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Chapter 987: Chapter 986 – Tang Yun's Decision!

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Chapter 986 – Tang Yun's Decision!

“So Uncle Feng wants me to be Xiaoxiao's boyfriend?” Lin Yi naturally understood what Feng Tianlong meant. He shook his head and said, “However, this kind of thing isn't just some game. I'm sorry, I can't agree with it! Naturally, I do have a good impression of Xiaoxiao. However, I already have a girlfriend!”

“Lin Yi, just listen to me first. This is also one of the reasons why I allowed you to bring your girlfriend!” Feng Tianlong continued, “Although I know it's very unfair to your girlfriend, I, as a father want my daughter to enjoy her life to the fullest without any regrets before she reaches her time! Naturally, I'm not asking for you and your girlfriend to break up. I just want you to act, act out a play and deceive Xiaoxiao so she can leave without regret! This is my only desire as a father! I hope you can agree with it!”

As he was saying this, Feng Tianlong stood up and moved as though he was about to bow down to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi was startled, he immediately got up and stopped Feng Tianlong's actions as he said with a bitter smile, “Uncle Feng, what are you doing? We can just discuss matters, there's no need for you to do that?”

“Uncle Feng, I promise you!” Before Lin Yi agreed to it, Tang Yun to the side opened her mouth, “Uncle Feng, I will coordinate with Lin Yi. We will have Xiaoxiao leave no regrets behind her after this performance…”

Tang Yun was touched. Moreover, Feng Tianlong was clear that Lin Yi is only pretending to be Feng Xiaoxiao's boyfriend! Tang Yun didn't see this as an issue at all. What was there to compete about between her and a dying person?

Even if Tang Yun had to give Lin Yi to Feng Xiaoxiao for a whole year, she could still endure it with difficulty! After all, her future with Lin Yi is still long while Feng Xiaoxiao only had one year left of her life! This was life being unfair, and Tang Yun sympathized with her. Due to this, she naturally agreed to go along with Feng Tianlong's request!

Feng Tianlong originally thought that Tang Yun would be the biggest bottleneck of this matter, however, he never imagined that the very first person to agree with this would be Tang Yun! This made Feng Tianlong feel very grateful, and it also gave him a very good impression of this kind and beautiful girl. Being able to be this altruistic was not something every girl is capable of!

“Tang Yun, thank you!” Feng Tianlong said to Tang Yun solemnly.

“You don't need to say that. Xiaoxiao is also my cla.s.smate. Her happiness is also my wish.” Tang Yun shook her head.

“Thank you! Lin Yi, would you agree to my request?” Feng Tianlong knows that Lin Yi had yet to make his decision. Although Tang Yun already gave her answer, Lin Yi was still the person who had to carry this out!

“If Yunyun has already agreed to it, then how can I say anything?” Lin Yi said with a bitter smile, “Does this count as a royal command to chase after girls?”

“Haha!” After Feng Tianlong heard it, he couldn't help but laugh out in happiness, “You can start having more interaction with each other. I'm not scared of my daughter suffering, and you don't need to take responsibility. The best thing would be to have a son and a daughter, this way I won't grow old by myself!”

“Hah?” Lin Yi widened his eyes, what Feng Tianlong said made him jump!

Whereas Tang Yun's complexion slowly changed… Lin Yi and Feng Xiaoxiao giving birth to a baby? Although Tang Yun did sympathize with Feng Xiaoxiao, to the extent she was willing to let Lin Yi pretend to be Feng Xiaoxiao's boyfriend… However, to have Feng Xiaoxiao give birth to Lin Yi's child, that was something Tang Yun couldn't help but find weird!

What do we do after the child is born? If Feng Xiaoxiao pa.s.sed away and Lin Yi raised the child, then am I supposed to be the stepmother?

Tang Yun did not feel like she could accept this, at the very least, she couldn't accept it right now! She's still quite young, there's no way she could be someone else's stepmother. That was weird!

“Uncle Feng, I'm afraid your request is a bit hard for me to agree with…” After a bit of a shock, Lin Yi declined as he shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Lin Yi, I know you are worried about what to do with this child afterward right? I can guarantee you won't be held responsible, nor have you raise the child!” Feng Tianlong continued, “I will take care of the child, and I also won't tell the child who the father is!”

“Uncle Feng, could we just let this matter go for now? Let's not even think about whether Xiaoxiao would agree to it. Xiaoxiao and I have not achieved that level of intimacy with each other. Therefore, when we've reached that step, it won't be too late to discuss it right?” Lin Yi gestured with his hand and continued, “Furthermore, if we reach that step, I will acknowledge the child. I can't let the kid live without a mother or a father!”

“This…Alright!” Feng Tianlong sighed. Although what Lin Yi said did sound good, Feng Tianlong was also very clear that this was Lin Yi sugarcoating the rejection! It's likely that Lin Yi and his daughter won't get to that step in this short period of time, and his daughter's life won't last much longer. It'd be too late if they were to wait!

“Although Yunyun did agree, I also won't be unreasonable. I can only say I will do my best, but I also won't dump Yunyun for it. If Xiaoxiao can accept Yunyun, then there's no problem at all. If she still rejects Yunyun, then I won't let Yunyun feel wronged!” Although Lin Yi sympathized with Xiaoxiao, and couldn't refuse Feng Tianlong, he also couldn't allow Tang Yun to feel wronged for no reason!

“Lin Yi, you don't need to worry about me. It's only a year, I…I can endure it!” Tang Yun was shaking her head. She already made a decision, how could she possibly take it back?

“When the time comes, we can talk about it.” Lin Yi also did not continue this problem.

“Lin Yi, Tang Yun, I have one additional request. Please do not tell Xiaoxiao the truth, and also don't let her find out that you know of her illness. Xiaoxiao has a strong ego, I'm afraid if she knows of the truth, she will reject your goodwill…” Feng Tianlong reminded them.

“Don't worry, Uncle Feng, I know of that at least. I won't talk without thinking.” Lin Yi nodded in reply.

“Then I'm relieved!” Feng Tianlong said, “Then there's nothing else. Do you guys have time right now? Let me take you out for some food to express my grat.i.tude.”

“Uncle Feng, there's no need to do that!” Lin Yi gestured and continued, “Tang Yun and I have to go back to school for cla.s.s. Uncle Feng, you don't need to be so polite. Not only do you let me pursue your daughter, but you also want to treat me to food, this makes me feel a bit awkward!”

“Hehe!” After Feng Tianlong was teased by Lin Yi, he said, “Alright then. Next time when you come here with Xiaoxiao, we can go and have food together!”

Lin Yi nodded. He bid farewell to Feng Tianlong and brought Tang Yun to leave the Pengzhan Commercial Hotel.

In the car, Lin Yi turned around and looked at Tang Yun, “Yunyun, are you feeling alright”

“Focus on driving!” Tang Yun said, “I don't feel bad for myself. I sympathize with Xiaoxiao, and I believe this is a good decision!”

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