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Chapter 867: For You To Buy Medicine

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Anyone who walked into The First Inn had no shortage of money, and this young man in red had an air of extraordinary feeling about him. It was obvious that he was from a good family, he could be the son of a wealthy tribe, or a prince from a small country, or even a member of a sect.

People like them usually fought for glory, not money. Therefore, as they looked at the young man in red holding the bag of money, they were confused and couldn’t figure him out.

The woman on the second floor hummed lightly as she turned around to walk away. When she came back, she was holding a bag of money larger than the first, and she threw it at the young man in red.

“My master said since you think it’s too little, then he will give you one thousand gold coins. Take the money and leave.”

The woman’s tone of voice was rude and her expression full of contempt and superior arrogance. When her palm flipped as she threw the bag of coins at Feng Jiu, she had aimed for his heart, as if to teach him a lesson by use of the coins.

Most of the guests came from affluent families or had powerful backgrounds, so they saw the fierce strength hidden behind the bag of coins.

However, no one helped, no one tried to stop it from happening.

This kind of situation was too common. In a world where the strong reign and the weak bow down to the strong, no one can help. However, what the young boy in red did next surprised everyone.

They watched as he reached out to the bag of coins, his hand swept away the force and he caught the bag of coins swiftly.

The guests who were cultivators knew that it was no easy feat to catch the bag of coins and removing the force behind the bag at the same time. However, the young man managed it easily. So he was quite skillful after all.

Feng Jiu took out a gold coin from the bag and held it between her middle finger and index finger. She raised her head and looked at the woman on the second floor. As she did, a strange glint flashed across her eyes: “This is for you to buy medicine!

Right after she said those words, the coins between her fingers flew out at the woman. The speed of the coin was so fast, and the strength so fierce, that the woman was unable to block the blow from the coin.


The woman grunted as the gold coin struck her lower abdomen. It hadn’t gone through her flesh and taken her life, but the blow from the coin had struck her with great force. After the gold coin had struck the woman, it fell to the ground with a bang.

“How dare you!”

The woman in black shouted and looked coldly at Feng Jiu. Although she was. .h.i.t and she grunted at the point of impact, but she hadn’t been pushed backwards by the blow. She wasn’t bleeding, nor was she injured. It was almost as if she had been struck by a stone, it was nothing.

“Okay, okay, the woman upstairs, don’t get angry. Everyone take a step back and give and take a little.” The head innkeeper was afraid they would get into a fight and quickly tried to appease the situation.

Feng Jiu glanced at the woman upstairs with a smirk on her face and said to Leng Shuang and Leng Hua: ” Let’s go.”

“Yes.” The two responded and proceeded to leave with her.

The guests in the inn were all a little surprised at her departure. They hadn’t expected the young boy to give in and was afraid to take on the woman in black.

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