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Chapter 76 Pride Hu Xuehui

The issue of the billiard ball compet.i.tion was quickly forgotten by Ji Feng. He quickly immersed himself in the training of the super secret service agents. By now, he was already able to perform the tenth movement of the vigorous gymnastics. In addition, Ji Feng could clearly sense that his body was gradually growing stronger.

This was an extremely important change that made Ji Feng extremely happy.

One had to know that even in the past, when he had grown so fast in his training, there had never been such a change. Although at that time, because of the bioelectric current, his body and consciousness were improving simultaneously. How much stronger his consciousness would be in training, his body would also be strengthened.

But that was only because of the bioelectric currents.

But now it was different.

Since the tenth movement, the bioelectric current had become less and less effective for the body. By now, it was basically useless. This was because after nearly three months of intensive training, Ji Feng's body had already reached a bottleneck. If he wanted to break through within such a short period of time, it would be impossible for him to do so.

As for Xiao Yuxuan, ever since the billiard ball incident, she had not spoken to Ji Feng again. In fact, she did not even glance at him once, she only came to cla.s.s normally, and directly left after cla.s.s. On her face, it was as if there was no smile at all.

If Ji Feng hadn't known about this, he would have thought that Xiao Yu Xuan was a completely different person.

It had to be known that although the previous Xiao Yuxuan wasn't that sociable, she was at the very least a peerless beauty that was bright and incomparably beautiful. It was like now, with that cold, tight face, as if everyone owed her tens of thousands of dollars.

"It's the money you owe me, okay!?" Ji Feng muttered to himself. However, when he saw Xiao Yu Xuan's ice-cold face, he could only swallow his words. In fact, his heart ached slightly.

In the past, Xiao Yu Xuan had often chatted and laughed. She had even been able to get along with her cla.s.smates on the first day of cla.s.s. This kind of teacher was undoubtedly very close. But now, there was no smile on her face.

Hearing an old teacher explaining the papers, Ji Feng couldn't help but shake his head. Could it be that it was only because he didn't give He Dong face back then that Xiao Yu Xuan hated him so much?

If that was really the case, then Ji Feng was speechless. He could only sigh. A woman who had fallen in love was truly unreasonable. At the very least, he shouldn't view her as a normal person.

Of course, Ji Feng knew that this was only his guess. Perhaps, the reason why Xiao Yu Xuan was so unhappy was because she didn't know of any other reason.

However, Ji Feng didn't want to ask Xiao Yu Xuan. Not only had he not given He Dong face in the billiard room, but he had also caused him to lose face. Just the fact that Xiao Yu Xuan had begged him to be lenient was enough to make Ji Feng not dare to open his mouth.

If he were to ask, what if Xiao Yuxuan asked him: "Why do you think I'm unhappy?"

How should Ji Feng reply?

Thus, when he thought of this, Ji Feng could no longer muster any interest. On one hand, he felt somewhat guilty, and on the other hand, he felt that it was not worth it for Xiao Yuxuan to find a boyfriend like He Dong.

It was in this contradictory mood that the winter vacation came. The first snow of the winter also began to fall, turning the entire world into a world of ice and snow. It was just like the snow-white kingdom of fairy tales.

During the winter vacation, Zhang Lei went home dejectedly. This made Ji Feng smile evilly. He was very clear that Zhang Lei wouldn't have any good days after he returned home. Just based on the words he had once said, [The rich and poor girl], he could already imagine it.

Tong Lei didn't say anything more and left. However, before she returned home, she glanced at Ji Feng. The hidden feelings in her eyes couldn't be hidden from Ji Feng's eyes. This made Ji Feng's heart warm.

Ji Feng understood very well that because of her influence, Tong Lei didn't dare to easily reveal her thoughts. To be able to look at him lovingly was already a great improvement.

As for Xiao Yuxuan … Ji Feng had not seen her since the end of the final exam. Presumably, she had also returned to her hometown. Ji Feng had heard Zhang Lei say that Xiao Yu Xuan's hometown should be in Jiang Prefecture. It was an international city and was known as the Eastern Pearl City.

When he thought of Jiang Prefecture, Ji Feng could not help but recall the disdainful tone in Hu Xuehui's tone when she had parted hands with him.

"Ji Feng, it's impossible for us to continue on this path, because our future paths are different!"

… ….

"Do you think with your family, you can be supported to go to college? With your grade, will you be able to get into university? "I'm going to university. In the future, I will live in the city and be together with you. That will only ruin my future!"

… ….

"Ji Feng, do you know that I went to my sister's house in Jiang Prefecture during the summer vacation? Do you know how much my sister's and her husband's house is worth? "You just have to work hard for your whole life and can't even afford to buy a toilet. Do you know how much my sister's car is worth?"

… ….

"How many years of hard work? Ten years, twenty years? Fifty years? "I don't want to follow you until you are about to die of old age before you can buy a house in a big city and drive a car. Ji Feng, don't pester me anymore, I must go to Jiang Prefecture to attend university. When that time comes, we will be people of the same world!"

… ….

Ji Feng still vividly remembered all of those heart-rending words. Every time he thought about them, he felt as if his heart had been ruthlessly stabbed.

In the past six months, Ji Feng had been immersed in the Super Special Agent training every day, and he had often joked with Zhang Lei. In fact, in his heart, he had never once forgotten what happened on the first day of school.

That unforgettable afternoon, when Hu Xuehui disdainfully said "illegitimate child", Ji Feng suddenly felt that it was extremely cold this winter.

Both of them were in the same cla.s.s. However, Hu Xuehui had not even glanced at Ji Feng for half a year. Even when she heard Ji Feng's name, she could not help but frown.

When Hu Xuehui heard the rumors about him and Tong Lei, she actually sneered and said, "That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he's actually still so eager to eat swan meat. He failed to do anything to me, but now he's trying to get Tong Lei again. What a joke!"

When he heard that, Ji Feng took a deep breath for ten minutes before he managed to suppress the anger in his heart. Otherwise, he would have gone on a rampage to settle the score with Hu Xuehui.

He really couldn't understand how a girl who could swear an oath to him could become so cruel and merciless. Ji Feng could tolerate the words' illegitimate child 'coming out of her mouth back then. But now, the word 'b.a.s.t.a.r.d' had popped out of her mouth. Ji Feng could not bear it any longer.

However, after countless of trainings, Ji Feng's mentality had matured a lot. Especially now, when he was undergoing the system's training regarding the camouflage and concealment of agents, he had become much calmer.

However, in his heart, Hu Xuehui was firmly engraved in his memory. Furthermore, she was cla.s.sified as the kind of person who would absolutely not be welcomed.

However, Ji Feng did not expect that on the first day of winter vacation, when he was accompanying his mother to sell vegetables on the streets, he would meet Hu Xuehui again.

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