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The Aloof Prince - Chapter 125: I Am Still Giving You

Mu Yunjin's words, there is no doubting in the Xiangfu.

After chatting for a while, Mu Yunjin used an excuse to go back to the Prince's Mansion. Before leaving, she clearly felt that she had a rising status in the Xiangfu.

Walking on the street, Zixiang was also very happy for Mu Yunjin, "Miss, we are really doing our best now."

"Um." Mu Yunjin nodded, pursing her lips, unable to hide her good mood at this time.

When she returned to the house, Mu Yunjin had just stepped through the door when a green figure ran in front of her. With a fast speed, he rushed towards her.

Mu Yunjin immediately moved to avoid, and then only heard ‘Ouch'. When she looked again, she saw Chu Qingyuan fall to the ground, wailing.

"Little nine, how are you?" Mu Yunjin curled a corner of her mouth, and Zixiang on the side hurried to help Chu Qingyuan up. 

Chu Qingyuan patted the dust on her clothes and pouted, "Sixth sister, you didn't catch me."

"..." Mu Yunjin shook her head. "Why are you here?"

When Chu Qingyuan heard Mu Yunjin's question, she suddenly became distracted. She pulled Mu Yunjin aside and said, "Sixth sister, let me tell you ..."

"Father Emperor summoned me yesterday to talk alone and said that in the future, fifth sister is going to marry in the East Country, and seventh sister may be allowed to visit South Court or Beiming. Only I am young and his most beloved daughter, so maybe he will betroth me to Brother Mu Nan.''

Chu Qingyuan said that with a face full of joy, but she found that Mu Yunjin's expression didn't change at all. 

Mu Yunjin slightly lowered her eyes, and then looked at Chu Qingyuan, with her innocent face and sighed, "Do you like Major General Qin that much?"

"Of course! You don't even know sixth sister, how many young ladies are asking for an introduction to Brother Mu Nan, but I am a princess, and am more than qualified to compete with them."

Mu Yunjin walked in while listening, "Did you tell your brother about this?"

Chu Qingyuan stopped.

Mu Yunjin also stopped and looked around, "What's wrong?"

"While I was in the palace, I heard some gossip about Qin's family, so I didn't dare to talk to my sixth brother about it." Chu Qingyuan remembered that day when Chu Li asked the matter about who she liked and even now she shuddered to think about it.

"If you want to marry Major General Qin, then you must listen to the opinions of your sixth brother. After all, you share the same mother, and he will definitely not see you wronged."

Chu Qingyuan naturally understood that, holding Mu Yun's sleeve and pouting, she said miserably, "That's what I'm here today for."

"But I'm afraid to go alone, so sixth sister, can you help me?"

Mu Yunjin sighed and looked at Chu Qingyuan with a sorrowful expression, "Little nine, I really can't help you. No one can figure out the temperament of your sixth brother ..."

"Sixth sister......"

The two went all the way to Liquan (Gla.s.s Spring) Court.

After seeing the plaque of Liquan Court, Chu Qingyuan was so scared she hid behind Mu Yunjin and was afraid to enter.

Mu Yunjin crossed her arms, thinking that it was not her place to dissuade Chu Qingyuan from liking Qin Munan, but Chu Li should have a way.

She wanted to bring Chu Qingyuan in with her, but then she realized that Chu Qingyuan was not supposed to know they were sleeping in separate quarters, so she let her wait in the garden pavilion.

Chu Qingyuan agreed nicely.

Mu Yunjin entered Liquan Court and walked towards Chu Li's room door. Within a few steps, Ding Xian's figure appeared from the side.

"Princess, are you looking for his Highness?" 

"Yes, is he in there?" Mu Yunjin asked.

Ding Xian nodded, and profoundly said "but he seems to be bathing now ..."


Ding Xian originally thought that Mu Yunjin would wait outside the door for a while, but when she had finished speaking, she pushed open the door of Chu Li's room and entered.

Ding Xian was frightened when he saw this, and immediately withdrew, not wanting to draw fire on himself.

Mu Yunjin glanced at the fast disappearing Ding Xian, and hooked her lips. She had never seen Chu Li in the bath before......

Mu Yunjin walked all the way to Chu Li's bedroom door, moistened her lips, and shouted through the door, "Chu Li, are you inside?"

After a while, she heard an acknowledgement.

"I have something to tell you, is it convenient for me to come in?" Mu Yunjin said with her hands on the door panel.

"Come in." Chu Li's indifferent voice came.

Mu Yunjin pushed in the door, and saw the same hot spring pool that she saw the last time. At this time, the hot spring pool was surrounded with a curling mist, with only Chu Li leaning against the wall.

"You use it during the day?" Mu Yunjin started talking, not approaching.

"What's the matter?" Chu Li smiled lightly, whilst leaning back.

Mu Yunjing frowned a little, "Little nine, she likes Qin Munan."

As her words fell, Mu Yunjin saw Chu Li leaning against the back of the pool wall for a moment, silent, his eyes were slightly lowered, as if thinking.

"You go out first," Chu Li said.

"Well, then hurry up, little nine is waiting for you in the garden."

Mu Yunjin walked out. Before leaving, she stepped on her tiptoes to she if she could see anything further, but there was too much mist and nothing was visible.

She stomped away.

After a while, Mu Yunjin and Chu Qingyuan, who were sitting in the garden, saw Chu Li walking towards them slowly.

When Chu Qingyuan saw Chu Li, she felt that she couldn't face him. She held Mu Yunjin's hand nervously, and looked miserable.

Mu Yunjin shook her hand to signal her peace of mind.

Chu Li walked into the gazebo, his half lidded eyes fell on the figure of Chu Qingyuan's, and he was cold but but slightly smile.

"Little nine, do you like Qin Munan?"

Chu Qingyuan, upon hearing his cold tone, her legs shook inexplicably. Fortunately, she was sitting beside Mu Yunjin who gave off a calm aura.

So she took a few deep breaths, and boldly said, "Yes, sixth brother, Brother Mu Nan saved me that day, I think he is a worthy person to spend my life with."

"What's more, he won so many victories. He is the hero of the Western Kingdoms. I like this hero." The more Chu Qingyuan said, the lower her head dropped as well as her voice.

She saw her brother's face turn stern.

"No," Chu Li said very lightly, directly rejecting Chu Qingyuan's plans.

Chu Qingyuan's entire body was suddenly shocked, she couldn't help but stand up and ask. "Sixth brother, why not?"

Chu Li looked at Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin met his gaze and took care of it. She immediately had Chu Qingyuan sit down. "Qing Yuan, your sixth brother is doing this for your own good. You also heard that the Qin family is not peaceful right now. If there is any rebellion in the future, then that will be endangering your father's throne. "

"I ..." Mu Yunjins words directly dashed her hopes. 

But the more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt, and sobbed, "What if he didn't rebel! I will have missed my opportunity..."

Mu Yunjin was amazed by Chu Qingyuan's thought process. For a moment, she didn't know how to comfort her, and then she turned her eyes to Chu Li.

Chu Li felt helpless and whispered, "If you don't want to marry another country far away, you will think no more of Qin Munan."

"Sixth brother, you ..." Chu Qingyuan was sad, but she also knew that her sixth brother would carry through with his threat and so she did not dare to continue. Forget it, it doesn't make sense arguing with him, she could still find a chance, and go and talk to Brother Mu Nan directly ...

Wanting to stop, Chu Qingyuan pursed her lips and lowered her head to show her submission. "Qing Yuan said something wrong."

"I will go back first, and then come to visit Sixth brother in a few days." After Chu Qingyuan said this, without waiting for Chu Li and Mu Yunjin to reply, she ran out.

Chu Li called Ding Xian, and his eyes darkened, "Go and watch Little Nine, forbid her from approaching the Qin family."

"Yes, Your Highness."

In the gazebo, Mu Yunjin sighed and poured herself a gla.s.s of water. After drinking, she slumped weakly onto the table.

"It is already so troublesome with the Qin family, but it is better to hope that they will not rebel at the border." Mu Yunjin thought about the recent events, and most of them were provoked by the Qin family.

Chu Li glanced at her and shook his head helplessly.

That night, Qin Munan came to Fuzhong.

Mu Yunjin and Chu Li were sitting in the dining room eating. When Qin Munan came, she felt inexplicable guilt, so concealed her eyes when he walked into the dining room.

"Sixth prince, sixth princess." Qin Munan entered the door and greeted them both.

Mu Yunjin buried her head and ate her food, pretending she likely didn't hear him.

Chu Li drank his mouth tea and said in a light tone, ''Brother Qin, you are a rare guest, what can I do for you?''

"I'm here for Yun Ge." Qin Munan smiled and pointed to Mu Yunjin on the side.

Chu Li frowned slightly upon hearing Qin Munan calling her the pet name, Yun Ge. He glanced at her sideways, with a harsh look.

Seeing the futility of playing possum, Mu Yunjin said impatiently, "What do you want with me, Major-General Qin?" 

" Servants today cleaned the house, and found this box. I thought on it and decided to give it back to you." Qin Munan said, took out a brocade box and handed it to Mu Yunjin.

Mu Yunjin could obviously feel the cold aura to one side of her, but she still  reached out her hand, and opened the brocade box.

Inside the brocade box is a pair of pearl jade earrings.

Seeing that it was earrings, Mu Yunjin frowned, something so awkward ...

After a while, Mu Yunjin snorted coldly, took out the pearl earrings in the brocade box, crushed them in her hands, and threw the remains mercilessly to the ground.

"Shen Yun, remember to clean."

The look on Qin Munan's face was a bit stubborn.

"Since the delivery is finished, Major-General Qin can go. In the future, such a small matter, just find someone to deliver it, don't bother with it yourself." Mu Yunjin said.

Qin Munan looked at the earrings that turned into powder on the ground, and with a deep look in his eyes, turned away.

After Qin Munan left, Mu Yunjin remained coldly annoyed.

Mu Yunjin scolded Qin Munan's ancestors in her heart. This time he came here today, wasn't he making public their previous relations.h.i.+p?

Things like those earrings really could make her jump into the nearest river but she still wouldn't be able to wash away the rumors.

"I'm done." Mu Yunjin didn't explain further, put down her chopsticks, and walked outside, stepping on the powder on the ground before leaving.

Chu Li glanced at Mu Yunjin's back, his eyes were lonely.

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