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Chapter 121 - Come In Waves

"Singing China" is the first reality talent show launched by Beijing Satellite TV. It is divided into seven singing areas: Beijing, Shengjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianfu, Huacheng and Bihai. The total prize amount is more than 30 million yuan!

Such an amount of money has greatly exceeded that of Xiangnan Satellite TV, which is famous for its wealth.

Although only 10 million of the 30 million is the cash reward, the rest are gimmicks of contract training and packaging promotion, but the allocation is still not small.

The singing area champion award reached 100,000, the runner-up was 50,000, the third runner-up was 20,000, and the remaining seven contestants who advanced to the top 10 also each had 10,000, all of which were post-tax bonuses.

After the birth of the top 10 in the Beijing singing area, they will travel to the six major singing areas for a tour of knockout compet.i.tion early next month. The winners of the top 10 will have corresponding bonuses until the top 10 in the country is decided, and then return to Beijing for the final election.

The national champion's bonus is as high as 5 million, including 1 million cash awards and 4 million new star training fund!

It is precisely because the awards are so generous that "Singing China" has been sought after by numerous professional and non-professional singers. The compet.i.tion in the seven major singing areas is in full swing, with rising ratings.

Beijing Satellite TV has made a lot of money in advertising.

As the most important Beijing singing area in the seven singing areas, the ratings of the top 10 final on the evening of July 31 broke through 4%, reaching 4.76%, which is as hot as 5%.

At present, the ratings of domestic TV programs are surveyed independently by the new company under the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), and belong to the state-owned third-party authority. Therefore, the authenticity is beyond doubt.

In the past, when the benefits of TV advertis.e.m.e.nt doubled dramatically, there were once as many as a dozen domestic television program rating survey organizations. Because there were no fixed standards, and an endless covert operations and insider trading, the situation was chaotic and disorderly.

Some organizations didn't even have any qualifications and dare to produce ratings lists.

Later, because the opinions of the industry were too great, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television personally set up a new company and swept all sort of bad elements into the garbage heap of history. Only then can the domestic TV programs have reliable ratings data.

The audience rating data collection of the new company is not limited to the TV screen, but also includes the live webcast. And Beijing Satellite TV's "Singing China" Beijing singing area hadn't gotten a rating of more than 4%.

This breakthrough reached 4.76%, an increase of 1%, which is worth celebrating.

On the evening of August 1, the first national finals of Xiangnan Satellite TV's "Super Singer" was broadcast live with a rating of 3.42%.

This result was a big surprise. It should be known that in terms of variety shows, Xiangnan Satellite TV has always been the authoritative leader, and has basically not lost in a showdown with other satellite TV. In the early stage, it also steadily suppressed Beijing Satellite TV.

But the situation has finally changed.

Although the specific reasons need to be concretely a.n.a.lyzed, many people in the industry believe that the decline in the ratings of "Super Singer" has a certain relations.h.i.+p with Ling Xiaoxiao's lack of follow-up.

In that night's compet.i.tion, Ling Xiaoxiao's original work "Kaleidoscope" was mediocre, and on the Internet, the discussion that his work imitated and copied KDK, a former South Korean male group, has not quieted down.

By comparison. As Ling Xiaoxiao's rival, Lu Chen, who sang at "Singing China" was fiercer and more successful.

Lu Chen's original work "Fly Higher", which he brought out in Beijing singing area's top 10 final, appeared on the new song list of WeChat Music the next day, ranking ninth, and the number of clicks and downloads increased dramatically.

In Inspur Blog, Xiaoxiao's support group was no longer arrogant. Facing Lu Family Army's provocation, they all pretended to be dead dogs.

With the rising ratings of "Singing China", Lu Chen finally broke through his original circle and initially gained his own status and reputation in the pop music world or the big entertainment industry.

Although he is still a young new star, but as an independent artist, to be able to come to this step is a small miracle, and in the foreseeable future, his starlight will become more brilliant.

Two days after the end of Beijing singing area's top 10 final. A number of entertainment media and agency companies have come to him.

They apparently found out the details of Lu Chen and wanted to come over early.

Lu Chen pushed all these visitors to Lu Xi.

His opinion is very clear, that is, signing a contract is out of the question, but cooperation is not a problem, as long as the other side is sincere.

But his so-called cooperation, to put it bluntly, is selling songs!

Do you have any new idols who need good songs?

Then our Lu Chen studio can tailor-made one for customers. As for the quality of the work, please refer to "In Spring", "Reason To Be Strong", "You Who Sat Next To Me", "Fly Higher" and so on.

As for the price, a song is 200,000, with no upper limit!

Lu Chen studio's offer scared away several people who came with the idea picking up bargain, but also made several other powerful companies feel very entangled.

Lu Chen's talent is beyond doubt. The value of a single "In Spring", not to mention 200,000, even 1 million is worth paying. Such cla.s.sic is really too rare.

Buying a song for 200,000 yuan doesn't put much pressure on them, but if the song they buy is inappropriate or can't produce enough benefits, the person in charge will definitely going to suffer a loss.

To say the least, Lu Chen's rise is too rapid, unlike the established big names, who are trustworthy in both credibility and strength. In case he runs out of inspiration, can he still write good songs?

Then, not only the 200,000 yuan be thrown in the water in vain, but they will also be laughed at by their colleagues!

After all, Lu Chen has created a lot of works now. As a young newcomer, his acc.u.mulation is still shallow.

In addition, there are some rumors in the circle, saying that the songs "In Spring", "Reason To Be Strong", "I Want To Have A Home" and "Fly Higher" do not seem to have been written by Lu Chen himself, and there may be a behind-the-scenes team working on it.

Similar matters like this have happened before.

Nowadays, 99% of the so-called gra.s.s-root stars are hyped up.

This kind of rumor was described as if it was real, but also has a certain reason. Although it is true that people are not jealous of mediocre talent. Lu Chen, who seemingly has no roots, is so popular that it might not necessarily be groundless!

Therefore, after talking to Lu Xi, these companies chose to wait and see for a while.

Lu Chen didn't care about this. He said to Lu Xi, "The next time they come back, raise the price of a song to 300,000 yuan, not a cent less!"

Lu Xi smiled and said, "Isn't that not good?"

Lu Chen was confident: "At that time, it will be them asking us, not us asking them."

Lu Chen's greatest wealth comes from the countless cla.s.sics in the dream world. He can't possibly sing them all by himself. He's definitely going to sell many of them.

But if good things are taken out too much, then it is worthless. Lu Chen was very clear about this, so he would rather have them rot in his own hands than sell them cheaply in large quant.i.ties.

The entertainment media companies that come to their doors are clearly unaware of this, or they are aware of this, but dare not gamble on the power they have. It is perfectly normal to continue to wait and see.

However, at this time and until "Singing China" compet.i.tion is all over, the situation is bound to be very different.

And at that time, it won't be three or two kittens knocking on the door. (TN: Kitten = weakling. Or in this case, small company.)

Lu Chen is full of confidence in this.

He set up his own studio and took the path of independent artists without thinking about how to compete with his peers in the industry.

Lu Chen Studio is entirely for Lu Chen's own service. The studio will not sign people or dig people. It will not scramble for resources, but create resources. It can undoubtedly carry out friendly cooperation with most of its peers.

For example, the Nirvana Studio, which is making an alb.u.m for him.

At least now Lu Chen has no ambition to build an entertainment media empire. What he wants is to become a superstar like Tan Hong. Even more than his childhood idol, to become a genuine perfect superstar.

He wants everyone to remember his name and bring all the cla.s.sics from the dream world into this world.

And it may take a lifetime to realize such a dream!

Some people came, walk away, and went back empty-handed.

There are also people that came, and they won't stop until they take something with them.

Lu Chen still welcomes such people.

"h.e.l.lo, Director Su!"

On August 3rd, a day before Lu Chen leaves for Shengjing, Su Qingmei, director of light rain media, came to the studio.

This young lady came with two a.s.sistants and Lu Chen personally received them.

After all, Light Rain Media is his biggest partner at present.

Su Qingmei was dismissive of the small studio, and didn't even show interest in it. She went straight to the point and said bluntly, "Lu Chen, we want the song "Fly Higher", and we can sign a contract now!"

Wandering band became a hit, and "In Spring" has been at the top of the list for three weeks. As a signing company of light rain media, how can they ignore Lu Chen's work?

So, Su Qingmei came, even though she was still a little uncomfortable with Lu Chen.

Lu Chen smiled lightly and said, "This song is going to be the second alb.u.m of the North Needle Band, right?"

Su Qingmei was surprised: "How do you know?"

This is not hard to guess. Originally, Light Rain Media first signed the North Needle band, but later signed the Wandering band, and because the latter quickly put together a small alb.u.m, so they took the lead.

Nowadays, the wandering band is very popular. On one hand, Light Rain Media should strike the iron while is hot, on the other hand, they also have to push out the North Needle band, in order to enhance their position in the industry.

With the example of the Wandering band, a single t.i.tle song "Blue Lotus" obviously cannot meet the Light Rain Media's requirements for the North Needle band, and their appet.i.te has been raised.

"The matter about the copyright, talk to the manager of our studio!"

Lu Chen was too lazy to answer her question and solemnly pushed his sister out to the other party.

"Lu Xi is also my agent."

He believed that Lu Xi's ability was enough to hold the young lady steady.

And will not be taken advantage by Light Rain Media.

Su Qingmei and Lu Xi met for the first time.

When they held each other's hand, and look at each other, there was a faint invisible spark in the air.

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