did not care about Martial Alliance's reputation, Zhao Danchen would have already made his move!

Yang Ningfeng hurriedly nodded his head and bowed, then fiercely looked in Long Chen's direction and said in a clear voice: "Since it's like this, I won't bother with you guys about Jiang Kun's matter. However, you have already lost the bet now. Being controlled by my Martial Alliance, a manly man with nine words, I believe Clan Leader Lei Zhen will not be a villain who goes back on his words, right? "

This moment had finally arrived!

In the Warring Clan, a trace of helplessness flashed past every single one of their faces.

Yang Ningfeng did not understand Warring Clan. He thought that their helplessness was due to helplessness in submitting to them. Actually, their helplessness was because the final battle was about to begin!


It all depended on what Lei Zhen wanted to decide. This was especially true for the six Battle-Kings. Now that Lei Zhen was the clan head, no matter what orders he gave them, they had to follow them.

Seeing Jiang Wuya's injuries and the Martial Alliance's overbearing att.i.tude, Lei Zhen's fist slowly tightened. Everyone knew what this meant and thought that Lei Zhen's decision should have already been made.

A stalemate. It was broken by a cold voice.

"Who said we have already lost? Three matches and two victories, doesn't that mean there's still one more? "

This voice, was clearly Long Chen's voice, and everyone's gaze turned to look at the young man who had just spoken. At this moment, Long Chen raised his head, and his eyes were flickering with a b.l.o.o.d.y fighting intent, his voice was filled with determination!

Long Chen knew that Lei Zhen and the others would forget about this final battle. After Jiang Wuya lost, they thought that Warring Clan had already lost. After all, the last battle was at the third level of Earth Martial Stage. They didn't want Long Chen to take the risk, and it was an entirely impossible risk too!

"Brother, forget it!" Lei Zhen advised. He pulled Long Chen's arm.

"If we fight, we should die. I'll go fight, but there might be a way out!" Long Chen said softly. He gently pushed Lei Zhen's arm away, and under everyone's gaze, he walked towards the Martial Alliance!

Actually, everyone wanted to call him back, but when they saw Long Chen's resolute back, they suddenly realized that all the words that they wanted to say were in their throats and they couldn't say them.

It was so strong that it would never give in. They saw a spirit in Long Chen that was even stronger than Warring Clan!

"Good brother!" Come on! " Lei Zhen's eyes turned from full of worry to full of pa.s.sion! Long Chen's decisive steps had mobilized the hot blood in everyone's hearts!

He charged forward bravely, not caring about death at all!

Long Chen faced the gazes of everyone in the Martial Alliance and walked to the side of Jiang Kun, who had already turned into an ice sculpture. His face was expressionless, and with a light flick of his finger, the lifelike ice sculpture immediately turned into black powder, and with a rustle, it fell onto the ground.

The strong ones from before had completely disappeared from this world, leaving nothing behind.

From the moment Jiang Kun decided to use the Great Zombie Law, he knew that he would definitely die. In the end, this was the same method as blood sacrifice, but the difference was, Long Chen's blood sacrifice was much better than this zombie's technique.

Raising his head, Long Chen met the gaze of the people from the Martial Alliance. Even though the other party was an expert, his eyes did not show any signs of retreat!


The people behind him were all silently supporting him, shouting for him in their hearts!

The injured Jiang Wuya slowly closed his eyes, his lips wiggling as he said, "Seventh Brother, you're a genuine man. He'll give us an explanation …"

"But is it possible for everyone to hope that Long Chen will return alive? On the Warring Clan's side, he had already killed two warriors from the Martial Alliance. If Yang Ningfeng held the absolute advantage, how could he let Long Chen return alive?

He didn't even think about the outcome of the battle. What he thought to be important was that as long as he defeated Yang Ningfeng, the Martial Alliance would be able to scram from Warring Clan's side!

Therefore, he was going all out!

Long Chen's actions confused the people from the Martial Alliance.

Yang Ningfeng raised his brows, and said: "Lei Zhen, what do you mean by that? I told you to submit, but you sent a kid! "

Long Chen didn't wait for Lei Zhen to speak and directly asked: "What? We agreed that we will win three rounds two times, and we have only fought two rounds, Yang Ningfeng, I think you better not waste time, and just directly fight!

Originally, because of the death of two people, their hearts were originally filled with anger, but Long Chen's words, made them laugh, to the point that they even forgot about their hatred.

"What did you say?" You want to fight me? " Yang Ningfeng's face was filled with astonishment. He couldn't help but smile, and tidied his clothes after a long while, and said: "Little brat, you should go back. With your strength, you aren't even fit to bring my Yang Ningfeng's shoes, if we really are going to fight in the third round, you guys would send someone who can barely make it onto the stage, wouldn't Warring Clan still have a vulture? "

Hearing this, Long Chen squinted his eyes, then roared out fiercely: "Yang Ningfeng, don't waste my breath, if you have the guts, immediately scram over here!"

His explosive shout, rising up from the ground, suddenly exploded out, like a clap of thunder, directly causing the people of Martial Alliance to subconsciously take a step back!

Long Chen's current body was an Divine Dragon Body that had inherited the ancestral dragon blood s, so every part of his body contained the might of the Primordial Era. Even though he was in human form, he also seemed like a huge ferocious beast. More accurately, it was a dragon!

This roar was filled with the deterrence of a dragon!

In the process of Long Chen's loud roar, the dense blood-red dragon scales quickly covered his entire body, and those blood-red dragon scales appeared, forming numerous blood dragon silhouettes. It was as if they were dancing in the clouds, sharp blood-red spikes shot out from his body side by side. These were all the spikes from his spine, elbows, knees, and other body parts of his body.

In just an instant, Long Chen allowed a weak youth to transform into a battle machine. His appearance and his bellowing from before made everyone in Martial Alliance think that he was powerful enough to take him seriously.

Being scolded by Long Chen in such a way by him, if Yang Ningfeng didn't move against him, who knew where his face would be thrown today. His face slowly turned green as he stared straight at Long Chen, then turned his head towards Lei Zhen and said, "Lei Zhen brat, are you sure that this brat was partic.i.p.ating in the third round?"

Just as Lei Zhen nodded his head, Long Chen sneered and scolded: "I can go in and out of bed with your mother for 300 rounds, are you saying that I'm a little brat? Drag your sister, sister, and daughter out for me to test my gun, then you'll know whether or not I'm a little brat! "


Lan Ling'er opened her eyes wide, the others were also surprised, after getting along with him for so long, they did not know that Long Chen had such a vulgar side to him. However, it did look quite cute.

As long as Mo Xiaolang knew that the real Long Chen had returned, ever since Ling Xi had left, Long Chen's entire being had become silent, cold and cruel. Today's Martial Alliance's oppression of the Long Chen brothers had allowed Long Chen to finally bring out his true nature.

He hadn't said that word for a long time!

Being humiliated by such a weak junior, Yang Ningfeng's face immediately turned green. The people beside him hurriedly dodged, and the current Yang Ningfeng, with his terrifying aura, and his dark, cold, angry, and blood-red eyes, made others somewhat afraid!

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