The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

As soon as the carriage stopped at the door of the fu, Mu Yunjin took the lead in jumping off the carriage, and ran away in the direction of the Gla.s.s Spring Pavilion, followed by Zi Xiang chasing Mu Yunjin's footsteps.

Outside the carriage, Ding Xian looked at the scene, keeping calm in the face of the unexpected. After Chu Li walked down the carriage, Ding Xian asked.

"Your Highness, Qin xiaojie is back, should we test the black lotus?"

"Let's wait."

Chu Li lightly replied as he walked towards the fu.


The next day, Mu Yunjin slept until the third pole of the day, when the door was knocked, Mu Yunjin slowly woke up, and with sleepy eyes looked at the door.

"Come in."

The door opened and Zi Xiang came in.

"Xiaojie, Xiang Ye sent someone to send a message for Xiaojie to go back to the Fu."

"Why is he looking for me?"

Mu Yunjin at this time is now a little clear headed, she sat up from bed and lazily stretched her body.

Zi Xiang shook her head.

"It seems that there is something big. It is said that xiaojie must be sure to go back."

"En, I'll get up now."

After a while, Mu Yunjin, had groomed and dressed, then went out of the room. The room across was closed as usual, and she could see that Chu Li was not in the Fu.

Upon walking to the front hall, Shen Momo smiled when she saw Mu Yunjin.

"Will huangzi fei have breakfast before going out?"


Mu Yunjin nodded her head, before going to the dining room.

At this time, the dining room table is filled with steaming hot breakfast, Mu Yunjin sat down, took a bowl of porridge, and is a little surprised to see the meal table.

"Why did you prepare so much today?"

"This is the case, earlier this morning at dawn, Qin xiaojie came to the fu and said she wanted to have breakfast with his highness. Later, I don't know why but she took his highness out to eat. This big table is wasted."

Shen Momo replied.

Hearing this, Mu Yunjin snorted, she had the impression that Chu Li was a man who couldn’t be moved. How is it that Qin Muyue just came back, and he is already following other people's intention.

Is it really love, or is it something held against him?

Think about it, Mu Yunjin raised her eyebrow, facing this meal, she also did not have an appet.i.te, so she put down the spoon in her


"Not eating, I will eat back to the Prime Minister's Fu."

"Eh? Your not eating? "

Shen Momo looked at her in surprise, she walked towards Mu Yunjin and looked at the table of untouched food. It's really a pity.

These little ancestors are not worrying about food.


Mu Yunjin specially chose to walk, Liu huangzi fu and Xiangfu, was separated by two streets. Although the carriage is faster, it will not be too late even if she walk.

While walking, Mu Yunjin bought two buns on the side of the road and ate them while walking.

Zi Xiang is walking at the side, but is a little puzzled.

"Xiaojie, just now, in such a big table you did not eat, how come you are eating this roadside thing?"

"Don't want to eat."

Mu Yunjin replied.

"Xiaojie, this servant feels that you, hearing that His Highness and Qin xiaojie went out to eat, became upset?"

Zi Xiang covered her mouth to smile.

Mu Yunjin heard and looked back and glared at Zi Xiang.

"Little girl, don't spout nonsense."

"You know, Chu Li and I are not real husband and wife. Sooner or later, we are going to separate. Now Qin Muyue came back. Whatever Chu Li is doing with her, it had nothing to do with me. If Chu Li really wants to marry Qin Muyue, then I can only go, holding the 32,000 gold that has been saved and live freely."

Zi Xiang's little face wrinkled into a ball at Mu Yunjin's words, her heart had difficulty accepting but she also had to face this reality.

Xiaojie and Liu huangzi are husband and wife in name only, they are not real husband and wife, but she is the Liu huangzi fei, if it is given to Qin xiaojie it will be really hard to take.

"Xiaojie, how can you go by yourself? This servant must follow you."

Zi Xiang has sorted out her emotions and looked towards Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin smiled, and stretched out her hand and pinched Zi Xiang's face.

"Then are you not getting married?"

"Won't marry, this servant will serve xiaojie all her life."

"You stupid girl....."

The two laughed as they came to the door of Xiangfu.

As soon as the housekeeper saw Mu Yunjin's figure, he hurriedly greeted her. After saluting to Mu Yunjin, he opened his mouth to say.

"Laoye is waiting in the front hall for Liu Huangzi fei."

Mu Yunjin nodded her head, and stepped into the door.

As soon as Mu Yunjin entered the front hall of

of the Prime Minister's Fu, she saw Mu Xiang and Luo Ningyu is already sitting in the main seat, sitting on their sides are Mu Lingzhu, Mu Xia Rou and Zhuang Yuyan.

Looking at this, Mu Yunjin slightly raised her eyebrow and entered the door and greeted Mu Xiang.


Seeing Mu Yunjin's figure, Mu Xiang's tight face showed a smile, pointing to the position on the right hand side.

"Yunjin, sit down first."

After sitting down, Mu Yunjin looked at the people in the front hall, and then her eyes fell on Mu Xiang.

"Fuqin looked for me today, is there any urgent matter?"

Mu Xiang sighed, frowning, he looked at Mu Lingzhu, and then looked at Mu Yunjin.

"Last night, Zhu'er's blindfold writing was the limelight on the banquet hall. Today, when I went to Imperial court, I met Huang shang's little brother, Rong w.a.n.gye."

"He exchanged pleasantries with me, and after that he mentioned Zhu'er, and praised Zhu'er and he implied something to me."

Mu Yunjin squinted and thought about Mu Xiang’s words. Huang shang is over 50 years old. He has several sons that are almost all in ages twenty. The Emperor’s younger brother can't be more than forty, right?

Thinking of it, Mu Yunjin looked at Mu Lingzhu, at the moment she saw her head hung low, with red eyes, she obviously cried.

Is it possible that Rong w.a.n.g….

"Rong w.a.n.g wants to marry Si meimei?"

Mu Yunjin asked the doubt in her heart.

At this question, the face of Mu Xiang became even more severe, he lightly nodded his head.

"He really meant that, he intended to marry Zhu'er as a Ce Fei."

"Yunjin, do you have any way to have Liu huang zi prevent this matter? That Rong w.a.n.g is forty-five years old this year and Rong w.a.n.gfei has given birth to two children that have now reached marriageable ages. The same age as Zhu'er, how can we let Rong w.a.n.g marry her, it is an insult!"

When Mu Xiang said it he was full of emotions, he coughed several times.

Mu Yunjin pursed her lips, and suddenly thought of that day when Chu Qingqiang was ready to let the emperor bestow her marriage to Mu Yunhan. Mu Yunhan suddenly let out the news of marrying Zhuang Yuyan.

She could not help but say:

"If Rong w.a.n.g has not yet opened his mouth, how about we let meimei go and marry someone?"

Mu Xiang shook his head.

"Rong w.a.n.g is prepared, he has privately released the news that he wants to marry Zhu'er. Now who will dare to risk offending

risk offending Rong w.a.n.g, and marry Zhu'er!"

Seeing that Rong w.a.n.g was so well prepared, Mu Yunjin could not help but sigh, for a moment she did not know what to say.

It is really unexpected that the talent that Mu Lingzhu carefully prepared last night did not attract the children of aristocrats, but instead caused trouble.

Rong w.a.n.g cefei, although it is good to hear, Mu Lingzhu is a proud and arrogant person. Hearing that Rong w.a.n.g is the same age as her father, and she is to call him husband, she is still not insane.

"Jiejie, you'll help me right? I do not want to marry into the Rong w.a.n.gfu, you can go ask Liu huangzi, he must have methods to persuade Rong w.a.n.g."

Mu Lingzhu suddenly cried out, and she fell on her knees in front of Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin bit her lip and recalled all of Mu Lingzhu's past conduct and deeds, she is not inclined to help Mu Lingzhu. But it is true that she is in the prime of her youth and will marry a person who can already be called her father.


"Rong w.a.n.gye has arrived!"

Just as Mu Yunjin was ready to say that she will let Chu Li try to help, a voice from outside the door came to announce, and then came a young manservant carrying a trunk of items to the front hall of the Xiang Fu.

After filling the room with a lot of things, a middle-aged man in a grey clothes came in, his stature is tall and st.u.r.dy, his appearance is out of the ordinary. It is just the corner of his eyebrows and eyes, had a line of wrinkles that is obtained by the traces of the years.

"This lowly official pays respect to Rong w.a.n.gye."

Mu Xiang is apprehensive looking at the sudden arrival of people and the room filled with things, sweat poured out from his forehead.

"Ha ha ha ha, Xiang Ye do not have to be courteous. Today, benw.a.n.g is here to give betrothal gifts."

Rong w.a.n.g, Chu Zhen, smiled as his eyes swept on everyone in the front hall.

The rest of them saw the scene and immediately made a courtesy bow to Chu Zhen.

Chu Zhen's eyes glimpsed Mu Yunjin, he touched his head and laughed.

"Little Zhixi, you are here too?"

(Zhixi means nephew's wife)

Hearing Chu Zhen call her out, Mu Yunjin is embarra.s.sed, but she pulled the corners of her mouth and looked at Chu Zhen.

"Greetings w.a.n.gshu."

(w.a.n.gshu means Imperial Uncle)

"En, good child."

Chu Zhen nodded his head satisfactorily, turned head satisfactorily, turned his eyes around and finally his gaze landed on Mu Lingzhu. He smiled and approached Mu Lingzhu.

Seeing that Rong w.a.n.g is approaching, Mu Lingzhu was afraid to raise her head and just stood still, trembling.

"Mu Si Guniang, have a look at benw.a.n.g's betrothal gifts, is it enough? If it is not enough you can bring it up casually and benw.a.n.g will send people to prepare them.

Rong w.a.n.g stretched out his hand and gently touched Mu Lingzhu's cheek.

"Oh, how can you shake so much? Are you afraid of benw.a.n.g?"

"In fact, Benw.a.n.g has admired Mu Si Xiaojie for a long time. Mu Si xiaojie is the most talented woman in the country, really rare. Especially last night's blindfolded writing, simply wonderful!"

"If you enter Rong w.a.n.gfu, although as a cefei, but no one will dare bully you, benw.a.n.g's w.a.n.gfei had been sick and bedridden six months ago, now the fu is lacking a mistress in charge, you are wise and talented, being the mistress, you are the most suitable for it."

The people in the front hall were stirred up by the words of Rong w.a.n.g, and no one dared to interrupt them. In any case he is the Emperor's younger brother whatever he said at the moment must be obediently listened to.

Mu Yunjin looked at this scene and sighed silently. This time, no one can help Mu Lingzhu.

Mu Xiang drooped down his eyes, although it is difficult but he knows this is an unfortunate thing, he is paralyzed to do anything.

He does not know what rumors will spread in b.u.t.terfly Flower city tomorrow.

Mu Lingzhu was biting her lower lip, and her peripheral vision fell on the betrothal gifts in the room. Her mind wandered constantly, a.n.a.lyzing the current situation.

Her beloved Chu Li now married Mu Yunjin, and beside her there was another Qin Muyue, in anycase the Liu huangzi fei position will not reach her turn.

The death of her mother destroyed her reputation. The n.o.ble sons of this b.u.t.terfly Flower city would've come to marry her if they really wanted to.

Since she will have to marry, it would be better to marry this Rong w.a.n.gye, maybe she can be the Rong w.a.n.gfei, with this ident.i.ty, she might be able to put pressure on Mu Yunjin directly.

As long as she has the status of Rong w.a.n.gfei, and Rong w.a.n.g supports her, she believes she will be able to revenge her mother for her execution, but also can revenge against Mu Yunjin for robbing her of the Liu huangzi fei position!

"Fuqin, daughter is willing to marry Rong w.a.n.gye."

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