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Chen Xiang didn't have any other ways now, so he decided to follow Xu Youqing's instructions and try it out! The Bone level fruit was a very special type of divine medicine. Although it was made by a King grade, it was very weak and would require very gentle power to ensure that it would not be destroyed.

When the various methods in the Heavenly Alchemy were combined, it would also be a new method, so Chen Xiang needed more time to find it.

"Got it, Water and Fire Refinement!" Chen Xiang who was lying on the ground suddenly jumped up, looking extremely excited.

"How's the fire and water refining?" Xu Youqing heard Chen Xiang shouting and immediately asked.

"I don't know yet, but I'll give it a try!" After Chen Xiang took out the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace, he did not place the Bone level fruit inside.

Instead, he released a large amount of his Divine Sense Sea's power into the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace. He did not trigger the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace to produce flames!

He continued like this for half an hour before he finally threw a Bone level fruit into the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace!

The Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace's interior was already filled with liquid. This was all condensed out of Chen Xiang's G.o.d Power, and it was even icy cold water.

Only after the Bone level fruit was soaked in the water did he release the flames. Through precise control, he kept the G.o.d Power Water inside at a certain temperature!

In this way, not only would it become hot, but it would also not directly burn the Bone level fruit.

After a few hours, Chen Xiang said joyfully: "There's hope. The Bone level fruit had already started to be refined and fused into the water because it was squeezed by this heat!"

When he was refining the pill, he had told Xu Youqing about the process of refining the water and fire. Xu Youqing did not expect his nonsense to give Chen Xiang such great inspiration.

"After the black Bone level fruit was refined, it actually became white. Even the clear G.o.d Power water was dyed white!" Chen Xiang said, he was not afraid that the Bone level fruit was not pure enough, because the water of the G.o.d Power itself was very pure.

After the Bone level fruit was refined, it would just turn into a medicinal liquid, which meant that the quality of the fruit itself did not reach the level of a King grade.

When the Bone level fruit showed signs of being refined, not long after, the entire Bone level fruit melted, and the clear G.o.d Power Water became silvery-white!

"As long as I combine and compress all of this water, I should be able to condense a pill!" Chen Xiang immediately strengthened his flames, and slowly burned the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace's medicinal liquid.

As he skillfully incinerated the water, it gradually turned into a silvery white mist of light, forming a large cyclone within the pill furnace.

"I should be able to condense a few. But, if I can condense one then the best and the highest quality will be obtained!" At this moment, Chen Xiang was extremely excited, because this Bone level fruit that was difficult to refine was finally going to be conquered by him.

The b.a.l.l.s of energy inside the Chuangs.h.i.+ G.o.d furnace gathered together and were compressed by Chen Xiang's consciousness into a ball of medicinal liquid, releasing a dazzling silver white light!

"This step is easy!" Chen Xiang started to condense the pellet just like how he had concocted the other pellets.

He kept compressing the medicinal liquid, but what he did not expect was that although the medicinal liquid was small, after compressing it once, it became extremely st.u.r.dy, which meant, if he were to continue, he would be able to successfully refine a Jingshen Dan.

"It's just a weak fruit. After being refined, it becomes a Jingshen Dan. Seems like its quality will increase a lot." Chen Xiang thought.

The first time he ate Bone level fruit, he only needed to eat one to condense one Bones. If he wanted to cultivate second time by eating Bone level fruit, he would need to eat five hundred, and the third time for a thousand … Five hundred at a time! The limit of condensing eight Bones was the ninth Bones, which could not be condensed at all.

This was what Ge Long had told Chen Xiang! Chen Xiang felt that if he refined a Bone level fruit into a pellet, its quality would increase by a lot, and he wouldn't need to eat so many Bone level fruit. If he succeeded, he felt that if he ate the pellet refined by a Bone level fruit, he could condense the Eight Bones very smoothly! which allowed them to cultivate a group of experts with eight Bones very quickly.

Of course, his final goal was to refine the Bone level fruit into a pellet and eat it until it reached the ninth Bones!

"It's a success, it's a Jingshen Dan!" Chen Xiang quickly took out the silver pill from the furnace.

"What kind of divine pill is this?" There are already Bone level Dan here, so you can't use that name anymore. " Chen Xiang looked at the divine pellet and laughed: "You Qing, you can choose a name. I refined this all because of your inspiration."

"I'm here to name it?" Xu Youqing came out from the Serene Demon Ring, took the divine pellet and carefully examined it. With furrowed brows, she pondered for a moment, then said: "Let's call it the Nine Bone Divine Pellet. I believe this kind of divine pellet will allow people to condense the ninth Bones!"

"Alright, let's call it Nine Bone Divine Pill!" Chen Xiang nodded his head, "Yuqing, I remember that your divine soul only has five Bones s!"

"Hmm, what's wrong? "Do you want to use me to test the pill?" Xu Youqing laughed.

"Only you are more suitable!" Chen Xiang took out a Bone level fruit and pa.s.sed it to her: "Try and see if you can condense the sixth Divine Deity after eating this Bone level fruit. If you can condense the sixth Divine Deity, then you can eat this Nine Bone Divine Pellet again!"

was also a little excited, to be able to eat the divine pellet that Chen Xiang had just created, she was, after all, the first person to eat the Nine Bone Divine Pellet!

Xu Youqing immediately gave it a try. After she let her divine soul eat the Bone level fruit, she said: "It should take a day or two!"

Chen Xiang nodded, he took the opportunity to refine a few Nine Bone Divine Pills.

A day had pa.s.sed, and Xu Youqing ran out of the Quiet Dragon Ring, happily laughing: "This Bone level fruit is also useful to my divine soul, it has allowed my divine soul to condense the sixth Bones!"

"Then just let your divine soul eat the Nine Bone Divine Pellet right now. If one pellet is not enough, then eat another!" Chen Xiang said: "Oh right, did you sleep soundly after eating the Bone level fruit with your divine soul?"

"Hmm, after she falls asleep, my main body won't be able to get her up!" Xu Youqing nodded. "After she wakes up, she will have condensed the sixth Bones!"

"I won't fuse with divine soul first. I'll first eat this Nine Bone Divine Pellet and see if I can condense the seventh Divine Deity." said. She was very happy to be able to help Chen Xiang test his pills.

Chen Xiang kissed her, then let her begin.

After Xu Youqing entered the ring, he had also eaten a Nine Bone Divine Pill but there was no reaction.

"As expected, it's useless!" Chen Xiang did not feel any medicinal power being emitted either. He waited for four whole hours, but there was no reaction at all.

"My divine soul has fallen asleep, I think I've succeeded!" Xu Youqing shouted in surprise.

"Oh?" Chen Xiang laughed: "We'll talk about it after we successfully condense the seventh Bones!"

Chen Xiang planned to use five hundred Bone level fruit to refine a Nine Bone Divine Pill.

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