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She and Connecting Dots

The next day, I once again went to the annex where Lady Helene lives by myself.
Having said that, I don't have business with Lady Helene. Seeing me walk leisurely, the royal guards I saw in front of the building the day before yesterday bowed their heads to me.

"Good morning, Princess Consort. We do not mean to question you, but do you have some business with Lady Helene?"

It was a natural question, but I denied.

"No, that's not it. There's a little something I want you ask you."
"Haa? Us?"
"That's right, may I have a moment?"
"Naturally. There's no problem, but…"

I sweetly smiled towards the puzzled soldiers and asked them a question I had prepared beforehand.
The two soldiers obediently responded "Yes" to it without any particular doubt.

"Yeah, you are correct about visitations. What about it?"
"As expected… No, it's nothing. One more thing, I wonder who delivers white lilies to Lady Helene?"

Taking the opportunity, I tried asking. It was on my mind just a little.
One of the soldiers nodded his head to my question.

"An old gardener who single-handedly tends the royalty quarter garden. For the last three years he's been coming every few days to deliver white lilies. The court lady, Mistress Emma receives them, but is there any problem?"

I was convinced by hearing it's a gardener. I've never met him, but there certainly is a gardener who exclusively takes care of the royalty quarter garden. At any rate, it's a garden where various flowers bloom regardless of the reason.

"No, there is no problem. I just wanted to hear it. Thank you."
"Haa? We are glad to have proven useful, however…?"

I left Lady Helene's mansion, leaving behind two soldiers tilting their heads. Alright, for now I heard what I wanted to hear.
Uh-huh, while nodding to myself this time I headed for Mother-in-law's room.
I don't have business with Mother-in-law either. I arrived in front of her room and again talked to royal guards protecting the door.

"I wonder if I could have a moment?"
"Ha? Princess Consort? Do you not have business with the Queen?"
"I don't. There's something I want to ask you."

They must've not expected me to have business with them. The two soldiers raised bewildered voices and looked at each other.

"… We don't mind, but what could be your business?"

Their gazes were slightly vigilant. I smiled to show that it's not a big deal.

"I only want to ask you a little something, don't be nervous. Supposing you are forbidden to speak, you don't have to force yourself to say it. I don't intend to pressure you. However, if you aren't, I would like you to tell me one thing. Perhaps――."

Both soldiers stared at me in wonder after hearing me out.
Their expressions said that they hadn't expected this.

"How about it?"
"… No, umm. Is that the only thing you wanted to hear?"
"Yeah, that's right."

When I clearly stated that, one of the soldiers nervously spoke.

"… It is as Princess Consort says."
"Oi, you!"

The other soldiers hurriedly rebuked him, but the soldier who replied shook his head.

"No, but see, it's not really a violation of orders…"
"Ugh… No, certainly, speaking strictly that's true, but…"

They began discussing in whispers. I watched over that in silence.

"… I want it known already. You always say that too, right?"
"… Of course I do. But, but see!"
"Think about it, isn't it a good opportunity?"

The soldier sank into silence. Eventually, he quietly nodded.

"… Got it."

It seems their meaningful conversation concluded.
The soldier who had rebuked the other faced me and said.

"This fellow nodded too, and it is as Princess Consort guessed."

I cannot say any more, while smiling I thanked the soldier who told me so.

"It's enough."
"No, I am glad I could be useful."

The answer I got from them was what I'd expected, but I'm considerably relieved I got the information to back up my prediction.
Not wanting to be noticed by Mother-in-law I again thanked them and hurriedly left, but their gazes clinging to me as they said "Please take care of it" had me beaten.
I replied that they shouldn't get their hopes up too much, but surely they have incredible expectations for me.
… Otherwise, they probably wouldn't tell me.

"n.o.body is honest…"

I walked alone in a hallway.
Not a single person is satisfied with the situation, and yet n.o.body is honest.
Everybody is keeping each other in check so n.o.body can move.
I can move perhaps because I'm a newcomer who doesn't deeply understands the circ.u.mstances. And maybe I'm being needlessly meddlesome.
Nevertheless, I don't want to stop now.
I want everybody to be happy. So if there's something I can do, I want to do it.
While walking through the royalty quarter corridors, I was thinking of what to do next.

"After all the problem is Lady Helene, isn't she…"

The secret she told me is going round and round in my head.
She is the same as the soldiers from before. She must've shared as much information as she could. I understand that. I can roughly predict what she desires.
Thanks to that the stories so far connect, but I think I mustn't act recklessly.
Because, I'm missing one piece. Like this the result won't be as I desire.


While sighing that things aren't quite going smoothly, I left the royalty quarter.
As I walked through a hallway, I suddenly wanted to see Freed's face. It may be a good idea to peek into the office for a moment.
When I set course there with such thoughts, I was called out to.

"Yo, Lidi."
"Ah, Older Brother."

My Brother was walking from the opposite direction. He carefreely approached me and with a smile started talking.

"I just learned from Freed. I heard you went to see the Royal Guard Chivalric Order practice two days ago? How was it? Did Freed look cool?"
"Eh? Yup, of course!"

I was confused for a moment that he brought up the story from two days ago, but I soon nodded.
Seeing me easily agree, Brother laughed "I see" exasperatedly.
He then patted my shoulder.

"You've come to completely acknowledge you love Freed. Strangely, it makes the period you called it (provisional) nostalgic."
"… Don't talk about that."

I've always loved him, and yet for some reason I called it (provisional) to not recognize it. To be honest, I don't want to remember that foolish past of mine.
In the first place, what is (provisional). I don't understand its meaning. Were you stupid, me?
Thinking about it now, I'm only embarra.s.sed.
When I averted my eyes while feeling like running away, Brother laughed kukuku from the back of his throat.

"Well, ain't it fine? Freed is happy too."

Saying so he laughed for a while, then his face turned serious.

"Nn? What?"

Brother had an unusually serious expression. When I tilted my head, Brother prefaced with "Let me tell you once".

"I said it to Freed, and I'll say it to you…. Since your feelings are now mutual, absolutely don't do anything that would make Freed sad."
"What so suddenly?"

That would make Freed sad? Although I didn't understand what Brother meant, I denied.

"Are you stupid, Older Brother? There's no way I would do that, right?"
"I know that. You ain't that kind of gal. But it's unfair to only say that to Freed. That guy seriously loves you. If something happened to you, that guy would probably break. That's why, don't do anything stupid."
"… I know that."

I was rebuked with a serious look on his face, but I still objected in a quiet voice.
I know Freed loves me. I understand he's chosen me as his one and only partner. That's why I said.

"I understand it properly even without you telling me, Older Brother."

When I spoke from the bottom of my heart, Brother nodded "Then it's fine".
Then he suddenly gave a broad smile and again patted my shoulder.

"Well, I don't think Freed would let you go now. If you show even a small sign of wanting to run away, he'd immediately confine you."
"… Hey Older Brother, that's not funny."

Mmhm, crossing his arms Brother nodded again and again.
However, it was unbearable for me who was told that.

"… Stop scaring me."

When I frowned, Brother grinned.

"You don't need to worry, right? The current Freed can't help but want to spoil you so. If you just slightly snuggle to him and beg, he'll buy you anything."
"I don't really want that. I don't need Freed if I want to buy something."

If there's something I want, I'll buy it myself. Besides, I received the ring from Freed.
That's enough.

"I guess. You're such a gal."

Brother nodded with satisfaction to my answer.
Somehow Brother's face was awfully irritating, so while he wasn't looking at me, with all my strength I kicked his s.h.i.+n with a heel. As soon as I did, Brother jumped up.

"Oooouch! You! Lidi! How dare you kick me with a heel!"
"Brother, your face like you were the only to understand was unpleasant. I won't reflect."
"Oi! How about you do reflect!"

I faced away in a huff. "Ouch!", Brother made another exaggerated noise.
When I ignored him and looked at the scenery outside the hallway, I saw Glenn walking in the garden.

"Ah, it's Glenn."

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