The Aloof Prince Pampers His Wild First Rate Consort Chapter 82

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Chapter 82
Chapter 82 - You are Jealous!

The smile on the face of Qin Muyue became slightly stiff, but she quickly recovered. She did not directly answer the words of Mu Yunjin. Instead, she turned to look at Chu Li and looked at him inquiring.

"Li gege, what do you say?"

Chu Li had just listened to all the conversations between the two women. When he heard the question of Qin Muyue, he didn't lift his head but simply replied.

"Listen to her."

Hearing Chu Li's answer, Mu Yunjin, who was sitting on one side, slightly raised her eyebrows, and swept a sharp look over Chu Li. It seemed to be a bit strange and surprising that he would give her face today.

(TL: A mild case of husband doting on wife?!)

Qin Muyue’s lips slid out to a slight curve, suddenly reaching out and holding the hand of Mu Yunjin and her eyes were eager.

“I will listen to Li gege, I will call you Yunjin saosao in the future,  although you are younger than me, but now you are above me in hierarchy. It is the rule that I call you saosao."

Mu Yunjin lowered her eyes to the hand held by Qin Muyue. There is a coldness in the palm of her hand, which almost penetrates her body. It is obviously summer, why is the hand of Qin Muyue cold? It is almost half of her temperature.

(TL: Chu Li and Muyue are vampires lolz!)

However, this Qin xiaojie and Chu Li that piece of ice, really match each other.

The following moment, Qin Muyue didn't talk with Mu Yunjin again. Occasionally she went to Chu Li's side, and talked about the present singing and dancing talent being presented.

Mu Yunjin sat on the side, drinking warm tea, she had just held hands with Qin Muyue, causing her whole body to now feel chilly.

This woman is so cold that she is like a readily available air-conditioner.…..

(TL: Pfft… I really laughed out loud translating this bit! A walking air conditioner lolz… Nice one Yunjin!)


In a short while, after the performance of the ladies in the palace, it is time for each of the daughters of the officials to begin to perform.

Yan Lingshang took the lead, she was dressed in a big red dress. With the sound of the instruments, she performed a red brocade silk dance and walked in the center with graceful posture.

Qin Muyue looked at Yan Lingchang and turned her eyes to Mu Yunjin and smiled.

"Yunjin saosao, this Yan xiaojie's dance, her jump is really good. But someone like me, whose accustomed to swords are absolutely unable to dance and jump like that."

Mu Yunjin slightly

hooked the corners of her lips.

"Each have its strong points, compared to me who did not learn anything."

Qin Muyue is a little surprised at Mu Yunjin's reply. It seems that Mu Yunjin devaluate herself and she can’t help but be curious about Mu Yunjin’s character.

In a short while, Mu Lingzhu, who is in the seat of the Xiangfu, came out to perform her talent.

"This is Mu Si (Fourth) xiaojie, the number one talented woman in Xi Yuan country, I admire her very much."

Qin Muyue looked at Mu Lingzhu in the center with a smile.

"When I was at the border, I heard gege married the Xiang fu's San xiaojie. I thought it was the number one talented girl, Mu Lingzhu. Then I carefully made inquiries, and learned that it was Yunjin saosao."

Mu Yunjin smiled without speaking, and her attention is in front towards Mu Lingzhu. She wants to see the talent that Mu Lingzhu will perform today.

After Su Biqing's death, Mu Lingzhu was not as good as before, her position in the house was also plummeting down. Today, there is an opportunity to show her talent. She must have prepared for a long time.

Qin Muyue saw Mu Yunjin is not talking anymore, but she did not get angry, and then she spoke.

"I heard that Yunjin saosao was timid, cowardly and completely lacked ability and insight. You were also  forbidden to leave Xiangfu and never left the Fu for several years. So the outsiders almost forgot the existence of Mu San xiaojie, including me."

"But today, it seems that those rumors are deceptive. Yunjin saosao is a beautiful and very clever person. How can the rumors be like that?"

Qin Muyue’s words made Mu Yunjin slightly helpless. She turned towards Qin Muyue and sighed.

“Did you eat honey today?”

"I did not eat any honey, but I saw that Li gege married such a good huang zi fei, I am happy for him. Oh right, you must be on guard against your Si meimei. Originally, in order to get close to Li gege, she specially came to me to express goodwill so that I will take her along to see Li gege. Fortunately, I found in time, and did not let her succeed."

Qin Muyue came closer to Mu Yunjin's ear and whispered.

Mu Yunjin nodded slightly, and looked at Qin Muyue. Her heart can't tell what to feel about her.

They have only just chatted for a short while and she found Qin xiaojie's temper is more straightforward so she has something more to say, but she haven't discovered any evil intention yet.

It is not quite the same as what she used to think about this Qin Muyue.


Mu Lingzhu began to prepare her talent, and when she went to the center, she faced the people and bowed to pay her respect. Out of the corner of her eyes, she glanced at Chu Li, but Chu Li's eyes is lowered and completely did not pay attention to her. Mu Lingzhu can't help but feel lonely.

"The number one talented woman in Xi Yuan country, I was always curious, and now I can finally gain first hand knowledge."

In the palace hall,  Xi Ming Huang smiled and looked at Mu Lingzhu below. Although he knew the ridiculous things that her mother had made not long ago, but after all, there were few such well-known women in the Xi Yuan country and now they are looking at Mu Lingzhu. Her att.i.tude is also moderate.

Then, there was a long table behind the eunuchs, and the essentials for calligraphy were placed on it. The crowd thought that Mu Lingzhu will just write, but Mu Lingzhu pulled out a silk handkerchief and covered her eyes.

A moment later, they saw Mu Lingzhu reach for the brush on the table, dipped it with ink, and wrote on the writing paper on the long table.

Everyone is amazed by this behavior.

They know that this Mu Si xiaojie is very talented, but they did not expect that she have already reached the realm of covering her eyes to write.

In a few moments, Mu Lingzhu put down her brush, pulled off the silk handkerchief from her eyes, and brought up the paper on the table.

'Xiang Yun Rui Qi'

The four strokes are fluent in the clouds, and the big words are like moving clouds and flowing water that fell into the eyes of the people.

These four words are excellently written. Many people may not be able to write such a vigorous and beautiful words. Mu Lingzhu, a young woman of only 16 years old, can and was even blindfolded.

"It's really true that seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times. Mu Qing's family is really talented."

The Xi Ming Huang immediately praised Mu Xiang and the people around all agreed with admiration.

Mu Xiang looked at this scene, and he could hardly conceal his pride. He looked around for a while and everyone seemed to have a whole new level of respect towards Mu Lingzhu.

Originally he was worried about Lingzhu’s marriage, but after tonight, it seems that he doesn't have to worry about it anymore.

(TL: Are you sure?!)

At this time, sitting at the side, Qin Muyue, looked at the scene, she sneered and with a little disdain she said:

"Humph! she actually took advantage of ben xiaojie's banquet to push herself forward."


Qin Muyue did not speak very loudly, only Mu Yunjin who is sitting beside her, heard her words.

Mu Yunjin heard this ridicule, as if she remembered herself not long ago, she couldn’t help but smile at the moment, her eyes showed a smiling expression.

After spending more than one hour in the banquet hall, all the talent shows were over, and everyone was enjoying themselves. The banquet began to quiet down.

"Today is a celebration feast specially designed for Munan and Yue'er. Although Munan did not appear tonight, zhen should still give the same reward."

The Xi Ming Huang words fell, he waved his hand towards Lu gonggong.

"Announcing the Imperial Decree."

"Qin xiaojie, receive the decree."

When Qin Muyue heard the words, she got up then went to the center of the hall and kneeled down. On the side the old General Qin also stepped forward and kneeled next to Qin Muyue.

"Accept the mandate of Heaven and Earth, Emperor's Imperial Edict: Qin family's Munan and Muyue'er are in high spirits, valiant and brave. They defended Xi Yuan country and made contributions. Today, confer Qin Munan as Xi Yuan country's White horse's mounted soldier's General, Qin Muyue as Deputy General. Old General Qin, as a first cla.s.s official, bestow ten thousand hectare of fertile land, a grand residence with three sections of rooms, ten thousand taels of gold. By the Emperor himself!"

"My Emperor, long live, long live, for ten thousand years, long live!"


After the banquet, Mu Yunjin got up and had just wanted to ask Chu Li if he wanted to go out together. When she saw Qin Muyue clinging to Chu Li's arm in high spirits.

"Li gege, Huang shang has given me the t.i.tle of deputy general. I am the first woman to go to war in Xi Yuan country. Am I very awesome?"

Qin Muyue said that with a radiant smile. Chu Li on the side nodded slightly, and then set his sight on Mu Yunjin who was about to leave.

"Ben huangzi is going with you."

Mu Yunjin's footsteps stopped, she looked back at Chu Li and looked at the color of the sky again and then understood.

"Yue'er, it's time to go back."

General Qin walked over, and looked at Qin Muyue, who was still entangled with Chu Li, and had no choice but to speak.

Qin Muyue saw the old General Qin, and nodded.

"Yes, Grandpa."

When her words fell, Qin Muyue looked at Chu Li and Mu Yunjin and smiled.

"Yunjin saosao, I will be moving first. I will pay you a visit in two days."


Mu Yunjin faintly replied.

In a few moments, on the way out the way out of the palace, only Chu Li and Mu Yunjin were left shoulder to shoulder, while Ding Xian took the lanterns to help Chu Li illuminate the road. Mu Yunjin watched this scene and can't help but make idle talk.

"Does Qin xiaojie not know that you have bird blindness?"

Chu Li shook his head.

"She does not know."

"Oh? Don't know? This is very strange. Both of you are close enough to wear the same clothes and go out. Yet she doesn't even know your secret."

Mu Yunjin thought back to the two people walking together when they appeared, she sneered.

After hearing the words of Mu Yunjin, Chu Li raised his eyebrow slightly.

"Are you jealous?"

Mu Yunjin's footsteps halted, a little annoyed, she glared at Chu Li and lift her chin.

"If I am jealous, I would have already grabbed your clothes and grilled you. I would not wait until now to say it."

At the end of her speech, Mu Yunjin took big steps forward.

At the other side, Ding Xian who was helping Chu Li to carry the lantern tried to suppress his smile. He carefully looked towards Chu Li and found him smiling at this time as he looked at Mu Yunjin's back.

Sitting in the carriage going back to the fu, Mu Yunjin leaned to the side. Sitting for a night, her waist is a bit sore, and when her eyes glanced at the other part of the carriage, Mu Yunjin faced Chu Li and held out her hand.

"Li gege, help me get the cus.h.i.+on."

Mu Yunjin's words fell and facing Chu Li, she threw a mocking smile.

Chu Li's complexion is light, his eyes swept over Mu Yunjin, he raised his sleeves, and with a wave of his hand the cus.h.i.+on on his hand landed on Mu Yunjin's embrace.

"Thank you Li gege."

Mu Yunjin took the cus.h.i.+on and placed it behind her waist.

Chu Li narrowed his eyes, his cool and indifferent voice sounded inside the carriage.

"Ben huangzi is more willing to hear you call out Lord husband or husband."

(TL: Ok everybody… Squeal with me! Is it just me who felt the love ♡♡♡ Is spring coming after a long winter nights?)

Mu Yunjin is startled at Chu Li's words, let her feel some horror, but then reacted, what does his words mean, that Li gege, is for Qin Muyue's exclusive use?

(TL: No my dear, I think you are getting it all wrong!)

Cannot help it, Mu Yunjin gently knocked on the wall of the carriage and gave a faint smile.

"Liu huangzi's joke, is really not funny."

(TL: I have this feeling that it is not a joke!)

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