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Chapter 880: Medicinal pill compet.i.tion

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The old man nodded, turned to enter the room and reported to the people inside.

Meanwhile, other people who came earlier also noticed and reported to their masters. Therefore, before the start of the convention, someone came to knock on the door and wanted to visit. Unfortunately, Feng Jiu didn’t even give them a chance to enter the room.

Sitting in the room, eating and drinking tea. After making one round in the room, she finally lay down on a soft couch, looking at the people below through a slit window. When her eyes fell on the immortal-like figure walking up to the Alchemy Appraisal Platform, Mo Chen seemed to notice and looked in her direction.

With just at a glance, he moved away lightly. However, when he saw the position of the room, surprise flashed in his eyes. He expected that she would come, but he didn’t expect that she was Ghost Doctor.

But he was relieved when he thought of her medical expertise.

As the host started to identify the pills, people continuously submitted the pills for appraisal and evaluation. Looking at the following identification of the pills, Leng Hua couldn’t help looking at Feng Jiu.

“Master, it seems our medicinal pill hasn’t been presented yet.”

“Don’t worry, watch first! After that is the play.” Her lips curved in a smile. She looked at the appraisal below in a calm and collected manner.

About an hour later, there was only one pill left for the evaluation, so the host asked loudly if there’s still someone to compare his medicinal pill with this fourth-rank vitality pill?

It’s quiet in the great hall because the people inside the hall already had their pills appraised. Therefore, the last pill had the highest rank and the best image.

“There is.”

The voice came from the Sky Rank Number room. When hearing the voice, the owner of the fourth-rank vitality pill felt anxious. Even though he knew that the convention would not be so simple, he couldn’t help but look forward to it.

You know, this was the chance to be famous!

As long as he showed his face here, he would become famous all over the world. His status would rise with the tide. Even some powerful cultivators had to treat him with courtesy.

However, he knew that in addition to various countries’ alchemists and forces, there was also Ghost Doctor who had recently become famous all over the country. This Ghost Doctor was both admirable and hateful.

They respected his excellent medical expertise. A person of great talent who could concoct potions as well as refine pills.

They hated a person like him because he robbed them of fame and broke their chance to stand out.

The guard of the Sky Rank number room came forward with a tray and put the pill on the tray on the appreciation platform. “This is the fourth-rank condensate pill.” Then, he stepped back.

The judge looked at them one by one. After the comparison, he whispered a few words. Finally, the fourth-rank Vitality pill was compared. Then, the people in the room with the Chinese character took out the pills for compet.i.tion. Some of them made a comparison, and some of them took out better ones. It took them two hours.

The people inside the Sky Rank number 9 room had all taken the pills to be a.s.sessed and competed. Even the black market from the first-grade countries had taken the pills. At this time, the Sky Rank number one room was still quiet with no movement at all.

Perhaps Ghost Doctor saw the medicinal pill’s level too high and retreated?

For a moment, people started questioning within their minds. Until, after several fierce compet.i.tions, the Shangguan family from the first-grade country took the first place with a fifth-rank pill.

At the same time, the door of Sky Rank number one room opened…

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