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Chapter 120 - Soaring To Great Heights

"Life is like a great river. At times peaceful at times turbulent…"

"Reality is like a pair of shackles, chaining me I can't escape…"

"The mystery of life sharp like a knife, time and time wounding me…"

"I know that the happiness I seek, lies in the higher skies…"

"I want to fly higher, fly higher!"

Beijing Satellite TV broadcast hall is very quiet. Only Lu Chen's pa.s.sionate singing is reverberating, impacting…

Reverberating in people's ears, and impacting their minds!

Lu Chen's original song is called "Fly Higher", which he once sang on the PK Theme show of [Whale TV], and then never sang it again.

And on the big stage of Beijing Satellite TV tonight, he used his very recognizable voice and powerful emotions to perfectly express the song again.

Compared with his singing during the live broadcast, this time "Fly higher" has been re-compiled, adding a rich timbre accompaniment, which made the work sublimated both in melody and rhythm, and more impressive.

In this song, Lu Chen has put out his complete strength.

Especially at the climax of the chorus, he completely opened his voice and challenged the new height of his voice.

This naturally dealt a great shock to the 1,500 audiences at the scene, as well as those in front of the TV and computer.

At the same time, it also deeply touched the four judges.

In the preliminary round, Lu Chen sang "Life on A String". His style was a little lazy and casual. He sang this melodious love song affectionately, giving people a feeling of comfort, sweetness, coziness, and even warmth.

In the top 16 of 32 compet.i.tion, Lu Chen changed his work into a folk song. The sad and nostalgic "You Who Sat Next To Me" touched the hearts of many people, reminding them of their beautiful youth.

In terms of the value of the work alone, "You Who Sat Next To Me" is undoubtedly better than "Life on A String".

This young and outstanding singer is the biggest surprise that "Singing China" has brought to the audience!

Tan Hong, Chen Fei'er, and Lin Zhijie were all antic.i.p.ating this evening's Beijing Singing Area Final, and whether Lu Chen could bring out the same excellent original work again, and bring everyone another surprise.

It's just that they all know it's not easy.

It's not surprising that a young singer-songwriter to come up with one or two good works, but it takes a great deal of talent and a deep foundation to create one excellent work after another.

Can young Lu Chen do it? Can he still show a refres.h.i.+ng inspiration?

Apart from Lu Chen's die-hard fans, no one knew the real answer until he took the stage.

The result is that Lu Chen did not disappointed everyone. His new work is still wonderful or maybe even better.

Moreover, his style changed again, as if the repressed emotion in his heart were vented through this song, completely letting go of himself, and struggled to break free of all the fetters and rushed to the highest peak!

"I want to fly higher, fly higher! Dancing like the wild wind, escaping earth's embrace!"

"I want to fly higher, fly higher! Wings stirring up a storm, heart whistling, fly higher!"

"Fly higher. Fly higher…"

Many of the live audiences stood up, and despite the fact that Lu Chen's singing was not over, they clapped their hands hard and cheered for him!

Such a warm and exciting scene has never been seen in any of the contestants before.

Because these audiences are not invited by the TV station, they don't have any prepared lines in advance, and they are not a.s.signed to any tasks needed for shooting. Their emotions are completely real, and their expressions came from their hearts! (TN: Not invited = not planted audience.)

The atmosphere of the scene cannot be felt in front of the screen.

Until Lu Chen hoa.r.s.ely roared out the last few lyrics.

"I want to fly higher, fly higher! Dancing like the wild wind, escaping earth's embrace!"

Whish ~

The whole audience rose to give him a standing ovation, including the four judges.

Everyone is using their warmest applause to set off a storm and help Lu Chen fly higher!

No words are needed at this moment. Applause is enough to express everything.

Many people believe that this moment will become one of the most profound memories in their lives.

The live footage was switched to the waiting area of the big stage.

In tonight's singing area final, two more members of Lu Chen's group of relatives and friends came to the scene to help.

They are Lu Xi and Chen Xin.

After Lu Chen talked to Chen Xin that day, the girl from Sichuan resigned the next day. She formally joined Lu Chen's studio and became Lu Xi's a.s.sistant and office clerk.

After a few days of trial, Lu Xi was quite satisfied with her, so she brought her to the evening compet.i.tion.

Chen Xin also applauded. Because of too much excitement, her round face flushed, as if it were a ripe apple, showing a bit of beauty and loveliness.

By contrast, Lu Xi was much more reserved and applauded at a slow pace.

However, the crystal-clear s.h.i.+ne on the corner of her eyes clearly tells people that her heart is not as calm as the surface.

This song "Fly Higher" also deeply touched Lu Xi.

She suddenly realized that her brother was no longer the innocent naughty child of that time.

He has grown up, matured, and he already has the wings to fly!

She suddenly felt a little melancholy.

The applause lasted for more than a minute before it subsided.

Lu Chen bowed deeply: "Thank you!"

When everyone's mood almost returned to normal, Zhen Zhen first said, "Your song reminds me of "In Spring". The expression of emotion is very intense, and the lyrics are also very meaningful."

"Lu Chen, do you know?"

"You make me believe that the original works of domestic pop music will never die, that there will always be hope!"

She pressed hard on the scorer. "So, I'll give you 10 points this time!"

The whole audience burst into thunderous applause again.

In the last match, Zhen Zhen gave Lu Chen only 9 points.

Lu Chen thanked: "Thank you, Teacher Zhen Zhen."

Tan Hong suddenly stood up, strode onto the stage, opened his arms, and gave Lu Chen a hug.

"Well written, sang better!"

His behavior surprised everyone. Laughter and applause broke out at the same time.

Tan Hong, who returned to the judge's seat, also gave Lu Chen a full score of 10!

Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "Big Brother Tan likes to support newcomers most. I also like this song."

"Lu Chen, you are an excellent singer-songwriter. I like all your works very much. So, I'd like to invite you as a guest at my concert in Beijing in the second half of the year. Would you like to do that?"


Whether it was the 1,500 audiences at the scene, or the hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the screen, they were all surprised and astonished.

Chen Fei'er appreciates Lu Chen. Anyone could see it, but no one expected that she would invite Lu Chen to be a guest at her concert.

For a newcomer who just debuted, this is a great honor, and also a great luck.

Chen Fei'er has always had the reputation of being the Queen of Sweet Songs in the domestic pop music scene. She has created a number of record sales records for a female singer. Although now without the glory of the past, she is still a big shot in the circle.

With the help of Chen Fei'er, he will appear and sing at her concert, and the effect is no worse than appearing on the stage of "Singing China."

Lu Chen was also stupefied, but he reacted quickly and immediately answered, "It's my pleasure!"

Chen Fei'er smiled, and the camera accurately captured her look at that moment.

Incomparably touching.

Chen Fei'er also gave Lu Chen 10 points!

Finally, Lin Zhijie. After encouraging Lu Chen with some words, he added 10 points to Lu Chen.

40 points!

Lu Chen got all the judges' scores in one fell swoop. Although it was generally accepted that there was no doubt that he would be promoted to the top 10, this unsurpa.s.sed score has greatly increased his chances of winning the top position!

Next are the votes of both the live audience and the off-site audience.

The host came to the stage and stood next to Lu Chen, holding a tablet computer in his hand.

He is there to announce the results of the real-time vote count.

Name of contestant: Lu Chen

Contestant number: 007

Song: "Fly Higher"

The judges' total score: 40

Live audience votes: 1,488 votes

Off-site audience votes: 1,275,280 votes

Overall score: 98.71 points.


Compared with the previous match, Lu Chen's total number of votes cast by off-site audience in the same counting time has nearly tripled, from 700,000 + to 1.27 million +, which is enough to show his current strong popularity.

With a total score of 98.71 points, there is no doubt that he will be crowned first in the top 10 in Beijing.

It should be known that the first two outstanding contestants, Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing, only have an overall score of 94.23 and 93.17, which are far behind Lu Chen.

With this high score, Lu Chen's name appeared at the top of the list on the big screen.

Once again, there was a big round of applause!

Similarly seething with excitement are [Whale TV]'s Lu Fei live broadcasting room, and the official post bar of "Singing China".

Especially in the post bar, Lu Chen fans, who have endured for almost 10 minutes, are very proud and elated. Everyone turned to those who made the previous skeptical posts and damaging posts, whipped the corpse in their face, and mocked them heartily!

All the people who were beaten in the face disappeared, and even if they wanted to fight back, they had no weapons.

Lu Chen not only got the highest score so far, but also won the praise of Tan Hong and Chen Fei'er, who even invited Lu Chen to be a guest at her concert.

How can this be questioned and discredited?

Only a few IDs didn't want to give up, saying the game is not over, and it is still unknown who will be the winner.

However, they are doomed to be disappointed. The eight players who appeared after Lu Chen failed to break his total score record, and even Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing could not surpa.s.s it.

Therefore, Lu Chen indisputably won the t.i.tle of the top 10 champion of "Singing China" in the Beijing singing area!

In addition to his chief honor, he also received an post-tax bonus from Beijing Satellite TV.

100,000 yuan.

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