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You Can Even Break Through Like This?

Lin Yi was helpless. Did her brain get damaged after inhaling all the love potion? She wasn't embarra.s.sed at all! Lin Yi stretched his hand out to pull her up, and Lingshan started pulling her pants up and buckling back her bra, but her outer clothing was torn. It was unusable.

When she thought about her current situation, Lingshan couldn't help but feel depressed. What would her team think of her if they saw her like this? She would probably lose all her dignity, wouldn't she!

"Hey, where are you going? Please lend me your coat, okay?" Lingshan couldn't get herself to sound like how she used to. This wasn't her anymore, but she didn't have a choice. It was a conditioned reflex reaction. She had to be gentle towards Lin Yi...

"There's a pinhole camera hidden here. If you don't want them to go viral, keep it well." Lin Yi threw a small appliance to Lingshan. It was a miniature recorder, and the data inside wasn't linked to the other CCTV. It had its own storage so there was no need to worry about the information spreading.

Lingshan was taken aback as she received the appliance from Lin Yi. Her face was slightly red, but she still asked because of her curiosity, "You don't want to keep it for yourself?"

"Ha..." Lin Yi smiled faintly. He felt like Lingshan was insatiable. After getting an inch, she wanted a foot. He fast walked towards Lingshan, lifted her jaw up playfully. This was a capricious movement. He was flirting with her, "Do you really want me to enjoy myself that much?"

Lingshan lifted her eyebrows up. She wanted to fight back, but much to her surprise, she didn't feel like opposing him at all. She liked the way Lin Yi was playing with her. Could Lingshan be a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t? Did she have a fetish for being abused?

Lingshan smiled lightly, "If you really want, Miss. Braindead here doesn't mind giving you a spectacular performance any time you wish, like just now….."

Lingshan was actually trying to be sarcastic here, but after saying it out loud, she realized how fantastic it was. It sounded like she actually enjoyed doing those kinds of things…. In fact, Lingshan didn't know if she liked it or not, but saying it made her feel wonderful.

A fox, Yushu was right. Lingshan was indeed a fox! Lin Yi quickly loosened his jaw. This woman was a little fierce, but when the time was right, her flirtatious behaviour was incomparable!

"This is the crime organization's HQ. I've done what I'm supposed to, and I believe that you can settle the rest yourself, right?" Lingshan made Lin Yi a little uncomfortable, he had inhaled a small portion of the love drug, after all. Why couldn't this girl come back to her senses and realize that she was doing a dangerous job right now? Didn't she know that even if he had *** with her now, it was all the same? 

"There's no signal here, can you get me out, please?" Lingshan pulled Lin Yi's hand, swinging his hand around coquettishly like a little girl.

"Really? I didn't know that." Lin Yi's subconsciously looked for his phone in his pocket, but he only found Jianwen's. It was a specially designed phone, like a walkie-talkie. Lin Yi had seen a phone like it before due to his previous job, but this phone was used for a special purpose. It was specially designed to contact others without requiring signals. This phone was just like any normal phones in the market. It used the same normal phone number like how normal phones function, but the sim card was inserted above the server and it was like a terminal of a wireless phone….

"What is this phone? Walkie-talkie?" Lingshan asked curiously.

Just when Lin Yi was about to explain, the phone rang…. Lin Yi had a glance at the number and he didn't know it. It should be one of Jianwen's followers. Lin Yi declined the call and pa.s.sed the phone to Lingshan, "Use this to call your team. This is a specially designed phone. You can probably connect to the outside world with this."

Lingshan nodded and started hitting the numbers into the phone. As they expected, the phone was connected!

"Liu w.a.n.gli? It's Song Lingshan. I demand you to get reinforcements to surround the number one factory in Thai Star North Street immediately!" Lingshan had memorized the address when she was brought here, but she lost consciousness after entering the cell. Now, however, Lingshan had regained her usual sharp senses. This made Lin Yi slightly surprised.

Lingshan ended the call and looked at Lin Yi, "You are not showing yourself again, right?"

"What's the point of asking when you know the answer? Are you Braindead?" Lin Yi asked back.

"Yeah, I'm your Miss Braindead. So what?" Lingshan looked at Lin Yi pitifully, "Give me your coat, okay? I doubt that you want people to see your thing like this, do you?"

Lin Yi was speechless. Just when did Lingshan become his thing? However, he still gave her Jianwen's coat anyway, "I'm leaving…. Right. If you got nothing better to do next time, you can consider buying these love drugs to test it out yourself."

Lingshan paused and looked at Lin Yi with a weird face, "Test? You really want to see me perform so badly?"

"You can try to get a breakthrough." Lin Yi said lightly, "You can even breakthrough like this? From mid phase of the golden cla.s.s to the late phase of the golden cla.s.s, your spiritual practice is really abnormal…."

Had she just wronged Lin Yi? Lingshan's face was burning. She was no shameless person. She wouldn't deny the things she had done nor would she make things worse. She couldn't stop having a relations.h.i.+p with Lin Yi because she didn't have a choice! She needed Lin Yi's help. Besides, he had seen her naked. There was no point of falling out, was there? Why not continue this relations.h.i.+p with him and get more benefits from it! Furthermore, she didn't have a boyfriend yet. It wouldn't bring her any mental burden in the slightest.

However, Lin Yi's next sentence made her forget her sense of shame. Her eyes widened and she stared at Lin Yi! Did she just got a breakthrough?! From the peak of the mid phase of the golden cla.s.s to the late phase? Was it real? How did Lin Yi learn this? Lingshan activated her spiritual practice subconsciously. Much to her surprise, she was at the late phase of the golden cla.s.s already! Although, it was just the beginning of late phase of the golden cla.s.s, the difference between a late phase and mid phase was enormous!

Lingshan couldn't believe that she was able to have a breakthrough like this. Wasn't this comical? If she were to tell people about it, no one would believe her, would they? No wonder Lin Yi was giving her a weird face just now, asking her to try the love drug herself… but, how did Lin Yi learn about her strength? Even Lingshan herself didn't realise she upgraded. How did Lin Yi find out?

Could it be that Lin Yi's strength was greater than hers, reaching the peak of the late phase of the golden cla.s.s…. Or even higher…. Lingshan couldn't get herself to that thought. She didn't want to believe it. Lin Yi was still young, wasn't he? How was it possible for such a young man to have such strength. The peak of the late phase of the golden cla.s.s or even higher, the strength of a mystic cla.s.s, how was that possible?!

Lingshan had a realization. She felt like she was the luckiest girl in the world. Did she perhaps just pick up a rare treasure?

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