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Arge Chapter 185: Something Hollow

『Uu… It's messy (desu~ no)…』 (Kuzuha)

As Kuzuhchan spoke, it was an unreasonable and messy ma.s.s over Elsie-san.
What remains after the destruction vortex has pa.s.sed is a mountain of rubble and silence.
The moonlight just lit the swallowed cry as if laughing.

『Is this the end… No…』 (Earl)

The Earl gently denied the words he spoke.
Ahead of his line of sight is a pile of debris from crushed structures.
And something is crawling out of it.

『Gu, u …』 (Banders.n.a.t.c.h)

Banders.n.a.t.c.h groans as it's crawling out of the debris.
Beside it was Elsie-san, who was completely unconscious.
If she hasn't disappeared, she should be alive.

『Did you protect your master? Good servant, Distorted Life』 (Earl)

His word sounded somewhat happily.
From everything the Earl has spoken so far, it was the only moment I felt a little emotion from him.

『But that's it.』 (Earl)

『Uu…! 』 (Arge)

『Arge-san!』 (Aoba)

『”Tail Beast Alter Ego”, “Golden Thread Prunus mume“! ! 』 (Kuzuha)

I was moving at the moment the Earl turned his palm toward Elsie-san.
My destination is the front of the two of them.
Bander s.n.a.t.c.h and Elsie-san will not be able to escape in their current condition.
Thankfully, Kuzuhchan and her Alter Ego, and Aobsan also followed me.

『”Disaster“』 (Earl)

『Cut it off, "Quadruple Disaster Weasel" (s.h.i.+jū Magai-Tachi)!!』 (Kuzuha +  3 Alter Ego)

『Block it, my ivy!!』 (Aoba)

Kuzuhchan's squad Quadruple Magic used as a counter is swallowed by That Black man's magic vortex of destruction in an instant.
The wall that Aobsan created by weaving ivy, which was several times thicker than usual also shattered like nothing.

Still, his magic was cut down a little power. I'm thankful.
I overtake Kuzuhchan and raise my voice.

『Please go down…!!』 (Arge)

(T.N: Arge talks in polite language. Normally it should be “I will take you down“)

There aren't many things I can do against the disaster power that is still raging.

I slashed my "Suiren", which has become somewhat familiar to my hand to the extent that it can be said to be my beloved sword, toward the approaching vortex.

The blade sharpened to cut the shapeless thing correctly showed its power against the magic of darkness.
Still, I can't slash it completely, and the magical remnants that flew like a splash are eroding my body.

『Uaaaaa~!』 (Arge)

I don't know why I do this.
Elsie-san honestly has been doing many terrible things. I can't sympathize with her way of life and I don't want to be involved with her many times.
Still, when I thought her life was going to be robbed in front of my eyes, I was moving.

For whatever the reason, the opponent emerged from the Coffin-like thing which has the Kuon family crest on it. Although it seems like he still hasn't completely lost his mind, there's no doubt that he has some relations.h.i.+p with the Kuon Family's reincarnation.

『I  won't allow any more life to be robbed from the Kuon Family…!! 』 (Arge)

I didn't understand the meaning of the words I cried.
In the first place, wasn't I convinced that I was thrown away and had nothing to do with Kuon Family.

So, I wasn't robbed of anything, was I?
Then, why should I feel so impatient now?

I had to protect them.
I couldn't understand the true character of my frustration but I surpa.s.sed my opponent's magic.

『Uu… Pain, Pain, Go away!!』 (Arge)

The magic I cast isn't only to heal myself and Kuzuhchan but also to heal Banders.n.a.t.c.h and Elsie-san behind.
Healing magic will surely mend and erase our wounds.

Even though it's only a moment of battle, I have received a powerful curse and some wounds, so I can't help it.
Concentrating on my consciousness, I set up my sword.

『Gu …』 (Banders.n.a.t.c.h)

『Flee with your master. As far as possible』 (Arge)

There was a sign that something moved behind, so it probably started escaping.
I can't afford to look back, but I can understand because their smell is going further away.
The Earl looked at me in an atmosphere that he wasn't interested in blocking their escape.

『Uu……』 (Arge?)

His eyes as if were removed from the abyss, it changed to crimson light
The brilliance was so deep and cloudy that I couldn't imagine that was the eyes of the same race.

『Are you okay, Arge-san?!』 (Aoba)

『Yes, somehow …』 (Arge)

I replied to Aobsan who ran up to me but I couldn't move.
If I moved even a little, I would be dragged into that pupil.
Such an unpleasant sensation tied my feet.

『…Smell』 (Earl)

『Eh …?』 (Arge)

『You… somehow smell… like that boy』 (Earl)

I don't understand the meaning of his words.
It's because I can't read the emotions from his eyes.
Still, there's no doubt that he showed some interests in me.
Otherwise, he won't talk to me.

『I'm the Void (T.N: Raw means like “Empty” but I prefer the word “Void”』 (Earl)

『Void…? 』 (Arge)

『I'm no longer the Void.
I'm not a disaster, just some magical power.
Neither good nor bad, just a block of magical power.
You are very similar to those who use that power』 (Earl)

『That is …』 (Arge)

『Look at that gla.s.s. It's reflected』 (Earl)

At the end of the direction he pointed to, there was a gla.s.s shattered by magic.
Probably it was in some private house.

It was only for a moment that I saw the reflected of the destroyed landscape and me.
At the next moment, what has been reflected is distorted rapidly, and something else appears.

『this is……!? 』 (Arge)

A boy with l.u.s.trous black hair appeared in the mirror.
His opened eyes are golden and dazzling as if they were burned.
He shook his head loosely and opened his mouth.

『Nice to meet you, Everyone』 (Shouta)

The boy's voice resonated directly in our head, not from the mirror.
It's not our ear but our head and spirit understand his words.
It may be some sort of magic, including the appearance in the mirror, or the power of artifacts.

『This picture is reflected on everything on the surface of the water, mirrors, gla.s.s… this word of mine speaks to everything.
And it allows me to speak to you unilaterally』 (Shouta)

(T.N: I hate this Man in Shouta clothes)

The narrative is quiet, but there is an atmosphere that doesn't let you retort.
The words that resonated were so heavy that I couldn't imagine it came from a boy.

『I'm Kurogane (Black Steel). Kurogane Kuon.
You don't have to remember. I'm just an engineer』 (Kurogane)

『Kuon…! 』 (Arge)

The words he said was certainly Kuon.
Something is stroking my skin.
Even if I don't know why but it's enough to clearly understand that it's unpleasant that my body reacts.

『Let me tell you the words of my Lady.
The Emperess and my boss, Brute-sama.
Yeah, she is busy and I'm acting as a subst.i.tute』(Kurogane)

(T.N: How accuracy. Such a fitting name for this girl. I hate her even more than the Shouta)

He spreads his hands saying that and looks like having fun.
The edge of his mouth is lifted and his golden eyes s.h.i.+ne brightly.
Even his figure that behaves like adjusting the throat seems to be somehow playful, exaggerated, and fun.
And he started speaking the word that he was a subst.i.tute.

『The empire has acc.u.mulated enough power. I got tired of playing with the kingdom.
So the empire declares war on everything』 (Kurogane)

『……!?』 (Arge)

『Not only the Republic and the Kingdom. Even other small countries, small villages.
The empire will reach for every country, every race, every existence.
Eventually, we reach out to the sea, to the Demon Continent, and to other islands. Obey us or die, choose the one you like』 (Kurogane)

『… Do you intend to conquer the world?』 (Satsuki)

Satsuki-san's angry words have not reached the other party.
A boy named Kurogane sighed to show that his speech had ended and shook his hand gently.

『That's why now the Empire is hostile to all nations and organizations.
Whether it's the Kingdom, the Republic, the Commercial guild, or the Vault』 (Kurogane)

『Even Cyril vault…!?』 (Arge?)

Cyril coins are the only currency on this continent.
The Cyril Bank, which manages it, is deeply involved in the finances of everyone in the world and the country.
And they will even attack the Vault if she doesn't follow them.

『This is the end of the message from Brute-sama… the Emperess.
And for me, I can finally decide my value.』 (Kurogane)

『You are …』 (Arge)

『The Imperial army is built with my skills.
I am confident that I will lose to no one. If you think you can crush it, try crus.h.i.+ng it.
I look forward to seeing people in this world satisfy me…』 (Kurogane)

Bowing his head a little, the boy's figure disappears from the mirror.
No one could move, the silence came around.

…A Kuon person.
He called himself Kuon and used the word "this world". Above all, his eyes had the strength of the will and resolve even it was unreasonable.
It's different from a strange one like Aobsan and a defective one like me.
That person is definitely a person who grew up correctly in Kuon family.
As a member of Kuon family, he was brought up as a matter of course to become the best person in the world.

『Why did such a person come to this world …』 (Aoba)

Aobsan said so with a trembling voice.
That's right. Certainly that person is a member of Kuon family.
Even now, after reincarnation, he still follows the framework that the presence of Kuon family will dominate the world.

If the reincarnation condition is that the soul doesn't mesh with the world, then that person cannot be a reincarnation.
So why is he there?

But no one can answer those questions.
The night breeze blows as if ridicule this incomprehension, and it flows without any answers.

『…Did the dogs retreat? Then I'll go back.』 (Earl)

『Wait…』 (Arge)

『…Is there a need for me to wait? 』 (Earl)

『Uuu……』 (Arge)

The Black person had his eyes closed without any feeling and clogged my words.
Elsie-san had the power to win against me, a reincarnated person who had cheat ability.
But this man, he a force with a power which can even overwhelm her.
A monster with a higher combat power than Elsie-san.

Even if you asked me if I can win with such a thing, I can't answer it.

『…Ain't you empty?』 (Earl)

『Eh …?』 (Arge)

『I dare to say, your condition at best only has one fragment left.
Do not follow me, do not follow that man.
Just run away to the end of the earth.
Otherwise… you'll just be emptied just like me』 (Earl)

『That …! 』 (Arge)

Then his figure blurs and disappears as it melts into the darkness.
Probably I couldn't follow his departure from the front using the shadowing skill.
I stood up without being able to do anything with the other party leaving the scars of destruction.

『Then… what is different from that time …?』 (Arge)

I don't know even why I ask this question. And my eyes are getting darker.
I wasn't able to judge whether I lost my consciousness from fatigue or sleepiness.


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