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The Aloof Prince Chapter 31 - All is Fair in War

Mu Yunjin entered the door, and saw the gift boxes piled up like a mountain on her garden as far as her eyes can see, while trying to find her way to her room.

“Miss, wait here first, while this servant go and tidy up.”

Zi Xiang said, bending down to pick up those gift boxes. Mu Yunjin stopped her as she ruminatively swept her eyes on the boxes,  lightly smiling.

“Do you really think that they will return this gifts with good intentions?”

 “Miss, what do you mean?”

Zi Xiang withdrew her hand, turned her eyes to look at Mu Yunjin, recently her Young Miss really changed a lot, before she is filled with pity and sympathy towards her young miss, but now she is full of wors.h.i.+p and awe, and it was only a short month`s time.

“All is fair in war, who knows if this gift boxes were tampered with.”

Mu Yunjin sneered,

“For now let us go back to Ascending Flower Pavilion to stay, let us look at these boxes tomorrow if there is no problem.”

Mu Yunjin then went out of the Listening Flower Pavilion, and went to the direction of the Ascending Flower Pavilion. The moment she walked out of the door, Mu Yunjin saw a flash of silhouette at the corner, she pensively curved the corner of her mouth, and continued walking forward. Inside the Ascending Flower Pavilion, Mu Yunjin looked at her former house already empty, she might as well sit on the ground. Rus.h.i.+ng about all day, she is feeling tired. Zi Xiang thought about all those gifts, she is still not feeling relieved, so she anxiously spoke.

“Miss, If those gift boxes really have a problem, then does big madam want to kill the young miss?”

“What do you think?”

Mu Yunjin slightly raised her eyebrows,

“In the past when I was here in Ascending Flower Pavilion, she naturally does not worry about me. Now, I was conferred to marry the Sixth Prince, and already a threat to Mu Lingzhu, she as Mu Lingzhu`s mother, why won`t she try to root me out?”

“The big madam is extremely daring, is she not worried that the Sixth Prince will blame her?”

Zi Xiang voiced out her concern.

“If I died, she will only make it so that I died suddenly because of a foul disease, who would think of Su Biqing as a mother, will personally harm her own daughter!”

Mu Yunjin leaned against the wall, as she spoke casually. Zi Xiang heard Mu Yunjin`s explanation, her heart was alarmed, indeed, in the past when they were in Ascending Flower Pavilion, the young miss was not a threat to anyone, at most it was the second young master, and the two young miss who came to create trouble but not to the point of taking a life. But now after the young miss change, everything is different. 

“Miss, after this wouldn`t you suffer with a lot of killing attempts?”

Zi Xiang frowned, a little scared.

“Never mind, different situations call for different action, Do they really think that I am still a pushover?”

Mu Yunjin coldly snorted, her tone is full of contempt. Zi Xiang upon seeing this, she indescribably loosened her expression. She thought that perhaps by the time her young miss married the Sixth Prince they do not need to struggle in the Prime Minister`s Residence.


Night came, waiting for Zi Xiang to fall asleep, Mu Yunjin who was lying down, quietly opened her eyes, she got up, and walked out. She went out of the Ascending Flower Pavilion, Mu Yunjin flashed to the direction of the Blue Sky Courtyard. Her figure mottled the trees that created an image contrast to the night, as she continuously traveled. Soon Mu Yunjin emerged in Blue Sky Courtyard, inside there are few lanterns dimly lit. Mu Yunjin lied down on top of the roof transparent in the moonlight, as she looked below.


The night is disturbed by a sound of a tiny meow. Mu Yunjin heard the sound, she slightly squinted, then turned over downward, letting herself fall to the ground, and walked to the direction of the sound. Not long after, Mu Yunjin arrived outside Su Biqing`s bedroom, she found a blanket with a snow white cat, it is said that this snowy white cat is Su Biqing`s favorite pet. Two years ago, Mu Xiang`s trusted retinue brought back and presented treasures from Serbia and Su Biqing especially like this. Mu Yunjin looked at this snowy white cat, and sneered, she stoop lightly to hold the cat up, then noiselessly left the Blue Sky Courtyard. She brought the cat inside the Listening Flower Pavilion, Mu Yunjin, looked at the gift boxes, and lightly stroked the cat`s fur. The cat is then gently tossed towards the garden.



Mu Yunjin then returned to the Ascending Flower Pavilion, only to hear Zi Xiang`s whimper from the inside, Mu Yunjin was startled, and immediately went inside. She pushed the door, and saw in the darkness of the night a man in black had his hand enclosed on Zi Xiang`s nose and mouth and his other hand on Zi Xiang`s neck, while Zi Xiang is continuously struggling and kicking.

“Who are you?”

Mu Yunjin`s eyes immediately filled with killing intent, her eyes revealing coldness, she took out a dagger from her sleeves, as she advanced towards the black clothed man. The man saw Mu Yunjin take out a dagger, but did not care about her too much, his hand movement did not stop, he was just about to lift his leg to kick Mu Yunjin`s dagger, only to hear a sneer. Soon he saw Mu Yunjin`s figure flash like lightning, moving quickly behind him.... Then, in the dark of the night he saw the cold tip of the blade flash as Mu Yunjin pierced her dagger toward the man`s neck, immediately blood flowed out from his neck as his body collapsed on the ground.

“Zi Xiang, Are you okay?”

Mu Yunjiin lighted a candle in the room, and worriedly looked at Zi Xiang. Zi Xiang at this time is very frightened, when the black man released his grip, she gasped for breath, as she saw the black clothed man dead his blood pool on the floor, she shuddered.

“Miss, what do we do now?”  

Mu Yunjin picked up a handkerchief, and softly wiped the bloodstain on her dagger,  he walked towards the dead body, and bent down to take off the veil. When she saw the face of the black clothed man, Mu Yunjin`s eyes narrowed, her eyes were once again filled with killing intent.

“Unexpectedly it is him.”

The black clothed man on the floor, turned out to be the robber boss she encountered at the outskirts. 

It seems that, he is one of Mu Lingzhu`s people. This Mu Lingzhu is really getting impatient, earlier in the day she provoked her a little, as soon as night came she already sent someone to kill her. But Mu Lingzhu is underestimating her, only sending just one person.   

“It seems that I have to thank her for her trouble.”

Mu Yunjin slowly said.


Early morning the next day, Mu Yunjin received a message from a servant to go to the front hall. In the front hall, Mu Yunjin saw Mu Xiang sitting on the master`s seat, on his side is Mu Lingzhu and Su Biqing, and they all don`t look quite well, the two mother and daughter cuddled together, their eyes red, clearly they have been crying. Out of the corner of her eyes she glanced on the floor, she saw the last night black clothed man covered with one piece of white cloth, on the other side, Su Biqing`s favorite cat, but at the moment the whole body of the cat is purple, he looked severely poisoned.  

“What`s going on?”

Mu Yunjin upon seeing this, she lift her eyes towards Mu Xiang. Mu Xiang looked suspiciously at Mu Yunjin somewhat complicated, as he coldly opened his mouth. 

“This black clothed man, was discovered earlier today at Zhu`er`s Pearl Building. His death is caused by a dagger stab on his throat.”

“That cat is your mother`s favorite pet, today it was discovered dead at your Listening Flower Pavilion, he was severely poisoned.”

Mu Yunjin heard what was said, she pretended to be frightened, she turned to Mu Lingzhu.

“Younger sister, are you alright? you did not receive any injury right?”

Hearing Mu Yunjin`s hypocritical inquiry, Mu Lingzhu felt that something is not right, she tightly gripped her fingers, and gave a dark look. Cao Pan is her trusted aide for many years, yesterday she sent Cao Pan to kill Mu Yunjin, thinking that she would cut off one`s means of retreat and completely root out Mu Yunjin. Who would have thought, this morning after getting up she saw Cao Pan dead on her own courtyard. Mu Yunjin saw Cao Pan, at that moment she realized, Mu Yunjin threw away Cao Pan on her courtyard to provoke her. Seeing Mu lingzhu not saying anything for a long time, Mu Yunjin looked at the cat again, soon after she turned her eyes towards Mu Xiang and Su Biqing.

“Yesterday, mother returned the gift boxes to my residence, I was tired yesterday and does not feel like tidying up, so I stayed at Ascending Flower Pavilion. What happened to the cat? How could it be poisoned and die at my Listening Flower Pavilion?”

Mu Xiang listened to Mu Yunjin`s words, and stared at her, he pointed to the ground.

“Do you have any connection with this matter?”

“Father why do you think that I have connection to this matter?”

Mu Yunjin asked. Mu Yunjin went to the side to take a seat. She faintly swept a glance towards Su Biqing and Mu Lingzhu. 

“Is the Judicial Office not yet open? Yunjin`s heart has no shame, Father can directly send someone to investigate this case.”

Hearing what was said, Su Biqing and Mu Lingzhu`s faces changed, in their whole life this is the first time they experienced having no choice but to suffer in silence. 

“This odd matter happened inside the residence, it is true that we have to investigate thoroughly otherwise if this happen again, this Prime Minister Residence will be turned upside down.”

Mu Xiang said as he pounded on the table.

“Someone come, go to the Justice Office to request for Official Chen Pu to come.”

Mu Xiang finished speaking.

“Yes, Master.”

The servant then quickly ran out of the residence, Mu Yunjin raised her face suppressing a smile, as she looked at Su Biqing and Mu Lingzhu.

“Mother and younger sister must not feel sad, they say that the Judicial Office are good at handling cases, I am sure that everything will be resolved fairly.”

Mu Yunjin again glanced at the cat on the ground, with a look of pity.

“With regards to Mother, this is just a cat, but still it truly saved my life and is a benefactor, otherwise, I fear that the one lying down here is me.”

Su Biqing and Mu Lingzhu cannot listen any longer, they sat up, and seek Mu Xiang`s comfort. 

“Master, this morning Zhu`er and I were frightened, now we are a little tired, we will go back to rest.”

“Okay, the two of you may rest.”

Mu Xiang`s looked at the with concern. They nodded, and walked out. 


Walking out of the Front hall, Mu Lingzhu could no longer hold on, and pulled Su Biqing over to a secluded corner, she wrinkled her brows.

“Mother, that Mu Yunjin unknowingly has practiced some skills, now she actually is so impervious to sword or spear.1”

“Yes, I am also puzzled! I spent a lot of effort those gift boxes, who would have imagined that she easily avoided it and even more killed my cat.”

Su Biqing remembered her beloved cat, she got angry.

“What do we do now? an official fro the Judicial office will arrive soon, something is bound to come out during the investigations, don`t we need to come up with a contingency plan on what to be done?”

Mu Lingzhu nervously asked. Su Biqing sighs, as she looked at Mu Lingzhu.

“Mother is already prepared, if this time she still be able to avoid, then mother have no more methods.”

Hi again~

It looks like mother dear still has some devious plans under her sleeves. Mu Lingzhu always like to whine and now the she lost her boytoy she goes crying to mother dear. They really are going for a double kill. But they still got a double slap from Yunjin..

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Impervious to sword or spear1 - means untouchable or thick skinned (impervious to criticism) but in this case I think the author meant untouchable in the sentence due to Mu Yunjin`s fighting skills.



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