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Chapter 631: Miss the feeling of being tortured by me?

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“…” Ye Qing Luo felt more so that this old man wasn't reliable at all.

But he was still the old man who she had picked back.

Moreover he was famed as Nirvana Realm's Number One G.o.d Thief so even if he hadn't been able to extend his limbs for ten years, he just required a few days' time before he resumed his skills.

Even if he wasn't as amazing as before, but he would at least have the ability to self-protect.

As long as he found his previous feel, the once G.o.d Thief could still return.

After all, to become the Number One G.o.d Thief, that required absolute power.

But it was impossible for her to bring G.o.d Thief back to the academy so it wasn't a bad idea for G.o.d Thief to take care of this huge mansion.

Moreover speaking, those thirty over members from Blue Dragon group might come knocking on the door to report for duty.

Ye Qing Luo still left the huge mansion to G.o.d Thief to take are off but as for The World group, Ye Qing Luo did not pa.s.s it into his hands but merely instructed that if anyone were to come forward with The World group's stamp to rely on help from them, then he should keep them there.

After arranging everything, it was already Chen s.h.i.+ which was around seven to eight am or so, hence Ye Qing Luo and the others left the huge mansion.

They did not arrive at the academy together but split up into several groups.

If they stayed by Ye Qing Luo's side, they would probably become the star of attraction again.

And it would easily expose the devil cla.s.s in front of everyone.

Ye Qing Luo merely brought Ye Feng Yu along as they openly walked through the academy's main gate.

Today was the start of the new term and the academy was filled with mountainous people as it was extremely crowded.

When Ye Qing Luo and Ye Feng Yu walked into the academy, they had indeed become the star attraction.

After all….

So many unbelievable things had happened to Three Springs Sect during this short holiday.

Firstly was Ye Qing Qian and Leng Feng Hua's private affair being exposed, and they were even revealed to be doing something in the Crown Prince's garden under broad daylight…..

Moreover, Ye Qing Qian had been tortured till she was injured.

Of course, if Ye Qing Qian and Leng Feng Hua were in love with each other and had a perfectly legitimate relations.h.i.+p then they could forgo about the formalities.

But unfortunately, Leng Feng Hua was Ye Qing Qian's seventh sister, who was Ye Qing Luo's fiancé!

This was moral degeneracy and a defect on one's three views!

Ye Qing Qian's matter naturally affected Three Springs Sect.

And naturally it would also affect Ye Qing Luo.

This was like the story of a certain person's father was a murderer and from everyone's perspective of that family, they would subconsciously feel that the whole family were all murderers.

While everyone sympathized with Ye Qing Luo, they also felt that Ye Qing Luo and Ye Qing Qian were no different. After all they were taught by the same father.


After that the news of Ye Qing Luo having a clash with the high profound cla.s.s students in Heavenly Fortune Inn, ending with her being picked up by the Overlord's nine tailed sacred beast, came out.

Everyone was sneering at Ye Qing Qian but they didn't dare to include Ye Qing Luo in their ridicules.

It could be said that in the three days of holidays, Three Springs Sect's Eldest and seventh Miss had become the gossip of the entire Three Springs City.

“Actually still have the cheek to come to the academy, really don't know what is called shameless!”

While everyone was whispering, a sharp ear piercing voice was heard.

Following that was a young lady with her arms on her waist as she walked over in an arrogant and willful manner.

Ye Qing Luo could not be bothered with her but that young lady had to stand right in front of her, stretching out her arm to block her.

This was the academy's main entrance and there were plenty of students walking about.

On seeing someone daring to find trouble for Ye Qing Luo, they all started to look up in antic.i.p.ation.

“Your Eldest Sister had done such a shameless thing and had already been chased out of Three Springs City. She is setting off today, aren't you going to send her off?”

That young lady spoke in an eccentric manner.

“Shangguan Liuli.”

Ye Qing Luo spoke in an indifferent tone as she lifted her eyes staring at the arrogant looks while curling up her pink lips to a smile which wasn't quite like a smile, “You haven't been beaten up for three days, do you miss the feeling of being tortured by me?”

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