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Chapter 738 - Making Korean Bar Soup!

According to Xiao Yu Xuan's arrangements, the 4 star corporation would visit the Tengfei Corporation's factory in the morning, then have lunch at noon, and then see what the members of the corporation were thinking in the afternoon.

It could be said that Xiao Yu Xuan's arrangement was very reasonable. The morning time would be arranged by the Tengfei Group and the afternoon time would be given to the 4-star group. After all, it was already past ten o'clock in the morning when the members of the 4-star group arrived.

In the afternoon, however, there were several hours of time. As the host, this arrangement was already considered to be giving face to the 4-star group.

It has to be said, the two families had yet to cooperate at all. Even if Tengfei Group only received the 4-star group members in a businesslike manner and then separated, there was nothing wrong with that.

Otherwise, if every group that came by in the future had good arrangements for the Tengfei Group and a good wine and dishes, would they really become an inn?

Right now, they were treating the people from the 4-star group this way only because they wanted to invest in Jiang Prefecture. Thus, Xiao Yu Xuan still hoped to facilitate the cooperation between the two families.

"Manager Li, are you satisfied with this arrangement?" Xiao Yu Xuan asked.

"Hm!" This arrangement is not a problem at all. Not only are you, Yu Xuan, a beauty, you also have very thorough arrangements. In Chinese words, this should be called … That's right, it's called being both beautiful and talented! " Li Zaimin said.

"Manager Li, you're too kind." Xiao Yu Xuan said in a reserved manner.

"But I can't win the prize!" Li Zaimin waved his hand, with a warm smile on his face, he asked: "Oh right, there should be a lot of factories under Tengfei Corporation right? I wonder which one we want to visit? "

"Tengfei Group is involved in medicine and electronic products, both of which have factories, I wonder which one Manager Li would like to visit?" Xiao Yu Xuan asked.

"Then let's take a look at the electronics factory!" "When I was in Korea, a friend gave me a 3D TV, and I felt really good after seeing it. It was no worse than watching it in a movie theater. If it could be matched with a top quality sound system, it would definitely be even better than a movie theater!" Li said.

"Alright, we will make the arrangements!" Xiao Yu Xuan nodded.

Ji Feng actually shot a glance at Li Zaimin, he noticed that after Li Zaimin had finished speaking, he couldn't help but look back, and Ji Feng immediately followed his gaze without batting an eyelid, and immediately realised that Li Zaimin was actually not looking behind, but was actually looking at a middle-aged man.

They were communicating with their eyes.

Ji Feng silently memorized this scene in his heart before he continued to observe with a calm expression.

Soon after, Xiao Yu Xuan arranged for the electric car to take Li Zaimin and the rest to the workshop at the back of the office building.

Originally, the factories behind this belonged to the Tengfei Pharmaceutical Factory. However, as the 3D televisions introduced by Tengfei Electrical Appliances were sold extremely well in the market, and with just a bright light electric appliance, even if they worked overtime every day, they still wouldn't be able to meet the demand. Thus, after discussing it with Xiao Yu, Han Zhong decided to temporarily release the four spare factories in the Tengfei Pharmaceutical Factory to Tengfei Electrical Appliances for temporary use.

Therefore, the factory behind them now had a 3D TV production workshop, which saved them the trouble of going to the light electronics.

After ten minutes or so, the group arrived at the production workshop. Outside the gla.s.s window of the workshop, one could see the bustling production scene inside.

Inside the workshop, workers were working nervously. Just from the look of it, it could be seen how profitable the Tengfei Appliances were. It also indirectly explained how popular the 3D TVs were in the market.

Of course, in view of the great strategy of Tengfei Electric Appliances to create a world-cla.s.s brand, so from the purchase of components, to the processing of the workshop, to the factory and packaging, everything is refined.

As a result, no one was allowed to enter the production workshop, not even Xiao Yuxuan. If she didn't change into work clothes and didn't have anyone to accompany her, she wouldn't be able to enter the workshop.

Because of this, Li Zemin and the others could only look around through the gla.s.s windows of the workshop.

Li Zemin understood this very well. He nodded and said, "It's really not bad. Ever since our 4-star group took the lead in establis.h.i.+ng the industry's operating standards, this is the first time I've seen such a meticulous operation. And it's also the management of this standard."

Ji Feng frowned when he heard this. Li Zaimin seemed gentle and refined, but he didn't even say a few words before subconsciously revealing his arrogance.

The industry standards were set by the 4-star group?


He clearly regarded the 4-star corporation as the world's industry leader. From his tone, he didn't put any other enterprise in his eyes.

Ji Feng looked at Li Zaimin's expression and realized that when Li Zaimin said those words, his expression was extremely natural, which meant that in his subconscious, he thought so.

This was a Korean!

Hearing Li Zaimin's words, Xiao Yu Xuan slightly frowned.

Why did it sound so weird?

It was just like how the senior executives came to inspect and praise and encourage their subordinates' work, and not like how people in the same industry praised and praised each other!

It seemed that in Li Yimin's heart, the other companies in the industry were all subordinates of the 4-star corporation?

Looking at the other employees of the 4-star group, they were all calm. It seemed that what Li Zaimin said was only half natural.

Xiao Yuxuan's tightly knitted eyebrows quickly relaxed. With her self-control, she definitely wouldn't be unhappy with a member of the 4-star corporation just because of this.

Afterwards, she brought the members of the 4-Star group to tour the other workshops. About an hour later, they returned to the meeting room of the office building.

"Yu Xuan, I've seen your production workshops, but I have a question. Do you only have a few?" Li Zhumin asked, "As far as I know, the sales of 3D TVs in the market is still quite good, and with the population of China, just these few shops aren't enough to satisfy the needs of the market, right?"

"Of course, it's not just these workshops!" Xiao Yu Xuan smiled and said: "It's just because of the time that I was unable to bring Manager Li through all the workshops."

"So that's how it is!" Li Zaimin suddenly understood.

Pausing for a moment, Li Zaimin then said: "Yu Xuan, I think we can cooperate."

"If both sides can cooperate, that would be for the best." Xiao Yu Xuan smiled.

"Alright, since Yu Xuan also has this intention, let's do it this way. After I return, I will write a very detailed report and submit it to the headquarters. After that, the headquarters will send someone over to conduct the investigation. If there are no problems, I believe we will be able to work together very soon. "

"Then I'll be waiting for Manager Li's good news." Xiao Yu Xuan said with a smile.

"It's only right!"

Li Zaimin smiled gently: "But before that, in order to make the report more detailed, I still need some information, and some accurate data. I also need some help from you, Yu Xuan."

Xiao Yuxuan nodded and said, "That's to be expected. If Manager Li needs it, I can provide it at any time."

Li Zaimin nodded with satisfaction, and smiled: "If that's the case, then we might have to trouble Yu Xuan a lot in the future, we need to keep in touch!"

Xiao Yuxuan nodded and said, "No problem!"

Ji Feng listened expressionlessly, not saying a single word. However, a few members of the Soaring Fly group felt uncomfortable all over.

This Li Zemin was really something, even Director Xiao had told him before that this man beside him was Director Xiao's boyfriend, but this Li Zemin didn't care about this at all, he actually wanted to keep in touch with Director Xiao in front of everyone, and said it so grandly …

If he needed information on the Tengfei Electric Appliances, there would be a dedicated staff member in charge. Why would he need to contact Director Xiao directly?

Originally, such a connection was understandable, but with Li Zemin's gentle smile and his arrogant att.i.tude, it didn't seem right now.

The few staff members subconsciously looked at Ji Feng. They were afraid that Ji Feng might do something irrational in his rage and might even implicate them.

On the other hand, Ji Feng didn't have much of a reaction as he silently listened.

However, if one took a closer look, one would discover that although Ji Feng appeared calm on the surface, a cold light flashed in the depths of his eyes.

It wasn't because Ji Feng was stingy, but because when Ji Feng said those words, his eyes flickered with a strange light, especially when he looked at Xiao Yu Xuan, that light was even more intense.

If Li Zemin was only admiring of Yu Xuan, or even surpa.s.sing her beauty, that would be one thing. But the problem was, Li Zemin's eyes were far more than that.

It was a kind of. Possession, or rather, extreme greed!

It was as if he had seen his prey!

Xiao Yu Xuan was Li Zaimin's prey?

Ji Feng harrumphed coldly in his heart. If he wanted to negotiate, then he would do so in peace. What did he think of the Koreans? It did not affect the business, nor did it affect the cooperation between the two companies.

But, if this Li Zaimin had any ideas about Yu Xuan … …

As long as Li Zaimin dared to have any dirty thoughts, Ji Feng felt that it was necessary for him to make a pot of Korean soup!

These Korean Koreans, they wouldn't even know how amazing they were until they were boiled into soup!

Did he really think he was the boss?!

Not to mention them, even if the President of the United States came, Ji Feng would still slap Xiao Yu Xuan a few times to make him see stars!

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