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When Chen Xiang and Song Yichen heard their conversation, they became even more relieved. The experts of the Heaven Old Imperial Family were unexpectedly unable to destroy the ancient Super Yang Divine Alter in such a short period of time.

"Royal brother, are we going to look for those old princes?" The Moon King said, "Only they have the strength to destroy it, even though... Although some will have to be shared with them, it is still better than not being able to get some now. "

Moon King originally wanted to take the Myriad Tao Divine Soil's Crystals for himself, but now that he was discovered by Heaven Old Emperor, he was extremely unhappy, so even if he took a bit less, he would not be able to get a large portion of it.

Right now, Moon King did not have the confidence to get the majority of the treasures. He was worried that Heaven Old Emperor would eliminate him, which was why he wanted to find the old dukes to leave the mountain so that he could + + guarantee his own safety.

Heaven Old Emperor saw through his thoughts at a glance, but he smiled and said: "Don't alert them for now, they have been in closed door cultivation for so many years, they cannot be disturbed casually. Let's try our best first, if we really are unable to destroy Super Yang Divine Alter, it's not too late to invite them out."

"Alright, we'll listen to what royal brother says." Moon King smiled apologetically.

Heaven Old Emperor took out a sword and fiercely slashed down at Super Yang Divine Alter. With a "dang" sound, his beautiful sword was broken into many pieces.

"Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals are really powerful!" Although Heaven Old Emperor's Loving Sword was destroyed, his eyes were still filled with joy, because this allowed him to witness the power of the Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystal. If he were to use the Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystal to refine a sword, then it would definitely be many times stronger than the sword he had just destroyed.

"Not a trace." Moon King also exclaimed, he wanted the Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystal even more.

"It seems like we need to think of a way." Heaven Old Emperor frowned: "Let's go out and talk."

It was just the two of them entering. The others were waiting outside.

"Oh right, royal brother, someone activated the Tinder array, and he is inside." Moon King suddenly said.

"Yes, that's why I came to take a look. I didn't expect to meet you here so coincidentally." Heaven Old Emperor's face was gloomy: The opening of the Tinder array requires a large amount of Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals, we do not know who it is, but we do know who it is that is doing it in Divine Soil Restricted Area, and they are most likely our enemies. We must treat them with caution and work together to eliminate our enemies.

Moon King cursed in his heart, this Heaven Old Emperor did not come here by chance, but had followed him, and did not notice anything!

… ….

After Moon King and his group left, Super Yang Divine Alter immediately sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "Brat, make your move now!"

Chen Xiang immediately ran out and released eight of his Mouse Man s, allowing them to each take a piece of the Crystal emperor and insert it into the nine square boxes on top of the Super Yang Divine Alter.

"Done, run away!" After Chen Xiang finished playing, he immediately teleported into the secret pa.s.sage.

After the nine Crystal emperor were placed on the square of the Super Yang Divine Alter, the Super Yang Divine Alter immediately shone with a strong light. The divine altar also unceasingly shook and then it suddenly shot out a strong blinding sunlight that shot up to the sky!

Originally, there was a thick layer of soil above Super Yang Divine Alter, but after the Super Yang Divine Alter shot out a ray of light, it instantly opened up a gigantic hole in the sky.

Such a huge commotion had already alarmed the Moon King and the Heaven Old Emperor outside. They hurriedly ran over, and through the glaring sunlight, they could see that inside the square of the Super Yang Divine Alter were pieces of crystals.

"That is... Crystal's Crystal emperor, d.a.m.n it. " The Moon King shouted in shock, "We just came out and a Crystal emperor already appeared. What exactly is going on?"

Moon King originally thought that Heaven Old Emperor would say a few more words to him, but when he turned around, he realized that Heaven Old Emperor had already left without a trace.

He immediately chased after Heaven Old Emperor and his group, who had already flown far away, running very fast.

"Moon King, what should we do now?" An old man looked at the huge beam of light that gushed out from the ground. He was still in a state of shock, but this sudden burst of activity did not allow them to react in time.

"Of course we're running. If we continue to stay here, we might be finished." Moon King snorted in anger, he never thought that the situation would turn out like this. He originally thought that he could obtain at least a little bit of Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystal, but now, he couldn't.

What made him feel a little better was that the Heaven Old Emperor did not get anything either.

The Moon King quickly caught up to him and asked: "Royal brother, why are you running so fast? You didn't tell me either! "" No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, all of that!

"Now that something like this has happened, I need to go back and make the palace ready …" The people of Divine Soil Race are about to revive. Although it is not good for them to stay in this place for long, there are still no dangers in the near future. " He was very clear about what it meant for the ancient Super Yang Divine Alter to recover.

All the royal family members knew that the ancient Super Yang Divine Alter s of the Divine Soil Race were the strongest and most terrifying. Even if the old patriarch of the Divine Soil Race had been tricked, he would not have succeeded in destroying the Super Yang Divine Alter.

But the sudden appearance of the Crystal emperor made Heaven Old Emperor unable to understand!

Back then, it was precisely because the other eight clans had this ancient Super Yang Divine Alter that they did not dare to make a move on. Now that the ancient Super Yang Divine Alter had been restored, they would not be able to enter it casually in the future.

More than two hours later, the Super Yang Divine Alter had already calmed down and was still floating in the air towards the Sun G.o.d Forest.

Chen Xiang and Song Yichen also followed him. They followed behind Super Yang Divine Alter and easily pa.s.sed through the Sun G.o.d Forest.

"Heaven Old Divine Race's b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are running too fast, we'll let them go for now." He had already flown to the middle of Sun G.o.d Forest, and then landed on the ground.

"Spirit of Divine Alter, can you let the Tiangu beast clansmen recover now?" Song Yichen asked.

"I'll try. If their souls are severely damaged, there's nothing I can do about it, because their souls are no longer here. If their souls are still asleep, or if there's even a remnant of their souls, they can recover to their original state. " The Spirit of Divine Alter said, "Once we restore them, I will strengthen the barrier enchantment of the entire Divine Soil Restricted Area. Originally, there was a barrier enchantment set up here and it was set up by them.

After Spirit of Divine Alter finished speaking, he released a ray of light that connected with the blazing sun in the sky and turned into a dark red color.

In an instant, the entire Divine Soil Restricted Area was enveloped in this dark red color, making it look extremely strange and terrifying!

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