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Chu Li's misty and cold line of sight swept on everyone in the room until it fell on Mu Yunjin. Ding Xian who is standing behind Chu Li, immediately understood, he came forward and pulled out a chair to put it on Chu Li's side and looked towards Mu Yunjin.

"Third Miss Mu, please sit down."

Upon seeing this, Zheng Tai hou frowned, displeased.

"Li'er, this matter concerns a human life, it is of great importance, you should not arbitrarily cause trouble."

"It's been a while and there is still no evidence to prove that Jin'er is really the murderer. If the time comes and it appeared that it wasn't Jin'er? Letting her stand for a long time and making her exhausted, what's to be done?"

Qin Tai fei glanced at Zheng Tai hou then at Mu Yunjin's countenance. Mu Yunjin comprehends, no longer polite, she walked past and sat on the chair.

Sitting down, Mu Yunjin leaned her head to look at Chu Li. She completely did not expect for Chu Li to go as far as to help her. Indeed, it is beyond her expectations. 

Inside the interrogation room, Mu Yunjin and Chu Li sat side by side. Two exceptional countenances, unable to say if they are contrast or harmonious. Zheng Tai hou is filled with anger, but she must not flare up. Therefore, she looked towards the direction of Su Biqing. 

Su Biqing caught Zheng Tai hou's line of sight, she pursed her lips and started talking.

"This matter concerns the reputation of my two daughters. I ask Chen daren to ascertain this matter and prove Yunjin and Zhu'er's innocence."

Wei Hanqiao immediately felt ill due to those words as she glanced at Su Biqing. 

"Your daughter is accused wrongly? My son died without a good cause, isn't he treated unjustly?"

"Chen daren, you must give justice for the people."

Wei Hanqiao wailed. From the beginning of the trial, Mu Xiang had already creased his eyebrows. He heavily sighed, this matter involves his three children. It already made the Mu Family become the laughingstock even if the real murderer is unknown.

Chen Pu is also feeling helpless, recalling the Xiang Fu's poison case again, and now this situation. He lamented with a sigh. The Xiang Fu is really a place with no peace and security. 

"Earlier, didn't the coroner mention that Yiyang is strangled by a thread? Shouldn't the investigation start on this aspect? In any case, I, as an older brother, don't believe that a weak woman like Yunjin can kill a seven foot tall man."

Mu Yunhan who was silent all along finally made a stand for Mu Yunjin. Hearing Mu Yunhan's statement, Chen Pu nodded and looked towards the two coroners on the side. 

"You two have many years of experience in examining such things. What type of thread do you think can do this?"

"I'm afraid that we need to collect all kinds of threads to be able to compare before we could get to a conclusion."

The coroner replied and Chen Pu nodded. It did not take long before the Imperial guards had gathered almost 10 types of threads. The two coroners took the threads and began comparing it one by one to the wounds on Mu Yiyang's neck. 

Mu Yunjin leaned on her chair and crossed her arms, her face devoid of any fear. Instead, she seems to be a little impatient looking towards Su Biqing. This woman's heart is really poisonous and ruthless. To go as far as to take her own relative's life in order to achieve her purpose by hook or by crook.

Su Biqing also looked at Mu Yunjin, the two met their gazes, giving proud look. Su Biqing thought 'This time Mu Yunjin it is impossible for you to escape.'


Half an hour has pa.s.sed, the coroner is still in the middle of carefully a.s.sessing each of the thread and studying it with Mu Yiyang's wound. The weather is hot and stuffy, inside the interrogation room everyone  is getting impatient.

Just as the atmosphere got lower, the door opened and two imperial guards hurriedly came inside holding in custody a middle aged man.

"Reporting to da ren, this man has been seen sneaking around outside for a long time. I stepped forward to interrogate him and he stalled speechless. His actions were suspicious so we arrested him."

After hearing him, everyone looked at the detained middle aged man. Inside the room, the middle aged man plop down in a kneeling position. His vision darted everywhere the room soon it fell towards Mu Yunjin. His line of sight stopped for a short period of time before immediately moving his eyes away in a dodged expression. Everyone vividly saw this scene. 

"Who are you? And why are you sneaking around outside the justicial office?"

Chen Pu looked askance towards the middle aged man as he asked in a clear voice. The middle aged man trembled and lowered his head.

"I was just pa.s.sing by, pa.s.sing by, that's all...."

"Pa.s.sing by?"

Zheng Tai hou took on the topic.

"Then why do you look guilty?"

"Zheng Tai hou, this is the Justice Office's case business. You are a Palace person, still, you must not interrupt."

Qin Tai fei can't stand it anymore and openly glared towards Zheng Tai hou. 

Zheng Tai hou also returned her stare, giving a supercilious look and sneered.

"No better than you."

Chen Pu blushed in shame, just as he is about to ask a question he saw the middle aged man tremble, while looking from time to time towards Mu Yunjin. 

Could it be that...

"Someone, search his body!"

Chen Pu immediately ordered.

A few guards came and began to do a body search. After some time, on the middle aged man's belt they really found a strand of black silk thread. Seeing the thread, everyone looked at the middle aged man. The coroner immediately took the black thread and lightly smelled it, soon after his complexion turned heavy.

"Someone fetch me a bowl of water."

Soon, a guard carried over a bowl of water. The coroner submerged the thread into the bowl of water and shakes it inside. Soon a faint bloodstain appeared, the clear water turned dark red.

"Ah! You are the one who killed my son! You murderer! I will strip you into eight pieces, as payment for my son's life!"

Wei Hanqiao immediately pounced on the middle aged man and beat him. The man covered his head and incessantly dodged. Now, even Su Biqing came forward, not caring of her image and started beating and scolding the middle aged man.

"You, say it properly! Why did you kill my second son?"

"It seems that the criminal delivered himself here, in accordance with our Xi Yuan country's laws and decrees. Murder and arson, the punishment is to be cut in half, so that it will serve as a warning to others."

The Fifth Princess sneered. Upon hearing the words "cut in half" the middle aged man immediately became frantic as he kowtowed towards Chen Pu.

"I was wronged, I was wronged. I was just momentarily obsessed into receiving money to do work."

"Receive money? Who is so heartless as to ask you to harm my son?"

Wei Hanqiao asked with tears in her eyes. The middle aged man paused for a moment. He licked his lips and his eyes is erratic, not daring to speak. 

"Not speaking? Someone come and drag him down immediately to be cut in half!"

The Fifth Princess ordered. Several guards approached to drag the man away. 

"No, no, no, I'll say it." 

The middle aged man trembled violently as he pointed towards Mu Yunjin.

"It's the Third Miss Mu who requested me to do it."


Mu Yunjin thought that from the moment that the middle aged man was seen outside the Justice Office, up to the time he entered the doors. She knows it was all not a coincidence. Earlier, when the Black thread was found, she knows that this will be used as evidence against her and it will spit out on this man's mouth. 

"Third Miss Mu? Do you have proof that Third Miss Mu incited you to do it?"

Wei Hanqiao is surprised, although she suspected Mu Yunjin but Mu Yunjin kept saying to bring out evidence to catch her completely. The middle aged man suddenly cried as he got up to wipe his tears.

"My name is Du San, from a small family. I provide for the family, but I have no skills and I only know how to gamble and I owe a lot of debt. On top of it all, my mother is ill but I took the money for her treatment believing that I could return it when I had luck in gambling. I did not expect the Second Young Master would win it all away."

"Afterwards, I seeked Second Young Master Mu to ask him to let me off so that I could retain the money for my mother's treatment. Bu Second Young Master Mu did not agree and had people beat me. After a few days, my mother died from her illness, as a result I bore a grudge against the Second Young Master Mu. I tried to look for an opportunity to properly teach Second Young Master Mu a lesson."

"Until a few days ago, Third Miss Mu came to find me, She promised that as long as I smoothly kill Second Young Master Mu I will get a large sum of money that could guarantee the rest of my life. I was temporarily obsessed..."

The middle aged man wiped his tears as he continued to wail.

"I beseech you to let me off. Everything is all Third Miss Mu's plan. She is the mastermind! I was only temporarily confused by money. Please spare me!"

The middle aged man then took off his shoe and sock, and took out a jasper hairpin.

"This is what Third Miss Mu gave me as down payment. After all this matter will no longer benefit me."


Seeing the Jasper hairpin, Mu Yunjin slightly frowned and her heart sank. This hairpin is indeed hers, apparently she had been careless. She is not even aware that she has lost a hairpin. Qin Tai fei saw the hairpin and her heart also sank, her heartbeat fast, as she unbelievably looked towards Mu Yunjin. 

Could it be that she really misjudged her?

Zheng Tai hou coldly laughed. 

"This hairpin is really familiar ah, Tai fei isn't that the same with what the emperor bestowed to you during that time?"

This is the first time that Qin Tai fei choked on Zheng  tai hou's words and got nothing to say. She bit her lip in anger as she looked towards Mu Yunjin.

"Mu Yunjin, you better have a clear explanation about this matter."

Most of the people present was hesitating about this matter. But now, with the evidence of the Jasper hairpin it seems that everything is clear. Human testimony and material evidence without exception, states that Third Miss Mu purchased an as a fact. 

Mu Yunjin looked at everyone watching her closely. She suddenly is in a bad mood, in both her lifetime she loathes people who wrongly accuse people. If she, Mu Yunjin wants to kill a person there is no need to be secretive, even using others to buy an This way is simply a big insult to her as an elite agent. Chu Li raised his eyebrows as he looked at Mu Yunjin and the Jasper hairpin. He frowned, his pair of glazed eyes deep in thought.


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