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Chapter 83: Hitting On Girls Is A Skill (2)

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Your Highness?

Ye Qingtang’s heart sank immediately when she heard Mu Su.

Apart from his ident.i.ty as the City Lord of Fallen Stars City, Mu Su was also said to pledge allegiance to the Antiquity Palace.

Antiquity Palace was a place that one was most unable to climb up to, and also where all the most powerful figures were at.

It was rumored the Antiquity Palace was situated between the mainlands for centuries and every Palace Lord throughout the ages was extremely powerful, causing everyone to be absolutely terrified. In front of the Antiquity Palace, all the large, powerful sects in the world were very modest and did not dare to show the slightest disrespect.

No one could shake up the position that the Antiquity Palace palace had in everyone’s hearts. The strangest thing was that there was only the Palace Lord in the Antiquity Palace throughout history. Even a mighty figure like Mu Su could only pledge allegiance and could not join the Antiquity Palace.

However, it was this sole Palace Lord who everyone regarded with reverence.

The Palace Lord of Antiquity Palace had unfathomable skills and could be said to be the most powerful existence on earth. Furthermore, the Palace Lord rarely appeared in front of people. Even Ye Qingtang, who had lived for three hundred years in her previous life, had never seen the Antiquity Palace’s Palace Lord before.

But what Ye Qingtang was truly worried about was the Heart of the Demon G.o.d in her body!

No one other than Ye Qingtang would be clearer about the turmoil that the Heart of the Demon G.o.d brought. Though she already grasped the technique to hide the Heart of the Demon G.o.d, if the person sitting in the room was really the Palace Lord of the Antiquity Palace, even she was unable to confirm whether the other party would discover it.

If he discovered it, she would definitely die given her current abilities!

At that moment, her good mood turned into deep worry. Ye Qingtang initially thought that Mu Su was going to introduce Ye Qingtang to his friend, however…

If she knew it was the Palace Lord of Antiquity Palace, she would have definitely not come!

In the inner chamber, Han Cangming sat upright on a chair. The curtain’s obstruction was not enough to block his vision. He could clearly see Ye Qingtang standing two meters away from him.

Against the candlelight, the girl’s alluring looks were even softer. Her bright eyes were downcast, as if they were holding back all emotions.

Han Cangming’s gaze swept across Ye Qingtang. His beautiful eyes appeared slightly complicated as they searched for something.

In the room, Mu Su, who had just spoken, did not sense Ye Qingtang’s sudden nervousness. He was initially waiting for His Highness to say something so as to take the opportunity to get closer to Ye Qingtang, but…

After waiting for so long, there was still no sound in the room.

Mu Su was dumbfounded on the spot.

What was going on?

He had brought the person there already, but why was His Highness not taking any action?

Open your mouth and say something!

Anxiety filled Mu Su, and he wished he could dash into the room to give His Highness a reminder. However, because Ye Qingtang was present, it was inconvenient to be too obvious about it, and he could only endure the suffocating silence.

He looked at Ye Qingtang and suddenly realized that Ye Qingtang wore a strange expression. Immediately, the anxiety within him deepened further.

Your Highness, your silence can easily scare people to death! Can’t you see that this lady’s face has turned pale already!

However, Mu Su was unaware that what really made Ye Qingtang nervous was not Han Cangming’s silence but her fear that… the person in the inner chamber might have discovered something. That was why she still did not say anything.

Mu Su was very afraid that his seemingly clever act would backfire and could only repeat what he said to Han Cangming earlier on another time, “Your Highness, Lady Ye’s spirit root is a little special. I really cannot understand and am also afraid to hold up her cultivation; thus, I brought her here to trouble Your Highness to take a look.”

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