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Chapter 728: Amazing (3)

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Even Yan Shu and Xiong Feng were surprised by Master Du’s reply.

How big is this Ye Chen?!

Perfected Xuanchen was filled with astonishment. “May I know what’s the relation between you and this Brother Ye?”

“We are good friends in spite of the age difference,” Master Du said with a laugh. Previously, when Ye Qingtang came to the Bliss Forging Workshop to find him, she had already made it clear that she wished to be a disciple of Falling Sky Valley’s Perfected Xuanchen.

Master Du wanted to collaborate with Ye Qingtang, and now that he knew Ye Qingtang needed help, he would support her fully.

“Good friends in spite of the age difference?” The surprise in Perfected Xuanchen’s eyes deepened as he looked at Ye Qingtang, who smiled sweetly.

“I’ve troubled you to make this trip, Master Du,” Ye Qingtang said with a smile.

“It’s just you. If it’s others, I would be too lazy to move an inch.” Although Master Du was aloof, he was rather polite to Ye Qingtang, the person he wanted to collaborate with.

He was still waiting to collaborate with this fellow and thus spoke well of him.

Ye Qingtang was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry, but Master Du’s words did boost her face.

Yan Shu was utterly dumbfounded. He previously thought that this Ye Chen was merely making big talk and that it was simply impossible for him to request for Master Du’s appearance successfully.

Yet, unexpectedly…

It was a big slap in his face.

Not only did Master Du come, but his words also implied that he had a good relations.h.i.+p with Ye Qingtang.

This made Yan Shu, who experienced countless cold-shoulder treatments, extremely shocked.

What exactly is this Ye Chen’s background?

He said he was inviting Master Du over and really did so?

It must be known that even his Master could not invite this Master Du over…

“What kind of sword do you wish to make?” Master Du immediately looked at Perfected Xuanchen.

Perfected Xuanchen’s heart leaped a beat, and he handed Master Du a sketch that he had prepared a long time ago.

After taking a look, Master Du said, “The sword is pretty good. However, if you wish to make this sword, the materials used cannot be ordinary ones. Otherwise, even if it is made, it will just be a useless piece of metal that is pleasant to the eye.”

Perfected Xuanchen was not in a hurry to speak and merely cast a look at Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang smiled. “If my Master needs it, I will offer the Millennium Meteoric Iron to forge this sword.”

Perfected Xuanchen thought of the promise he made to Ye Qingtang that he said casually so that she could retreat in face of difficulties. Yet, unexpectedly… it actually came true.

A gentleman never went back on his promise.

Perfected Xuanchen sighed lightly and looked at Master Du. “Master Du, what if the Millennium Meteoric Iron is used to forge this weapon?”

“That would be the best. If Millennium Meteoric Iron is used, its effects would be amplified fully.” Master Du knew that Ye Qingtang wanted to be apprenticed to Perfected Xuanchen and knew that she had the Millennium Meteoric Iron.

Perfected Xuanchen nodded slightly and met with Ye Qingtang’s eyes.

“Ye Chen.”


“From today on, you are my disciple,” Perfected Xuanchen slowly said what Ye Qingtang had been waiting to hear for a long time.

Smiles filled Ye Qingtang’s eyes.

She heard this sentence in her previous life as well, and it was so reminiscing to hear again today.

“I pay respects to Master!” Ye Qingtang immediately knelt on one knee and bowed to Perfected Xuanchen!

Falling Sky Valley, she is back.


She is back.

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