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Chapter 3202 - Old friends

Chapter 3202 - Old Friends

As such, the situation was not as dire as he had imagined.

In particular, as long as they could get help from the Chaos Clan, the three great Ancestral Devil seemed to be nothing much.

Long Chen easily killed the two of them.

Ji Taixu didn't have any guard against himself. After thinking carefully, Long Chen asked again: "It seems like there are also quite a few strong people in the myriad realms, such as Long Chen and Lord of the Chaos, are we confident?"

Ji Taixu laughed coldly and said: "Don't worry, there's definitely a way for the three great Ancestral Devil to deal with them, and I heard that in the entire Ancient Dragon Demon Tomb, there are parts that we don't know about. It is said that there will be stronger existences among us Immemorial Giant Demons! However, if they were to sleep even deeper, they might not even wake up. "

"Moreover, as long as it's a Demon Lord or above, they can return at any time from the ancient tomb of the Dragon King, saving a lot of time. In the future, the three Ancestral Devil will leave the door to the Dragon Devil Ancient Tomb in the entire Myriad Realms. We will only be able to travel even faster and reach the Ten Thousand Worlds at any time. "

Long Chen remembered each and every word that the other party had said.

"It seems that the Ancient Dragon Devil Tomb is indeed the same as my Life and Death Realm. However, while the Ancient Dragon Devil Tomb can open up many Ancient Giant Demons to return, it can't leave behind the same rules as the Deadth Realm's Dragon Gate, so it can't return to one place. However, it seems like the three great Ancestral Devil can do it. "

This was what Long Chen had deduced from the other party's words.

Just as Long Chen was about to ask where the pa.s.sageway to the other origin level worlds was, the Demon G.o.d Emperor suddenly turned his head and said, "Tai Xu, come back."

Perhaps he had heard the conversation between Long Chen and Ji Taixu, but he felt that Ji Taixu was too flamboyant. This was, after all, the Dragon Demon Ancient Tomb, not his Great Desolate Emperor Realm.

This was not a place where he could make decisions.


Ji Taixu returned in embarra.s.sment.

As a result, no one paid attention to Long Chen along the way, so Long Chen did not take the initiative to find others to talk, as it would be easier to expose himself that way. They were about to meet one of the three great Ancestral Devil, the Ancestor of Nuwa. Long Chen, on the other hand, wanted to see what kind of situation this so-called Ancestral Devil was in.

They didn't say anything along the way.

Endless giant eggs pa.s.sed by beneath his feet.

Blood rained down endlessly. The mist filled the air and the sky darkened. The only thing that could be seen was the dark thunder roaring in the sky and the earth. "Aoo!"

Each flash was dazzling bright.

Pa.s.sing through countless mountain peaks, enduring the slow speed of their advance, they finally saw a huge mountain clearly. On top of the pitch-black mountain peak, within the clouds, was a pitch-black vortex, and within that vortex, Long Chen could vaguely see a huge egg that was comparable to a provenance corundum, trapped in layers upon layers of seals.

On the huge egg, there was a strange and sinister pattern. The snake-like patterns were vivid and lifelike, as if all sorts of poisonous snakes were coiling around the huge egg.

When they approached the gigantic mountain, someone stopped Long Chen's group. There was another group of Immemorial Troll, a group of several hundred people, with the majority of them being experts, who were all at least at the Demon Emperor's level.

In the eyes of the two Primordial Giant Demons, Long Chen and the others were just like children. Although they were both in the same realm of the Eternal Demon Illusory and the Windstorm Shadow Demons, their strength was extraordinary and incomparably huge.

"If there's nothing else, don't come disturb Patriarch Nuwa!"

One of the archaic Giant Demons that was covered in gold and had a steel-like body shouted in a mechanical voice.

This is the Archaic Golden Demons.

"This is the Diremonster, the Diremonster. He was the first to leave the ancient necropolis and head for the Allworld, taking with him the Nuwa Demonic Divinity." "Right now, he has news of Nubis. He has come to inform Patriarch Nuwa, which is why we brought him here."


The Archaic Golden Demons glanced at Long Chen. To them, it was hard to imagine that Long Chen was an impostor, so they just let him pa.s.s. Of course, they followed behind Long Chen, the group arriving at the mountain where ancestor Nuwa was.

"Patriarch Nuwa is currently working hard to break the seal with the other two Ancestral Devil. We can't disturb him. We'll have to wait for him to come find us."


In this way, everyone could only wait in this position.

In this place, everyone was quietly standing, and even Ji Taixu did not dare to speak.

Long Chen was currently in a state of Heavenly Demon Era, so he could only display the level of a Heavenly Demon Genesis. Otherwise, given his own abilities, he would naturally know that Ancestor Nuwa was watching over him right now.

Just by looking at it, Long Chen could tell that this Immemorial Giant Demon was much more powerful than he had imagined. It was at least a The Supreme Divine of the Extreme Realm, and one that might have been stronger countless of years ago.

Of course, she was still sealed, and even if she had too much skill, she wouldn't be able to display it.

"What's the matter?"

On the peak of the mountain, a woman's voice that originated from ancient times resounded. It was gentle but broad, and it had the power to make people feel calm. It could make any ancient Giant Demon stop their restlessness and listen to her.

The Archaic Golden Demons said, "Ancestor Nuwa, this child is a Primal Heavenly Demon. It was he who had been the first to escape, and the first to leave this place. Now that he has returned to the ancient necropolis of the Dragon and Demons, it's said that there is news of the Great Yue State. "

"Oh, how is it?"

Patriarch Nuwa asked.

Now that everyone's eyes were focused on Long Chen, Long Chen appeared slightly nervous as he said, "Reporting to ancestor Nuwa, I was fighting with Long Chen before and was captured by him. He was still at Long Chen's side. If we invade the Allworld and Patriarch Nuwa defeats Long Chen, then we can save Yuxi. "

The Immemorial Giant Demons seemed to be very concerned about their own kind and called them brothers and sisters. They came from Divine Devil Giant Beast s, so they didn't have any relations.h.i.+p with each other.

For example, if one was a Battle Demon, the Battle Demon beside him was very related to Wu Su.

It was the same for the Eternal Illusory Demon Huan Ri, Huan Yue and the two Chaos Demons.

Patriarch Nuwa was silent for a moment, then said, "Mm. I now know that although you are the only Diremonster of the Era, your bloodline is valuable." But, leaving the ancient tomb without permission, disregarding your other companions, is a serious crime, I will punish you to enter this' suffering vortex '. "He'll only come out after a hundred thousand years."

Long Chen's heart trembled. He reacted quickly and said anxiously, "Ancestor Nuwa, a hundred thousand years ago, I, the archaic Giant Demon, had already taken over the entire Myriad Realms. If I come out at that time, what use would there be? "Patriarch Nuwa, there is enmity between me and the Allworld, and there is enmity between Long Chen and I. I would rather die in battle and lead the charge than be confined. I hope you can grant me that wish."

Long Chen's performance was not bad, so that ancestor Nuwa hesitated for a moment before saying, "Alright, when my ancient Giant Demon army gathers, I will hand over an important mission to you. I'll let you make up for it. "

"Thank you, Patriarch Nuwa."

Seems like he hid it?

Long Chen heaved a sigh of relief. As long as he stayed here, even though it would only take a few days, he could at least learn a lot of news. For example, what Long Chen wanted to know the most right now was where the pa.s.sageway to the other six realms was.

If they could join hands with these ancient Giant Demons, then it would naturally be easy.

"Everyone, leave with me. Don't disturb Patriarch Nuwa." Long Chen was also with the group. Right now, the person who was most willing to talk to him was Ji Taixu, of course he wouldn't be let go.

At this moment, Long Chen's line of sight landed upon a person that he was once familiar with.

She hurriedly rushed over and saw Long Chen with a single glance.


The newcomer was actually Emperor Shakya, Prison Demon G.o.d Sakya.

Aqua Blue Smoke.

who was almost brought into Deadth Realm by Long Chen and then escaped afterwards.

She was still a Demon King and didn't have much of a position here, so there weren't many people that paid attention to her. After returning here, she knew that the Heavenly Demon Ji Yuan's actions were wrong, and she also knew that revealing her own experience would bring about some trouble, so she kept a low profile.

But she didn't expect that he would see Long Chen's story from nearby. At first, she thought that she was seeing things. She had asked about the situation of the battle that day, and knew that the Heavenly Demon Ji Yuan had been sucked into the Deadth Realm by Long Chen.

Others might not be familiar with the Heavenly Demon Genesis, but she was!

Therefore, when their eyes met, Long Chen was truly shocked. It was precisely this time that he was caught by Shui Lan Yan.

"He's not a Heavenly Demon from the era, he's a fake!"

Aqua Smoke pointed at Long Chen and laughed coldly.

"What are you saying? Scram."

To a Demon Elder like them, a Demon King level ancient Giant Demon was indeed a small fry. Because the seal itself was weak, many had escaped in advance. As of now, there was no specific combat mission, so they were still wandering around.

"He's not a Primal Heavenly Demon, he's Long Chen! Long Chen had changed the rules. I know you. Long Chen. " Aqua Blue Smoke was still like her.

The City Lord who had died in vain was her, the Prison Demon Emperor Shakya was her, as well as Aqua Blue Smoke. Once, it was Long Chen's most terrifying enemy.

"Is there really a problem?"

The War G.o.d, the Diremonster, the Archaic Golden Demons, and the others didn't respond. Patriarch Nuwa's voice rang out. Clearly, upon hearing the words of Aqua Blue Smoke, Patriarch Nuwa would take a closer look and definitely understand.

"I didn't expect to see you here for the first time."

An enormous eye suddenly appeared atop the enormous egg. That eye was like a black hole, sucking in everything around it.

As matters stood, with their ident.i.ties completely exposed, it was impossible for them to deceive anyone into revealing more information. But the most important thing was that the three Ancestral Devil had yet to fully awaken, so there was no one in this ancient tomb that could block him.

"Yes, it's me."

calmly changed back into himself, scaring Ji Taixu, Shen Jun and the others so much that their faces paled. Of course, if the Ancient Giant Demon had a face that looked pale …

"Aqua Blue Smoke, long time no see. I didn't expect you to still be alive."

"I'm not going to die that easily."

Shui Blue Smoke said coldly.

"Is that so?"

Long Chen looked at her, then looked at ancestor Nuwa, suddenly, his body started to s.h.i.+ne with a gold light. Since that was the case, he could only start a ma.s.sacre! It was better to be the first to strike. How could such a good opportunity be wasted?

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