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When Lao w.a.n.g returned home, he counted the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pills. In total, four batches of Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill were stored into three boxes.

There was a box of 60%-pills with 48 pills in total. They were neatly arranged, and Lao w.a.n.g prepared to sell them.

For Void Core and higher leveled experts who often fought outside the Land, if they did not have a few Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pills in their pockets, they would be embarra.s.sed to say that their life belonged to them. One could not say that this pill could revive the dead, but as long as a Void Core expert still had their life, they would be able to extend it by at least ten days if they ate one Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill, allowing them to have enough time to treat their wounds.

Thus, as a pill that represented level-7 pills, and as one most valued by people for its wound-healing and life-extending properties, the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill had a rather high price on the market. Demand typically exceeded supply. Meanwhile, the two other boxes were filled with 100% Perfect Pills. One of the boxes had two pills, which were reserved for saving his life. The other box only had one pill that was to be submitted to the Pill Refinery Hall.

He was not intentionally showing off his skills. If a pupil from the Combat Cultivation Hall wanted to go to the Pill Refinery Hall, it would not be possible if he did not do something shocking. Furthermore, since he had provoked the Blood Demon race, Lao w.a.n.g now clearly understood that the more prominent he was in the Heavenly Gates, the safer he would be.

More people would focus on him only if he was prominent. Furthermore, if more people paid attention to him, a latent threat like the Blood Demon race would not dare to act rashly. After this was done, Lao w.a.n.g took a bath and changed his clothes. He was not particular, but he was treating a girl to a meal. He still had to have basic manners.

At the Anoma Private Club.

As the most famous gourmet inst.i.tution in the divine territory, the Anoma did not only sell the Lampshade Beef that they produced in the divine territory. That was simply their speciality. In reality, they were also a main gourmet brand in the divine territory. It was said that they acc.u.mulated delicacies from the thousands of races and civilizations in the entire divine territory. There were no dishes that one could not imagine, only those one had never seen before.

This private club was one of the branches of the Anoma Star Territory Restaurant chain. It was said that the prices were rather good, but there was a rather annoying rule: only level-8 civilizations were allowed to enter. Of course, members of level-8 civilizations were allowed to bring others in. However, if one was an ordinary person who was not invited by a level-8 civilization, no matter how much money one had, one would not be allowed to enter. After all, to those n.o.ble level-8 civilizations who were high above the, they did not wish to spend money in a place full of nouveaux riches.

When one came to this kind of place, the cost definitely did not involve just money.

Following the address that Celeste had given him, w.a.n.g Zhong came slightly earlier. However, he did not expect Celeste to have come early as well. She had probably known that w.a.n.g Zhong would be early and was afraid that he would feel awkward when he was stopped at the door. The two of them arrived at almost the same time and happened to into each other at the entrance.

The spirit service staff, who had been prepared to stop w.a.n.g Zhong, immediately flashed a respectful smile. “Your Highness, please come in.”

From the change in the service staff's expression, he knew that the social in this kind of place were very strict. However, it was obvious that Celeste was a regular customer. Even without her saying anything, the service staff brought them to a booth with great ease.

There was nothing special about the interior decor. It seemed rather plain on the outside, but Lao w.a.n.g was shocked afterwards. The plain and old appearance on the outside was obviously just a facade. This was the “lowkey” style of high-leveled civilizations.

When they sat down, Lao w.a.n.g could clearly sense that the hard and ordinary wooden chair that he was sitting on felt like a living thing. It adjusted itself according to the shape of his b.u.t.tocks, allowing him to sit as comfortably as possible. The round table that had a diameter of two meters seemed very plain and was not even painted, but upon closer inspection, it was made out of Jiuli wood…

Jiuli wood… used to make a table? Furthermore, the table was this big! Could these fellows be any more luxurious?

Lao w.a.n.g could not help but swallow his saliva and involuntarily thought of the pill furnace in the second-cla.s.s pill house —— the Jiuli Heaven and Earth Furnace! That was a top-grade furnace. Jiuli wood was said to be the most mystical and all-purpose wood in the divine territory, and was good for anything. As for using it to make a table… It would be a stretch if one said that the Jiuli wood could increase one's appet.i.te, but most importantly, the Jiuli wood was omnipotent in other areas but had no use in food. At least, this was the case according to what Lao w.a.n.g understood.

This object was colorless and odorless, and did not benefit the meal in any way. Was it used to calm them down? Did one need to be calm while eating? Could it make this meal more fragrant?

Lao w.a.n.g did not think so. It would only make this meal more expensive.

“You can't say that either.” Celeste laughed and said, “The Jiuli wood is heat-resistant. Some special Star Territory delicacies are served at a rather high temperature. If they were to use an ordinary table, even if it was made out of steel, it would melt. However, the Jiuli wood is different. Not only can it resist heat, it can also absorb heat. When hot foods are placed on this table, you will not be able to sense the high temperatures when sitting near them. It will be as cool as usual.”

“…So that's the case.” Lao w.a.n.g did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Was this the reason why the high-leveled civilizations used Jiuli wood for their tables? Couldn't they forgo this meal? Make this table into a Jiuli Heaven and Earth Furnace for me instead…

Lao w.a.n.g felt as if he was reading divine texts just by looking at the table and chairs, let alone the other luxurious or ingenious decorations in this room. He could only sigh. The world of the high-leveled civilizations truly could not be understood by Earthlings.

“Your Highness, what would you like to order today.” The service staff happened to be from the Heavenly Sh.e.l.l race as well. There were all sorts of races working here. After all, not everyone in high-leveled civilizations was the daughter of the Crown Prince. This woman from the Heavenly Sh.e.l.l race wore maid clothes, and seemed respectful and polite. However, this was paired with the proud disposition unique to high-leveled civilization. There was a clash in these visuals, and w.a.n.g Zhong could not help but take another look.

Even though Lao w.a.n.g was paying for the meal, Celeste was the master in the eyes of the service staff. She smiled and looked at w.a.n.g Zhong. “w.a.n.g Zhong, what kind of flavor do you like?”

“Anything is fine.” Lao w.a.n.g did not quite understand the delicacies in the Star Alliance. Several thousand civilizations joined the alliance, and no one knew what so many dishes tasted like. There was no way to describe their taste either.

Celeste nodded her head. “Bring two portions of your speciality, the star soft-sh.e.l.led crab. Also, my friend is an Earthling. Bring a portion of your Earth speciality.”

“There are delicacies from Earth too?” Lao w.a.n.g was slightly surprised by this and flipped through the menu in his hands. Unlike the “simple menu” it seemed like on the outside, this menu was rather high-tech. It was a digital menu.

“Rest a.s.sured, esteemed guest. As long as it is a civilization in the divine territory, the Anoma Private Club will have the delicacies of these civilizations.” The Heavenly Sh.e.l.l maid did not show any discrimination because of w.a.n.g Zhong's status as a member of a low-leveled civilization. After all, if he came here, he would have had professional accomplishments. Furthermore, regardless of how low-leveled the civilization he came from was, he was still the guest of the Crown Prince's daughter. Could she show discrimination towards the guest? After pa.s.sionately introducing the dishes to w.a.n.g Zhong, she asked Celeste, “Your Highness, the newest Fruit Dew from Bibialo has arrived. Would you like one portion…?”

As Celeste was settling the dishes, Lao w.a.n.g had given up looking at the “electronic” menu. Strictly speaking, the menu probably used living electronic technology to search for items. There were 100,000 pages of dishes on the menu… He simply scanned the first page and looked at the prices behind before silently putting the menu down while pinching his wallet…

Who had said that the price here was not bad? He had not even sold the box of Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pills. The several thousand Silver Star Stones leftover in his pocket might be used up in an instant.

This was a small matter, but Lao w.a.n.g was somewhat affected. The Heavenly Gates had divided the social for a long time, and the polarity of wealth and resources was also rather severe. Just a slightly luxurious meal for these high-leveled civilizations could easily cost the entire annual output of a level-4 civilization! This phenomenon was rather normal in the divine territory and appeared in every industry. It did not just occur in this restaurant.

It was no wonder that every civilization was desperate to improve themselves. One would not know before coming to the divine territory, but after coming here, one would understand just how ma.s.sive the levels of difference between themselves and the high-leveled civilizations were.

The dishes were served very quickly, and the atmosphere at the dining table was just right.

“w.a.n.g Zhong, let me honor you first.” Celeste raised her wine gla.s.s. “Thank you for your help at the Spirit Flower Garden back then. Perhaps you feel that it was an easy feat for you, but it was far too important to me.”

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