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Shen Xiang can see that Chu Jinfeng is very confident about his strength, otherwise he will not laugh so happy, because he feels that he can go to those ethnic groups to take the keys.

“a.s.sociation Master, do I need to do something for the Tai Yuan Pill a.s.sociation?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: “My good and bad is also part of the Tai Yuan Pill a.s.sociation, and I have to do something!”

“This… you can refine the Legendary G.o.d Pill. The materials you need are provided by me, and I will give you another five thousand dao creation saint crystal.” Chu Jinfeng said with a smile : “This price how about it?”

Although only earning 5,000, Shen Xiang feels good, because in the Tai Yuan Pill a.s.sociation, you can get World Defying pill mark and some Dan Fang, which is priceless.

“Yes, how many tablets do you need now? I will go to refining!” Shen Xiang is going to refine the batch of Legendary G.o.d Pill and ask World Defying pill mark and Dan.

“For the time being, we will have someone to pick talent. We have to train a batch of Legendary World Defying Realm.” Chu Jinfeng said, then he gave Shen Xiang hundred thousand dao creation saint crystal Pay to Shen Xiang.

“Right, how much value do you need to refine the Legendary G.o.d Pill?” said Chu Jinfeng.

“It takes five thousand dao creation saint crystal.” Shen Xiang said: “This is a big head! My World Defying pill mark is special and needs to absorb the energy of dao creation saint crystal!”

“This way!” Chu Jinfeng was amazed at Shen Xiang's World Defying pill mark, which sounded good, but consumed the energy of dao creation saint crystal, which reduced the pressure on Alchemist.

Chu Jinfeng gave Shen Xiang hundred thousand dao creation saint crystal as the consumption of the refined Legend G.o.d Pill.

Shen Xiang suddenly felt that Chu Jinfeng was a big nouveau riche, and the two hundred thousand dao creation saint crystal was given casually. After all, he was the Disco of Dao Creation G.o.d Lord.

“I will come to you when I am refining,” said Shen Xiang.

He immediately went to his residence in the mountain village and began to refine the Legendary G.o.d Pill in the secret room, which was not difficult for him.

At the time of his alchemy, Xiao Xianglin finally completed the super time formation plate.

“Master, how powerful is your super time formation plate?” Shen Xiang hastily asked, Xiao Xianglin refining the formation plate to learn the Legendary Spell, as long as she mastered the Legendary Spell, she could refine it. Curse the soul stone, then she will let Shen Xiang learn more Supreme Spell more quickly.

“An hour outside, inside for about 10,000 years, a day becomes hundred thousand years, so great!” Xiao Xianglin said with a smile: “Just consumption of dao creation saint crystal a lot.”

“Great! How many dao creation saint crystals are needed?” Shen Xiang exclaimed, in the land of InnoPath, it is very difficult to reverse the time. The more time to reverse, the more difficult it is, not in those lower worlds. Can be compared.

“One hour needs to consume 50,000 dao creation saint crystal!” said Xiao Xianglin.

Shen Xiang's mouth twitched, it's just burning sao creation saint crystal! One day is six hundred thousand dao creation saint crystal, which is too horrible!

“It seems that I have to earn more dao creation saint crystal,” said Shen Xiang.

“I plan to try four hours first. Forty thousand years, I should have mastered the Legendary Spell.” Xiao Xianglin said: “This time the formation plate is very powerful. After running once, you need to wait for the next time you run it again. Period of time, because the time of distortion is too large, you need to wait for the recovery, after all, once you open it, you can't enable it immediately.”

With four hours, it is two hundred thousand dao creation saint crystal! Shen Xiang can now use the dao creation saint crystal with four hundred thousand, and half of it is removed at once.

“Well, Master, you will succeed,” said Shen Xiang.

Xiao Xianglin entered the super time formation plate, she went in, because she went in to release two clones, which is just the limit of the time formation plate.

Shen Xiang can feel the mad energy in the Hidden Jade Villa. The super time formation plate absorbs energy.

After four hours, Xiao Xianglin came out from inside, so that when she was studying Legendary Spell, she would be in a kind of self-forgetting Realm, so she wouldn't feel too boring and would not feel the pa.s.sage of time.

Shen Xiang hasn't refining those Legendary G.o.d Pill yet.

“Master, how is it?” Shen Xiang hastily asked.

“Of course it is a success!” Xiao Xianglin lighted with a smile: “You Master, I am a curse, I can't succeed with so much time to learn, then no one can succeed.”

“Great, I am not able to have Pressure Spell and clone spells right away?” Shen Xiang is looking forward to it, in addition to various other Legendary Spells.

“I had misunderstood this set of Legendary Spell. I understand it now!” Xiao Xianglin sighed: “I thought that after I mastered it, I just engraved the Legendary Spell in my memory into the curse soul stone. Eat that's alright.”

“In fact, it is not. If you refine the curse and soul stone, you can only engrave the mantra you master.”

Although not quite the same as imagined, Shen Xiang feels No problem: “Let me get a quick grasp of the Pressure Spell and the clone mantra that's alright!”

These two kinds of mantras have greatly improved Shen Xiang.

“Refining the curse of the soul stone also requires a lot of dao creation saint crystal…” Xiao Xianglin said: “If you sculpt Supreme Spell's curse soul stone, you need at least 50,000 dao creation saint crystal, and the condensed Legendary Spell needs ten times. !”

Shen Xiang is stunned, so many dao creation saint crystal can be difficult to get, which will make him vomit blood, and now only Chu Jinfeng that there are a lot of dao creation saint crystal.

“I will give you the Pressure Spell first, this is Supreme Spell, 50,000 dao creation saint crystal.” Xiao Xianglin refining the curse soul stone also takes a certain amount of time.

“Well, Master, if you want to open the time formation plate again, how long does it take?” Shen Xiang asked.

“It may take a few years to wait for the internal time form to recover.” Xiao Xianglin said, “Do you want to use it?”

“No, can you throw the super time formation plate into the normal time formation plate and speed up recovery?” Shen Xiang feels that this does not need to wait, and can be used quickly when used urgently.

“No, this time form is very mysterious and will not change.” Xiao Xianglin shook his head.

Xiao Xianglin is now going to refine the curse of the soul stone, she used to use 250,000 dao creation saint crystal, even if it is not so fast with fire.

Shen Xiang stayed in the secret room for a few days and went to find Chu Jinfeng.

“a.s.sociation Master, Dan is good!” Shen Xiang handed twenty of the Legendary G.o.d Pill to Chu Jinfeng.

“It's pretty fast.” Chu Jinfeng is not surprised, like their level of Alchemist, has a time for the formation plate.

“a.s.sociation Master, do you say that dao creation saint crystal will become very rare?” Shen Xiang asked, he was worried about this. If dao creation saint crystal is less, it will be difficult for him to raise it later.

“I was worried before, but now it seems that it is not. There are a lot of dao creation saint crystal inside the six Dao Creation Mountain that exploded. At this time, it is scattered everywhere in the road of inauguration. Many people have found it, no. A few people suddenly become very rich.” Chu Jinfeng said with a smile : “There may be more dao creation saint crystal than the previous seven mountain G.o.d islands.”

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