Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 729 - Senior and Junior Brothers (1)

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Chapter 729: Senior and Junior Brothers (1)

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Perfected Xuanchen nodded and asked Yan Shu to bring Ye Qingtang around in the valley. He would discuss the details of the sword with Master Du.

Yan Shu then brought Ye Qingtang out of the hall.

“The Valley Master presides over the Falling Sky Valley. Under the Valley Master, there are twelve Peak Masters who are in charge of the twelve peaks. Our Master was Admirable Sky Peak’s Peak Master previously. He took over the duty as the Valley Master temporarily as the old Valley Master was sick.” Yan Shu led Ye Qingtang to her living place and explained on the way there.

Since Perfected Xuanchen took Ye Chen in as his disciple, she would be Yan Shu’s Junior Brother. Though Yan Shu was not very pleased by that, he would still carry out his duties according to his Master’s command.

“This is where we stay. Settle down first, and I will lead you around the valley later to be familiar with the surroundings here. Your spirit animals… It’s better if you ask them to stay in the room.” Yan Shu’s sight landed on the two figures behind Ye Qingtang.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Yan.” Ye Qingtang nodded and said.

Yan Shu took a glimpse at Ye Qingtang. His eyesight was complex. Honestly speaking, he did not recognize her ability. She was not qualified to be his Master’s disciple as she only possessed the yellow spirit root. However…

Ye Qingtang had the Millennium Meteoric Iron and was friends with Master Du.

“Arrange your stuff for a while. I’ll wait for you outside,” Yan Shu said.

Ye Qingtang nodded and walked into her room.

The arrangement of the rooms of Falling Sky Valley disciples was about the same. Ye Qingtang felt emotional towards the things that were familiar to her.

Yan Shu stood outside the door and waited. Two disciples walked towards him after a while.

“Yan Shu? How come you are here? Aren’t you supposed to be with Master now?” The tall and arrogant young man smiled and asked.

Yan Shu felt a headache when he saw the person.

“Senior Brother Qian.”

The young man named Qian Ze. He was also Perfected Xuanchen’s disciple. He was very talented, but his personality was not something to be flattered. He caused trouble everywhere, and it would not be an exaggeration to call him the tyrant.

Though Qian Ze was slightly younger than Yan Shu, he apprenticed earlier. As a result, Yan Shu had to address him as Senior Brother.

“I thought that you were always the most obedient person. How come you sneaked out today?” Qian Ze smiled and looked at Yan Shu.

“Master just took in a new disciple. I’m here to introduce him to the valley,” Yan Shu said expressionlessly.

Qian Ze lifted his eyebrows slightly. The person standing beside Qian Ze was Ji Yixuan. He was slightly curious after hearing Yan Shu’s words.

“Master had a new disciple?”

“Yes.” Yan Shu nodded.

As the three of them were chatting, the door behind Yan Shu was opened. Ye Qingtang walked out of the room. She saw Qian Ze and Ji Yixuan outside once she raised her head.

“This is my new little Junior Brother then? Such a pretty face.” Qian Ze sized up Ye Qingtang.

“Junior Brother Qian.” Ji Yixuan frowned.

Qian Ze shrugged his shoulders.

Ye Qingtang’s eyes were filled with smiles as she stared at Qian Ze.

She had met Ji Yixuan before at the Formidable Heavens Dynasty.

As for Qian Ze…

He was really her acquaintance in her previous life.

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