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Chapter 81
Chapter 81 - Qin Muyue Returns

Today, the scale of the celebration dinner was very grand. When Mu Yunjin was taken to the banquet hall, it was discovered that the banquet was set up in an empty field in the palace.

It was several times larger than the Qing Huan hall that is originally dedicated to the Palace's banquet. This shows that the Emperor attached great importance to the Qin family.

At this moment, the color of the sky was already somewhat dark, but the banquet venue was already filled with lanterns all around. Now, the lights were brightly lit as if it is still daytime.

When Mu Yunjin was seated, she looked to the side, and saw that numerous official seats were already full of people.

The Xiang Fu's seats are coincidentally set next to Mu Yunjin's side, otherwise the huang zi fu's seat will be a bit lonely if she sits alone.

Gradually, the number of people in the field increased.

Some of the concubines arrived at the seats for the Imperial concubines, sitting in front row and back row according to their positions.

Mu Yunjin lowered her eyes, and carelessly fiddled with the wine cup on the table. Until a dark shadow hung over her head and blocked her light, she slowly lifted her head.

When she saw the person, Mu Yunjin lowered her eyes and continued playing with her wine cup.

"Yo, I haven't seen you for so long, and Liu dimei still won't give benhuang zi a little face."

Chu Qing lowered his head and looked at Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin heard the words and slightly hooked the corners of her lips.

"Other people will give you face, even if you are short on mine."

At the side, it turns out that Chu Qingqiang and Chu Ye are walking by, hearing the words, their cold eyes swept over Mu Yunjin. But Chu Qingqiang knew that Mu Yunjin had information that can be used against her. So she uncharacteristically did not utter sarcasm and simply went over to her seat and sat down.

Chu Qing still stood in front of Mu Yunjin, and looked at the empty seat beside her. Ruminating about it, he asked.

"What about Liu Di?"

"I don't know."

Mu Yunjin shook her head.

Chu Qing heard the words and sighed.

"Has he not been with you for a few days?"

Mu Yunjin frowned and looked at Chu Qing. On the surface, she showed a little impatient look. When she had just wanted to make Chu Qing go away, she heard a commotion among the officials.

Mu Yunjin followed the sound, and saw two figures walk side by side. Her pair of

eyes turned cold but soon recovered it's calm.

Chu Li is wearing a purple clothing, and a jade crown, his facial features are truly outstanding, his thin lips are slightly pursed, his whole body emanates a grand, heroic and proud aura.

And next to Chu Li, is a woman.

The woman was dressed in a lavender dress, her skin was white and radiant, and her pair of phoenix eyes were like water, with a hint of coldness. At the side of Chu Li, standing proudly, highlighting her heroic appearance.

The two walked side by side, and the cold temperament radiated from their body, everyone could not help but secretly sigh, they are well match!

Mu Yunjin looked at this scene, her eyes were cool and pondering. This woman is Qin Muyue?

It seems that between Chu Li and her, it is a bit fishy. Otherwise, how come that after she came back for a few days? The two of them showed up dressed in purple to attend a banquet.

When Chu Li and Qin Muyue approached, Mu Yunjin sat expressionlessly, and the eyes from all directions automatically made her ignore them.

When Chu Qing looked at this scene, he showed mirth in his eyes, returned to his seat and waited for the good play that was about to happen.

"Liu Huang zi fei, Mu Yunjin?"

After the Qin Muyue stood still, her probing eyes fell on Mu Yunjin.

After hearing her voice, Mu Yunjin's head slightly hurt, and there was a feeling of special familiarity, this voice……

She seems to have heard it before.

"Why not reply?"

Qin Muyue saw Mu Yunjin did not answer her, so she continued to ask, her lips evoked a light smile.

Mu Yunjin automatically ignored Qin Muyue and lifted up her eyes to look at Chu Li, who was beside Qin Muyue with an indifferent face.

"Your Highness is sitting here, or are you sitting with Qin Xiaojie's seat?" "

Qin Muyue saw that Mu Yunjin refused to acknowledge her. She was not annoyed, and with a twinkling of an eye, she also looked at Chu Li.

"Li gege, if you don't mind, can I sit here tonight?"

Li gege….

(gege means brother often used by females to address older male intimately)

Listening to this special and intimate apellation, Mu Yunjin pondered and smiled. Then she saw Chu Li gently nodding his head.

In a moment, Chu Li sat down beside Mu Yunjin, and Qin Muyue sat down at the other side of Chu Li.

The people around looked at this scene and knew that today's celebration feast must have a good play.

Who does not know of the love

love between Qin xiaojie and the Liu huang zi. This Liu huang zi fei, it is only because of the Tai fei's marriage agreement that is why Liu huang zi only married her.

This time, Qin xiaojie, who has made great achievements in battle, has come back. They are afraid that Mu Yunjin will go down.

After Chu Li took a seat, he looked at Mu Yunjin and saw her cold face. After getting an eyeful, his lips slightly raised into a slight curve.

(TL: Someone is enjoying this.)

After a while, there was a notification from the outside by a servant…

"Huang Shang has arrived--"

"Huang Hou has arrived--"

After the Huang Shang,  Huang Hou as well as Zheng Tai Hou and Qin Tai Fei walked into the main hall, the banquet officially began.

When the Emperor sat down, he looked around for a moment, glanced at the general's seat on the right side, and looked at the seat beside Chu Li's and laughed.

"Yue'er, how did you get there?"

Calling her Yue'er, the Xi Ming Huang showed his regard and fondness for Qin Muyue.

Qin Muyue looked at the Emperor in the light of the moon and smiled. A little shy, she looked at Chu Li beside her.

"Muyue wants to sit with Li gege."

"Ha ha ha, okay, you and Li'er had always been good friends , sitting together is no harm."

The Emperor said and lightly swept his eyes towards Mu Yunjin.

On one side, Qin Tai Fei looked at this scene and impatiently glanced at the Qin Muyue. But in this situation she could not make a sound and scold Qin Muyue, so she had no choice but to look on.

When Zheng Tai hou saw Qin Tai fei roll her eyes, she knew that Qin Tai fei's mood was definitely not good at the moment, so she smiled at Qin Muyue.

"Muyue, you have been away for a long time, but aijia really missed you, since now you are back, you have to remember to spend more time with aijia."

"Yes, Tai hou niang."

Qin Muyue smiled and nodded.

"Huh? Yue'er, how come Munan is not here?"

Xi Ming Huang looked around for a while, but didn't see the shadow of Qin Munan. He was somewhat surprised.

When Qin Muyue heard the words, she got up and apologized and looked at Xi Ming Huang.

"May Huang Shang forgive the offense. My brother was called by Qiu Ye s.h.i.+fu at the last minute to go to Qiu Ye mountain, and is unable to attend the celebration party tonight."

"No harm, the Qiu Ye person taught Munan and you good skills, so

skills, so that you can kill enemies from the four direction and work for the country. Zhen is grateful and there is not enough time to pay him back!"

Qin Muyue smiled and nodded.

After the greetings, Huang Hou began to a.s.sign womenfolk to perform their talents.


Mu Yunjin sat on her chair. In front of her, someone was singing and dancing. On the other side, the voice of Qin Muyues's and Chu Li's whispers came from time to time.

Generally speaking it was Qin Muyues who was speaking a lot, Chu Li just simply answered one or two words, but Qin Muyue never got dull, but the more she talked, the more it is that her words are filled with laughter.

Mu Yunjin pursed her lips, trying to concentrate her attention on the singing and dancing, but her mind was still drawn to the side from time to time.

After a song and dance was finished, there was a lady preparing for the performance. When Qin Muyue's voice sounded.

"I want to see the performance of Liu huang zi fei first, is it possible?"

When Mu Yunjin heard the words, she looked at the direction of Qin Muyue. Qin Muyue seemed to sense Mu Yunjin eyes, and sent a friendly smile to her.

"Yunjin will not present her talent today."

When Chu Li heard the words of the Qin Muyue, he gave a faint reply.

Qin Muyue is a bit startled and gave an incredulous look, and then her probing eyes fell on Mu Yunjin's body.

Suddenly, Qin Muyue gave light chuckle.

"I had just come back for a few days, and heard many people say that Li gege and the new Liu huang zi fei are especially loving to each other. Today, with one look, it seems it is really the case."

"Then that's enough, let's just take it as Muyue's good fortune."

Qin Muyue's words fell, and she pouted her lips and gave out an appearance as if it's a pity.

Everyone was amazed at the words of Qin Muyue. No one thought that Qin xiaojie would be so friendly to Mu Yunjin.

According to reason, Qin xiaojie was originally the Liu huang zi fei who was widely known. Now, in a few short months, it has been occupied by another person. Shouldn't she hate Mu Yunjin?

How can it be nothing like an ordinary person and still talk with Mu Yunjin politely?

But thinking about it. This is Qin xiaojie who fought at the battlefield. She is more open-minded than ordinary women, and knows how to grab a man.

Suddenly, those who were enjoying to watch the play had lost deep interest in the relations.h.i.+p between the relations.h.i.+p between the three people.

In the following moment, the songs and dances continued, and the attention of the people were once again on the song and dance.

"Li gege, can I change position with you? When I first saw Liu huang zi fei, I wanted to get more acquainted with her."

Qin Muyue smiled and stretched her hand to pull on Chu Li's arm.

After Chu Li heard the words of Qin Muyue, he slightly twisted his eyebrows, but out of the corners of his eyes he saw that Mu Yunjin seemed to have not heard. After a very calm appearance, he suddenly wanted to see how this little fox would respond, so he got up and exchanged seats with Qin Muyue.

Qin Muyue sat in the middle and held her head to look at Mu Yunjin.

"Liu huang zi fei is really the same as the rumors. You are the number one beauty in Xi Yuan country. Today, you had dressed so simple and yet no one can compare to you. Li gege is really blessed."

Mu Yunjin heard the words, she looked at Qin Muyue, and chuckled.

"Qin xiaojie likes to joke, Qin xiaojie is unparalleled, also you have outstanding military achievement, and can be considered a legendary woman  Today you are the most eye-catching woman here."

Mu Yunjin followed the words of Qin Muyue, and was polite. As for the kindness expressed by Qin Muyue, she is still a little distant.

"Li gege and I grew up together, and I don't like to call him Liu huang zi. Li gege also gave me special permission to call him in other apellation."

Qin Muyue raised her lips and smiled. She looked at Mu Yunjin and continued smiling.

"You seem to be a little younger than me. It’s better to call you Yunjin meimei in the future. So it won't seem very raw, you can also call me Muyue jiejie."

After hearing the words of Qin Muyue, Mu Yunjin raised her eyebrows slightly. Calling Chu Li gege, and calling her meimei, and asking her to call her jie jie. What does she mean?

"Why? Are you not willing?"

Qin Muyue saw Mu Yunjin is not talking, and her eyes cast an inquiring gaze.

Mu Yunjin pulled the corner of her mouth, and showed a bright smile toward Qin Muyue.

"You can call me Yunjin saosao."

(Saosao means sister in law)


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