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Chapter 682: Skin (1)

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Once the slave master on the wooden stage saw that male, he immediately rushed up eagerly.

“Young Sir Shangguan, what brings you here today?”

When the group of buyers noticed that male, they instinctively made way.

The male before them was called Shangguan Rui. His father was the Nine Nights Dynasty’s Dragon-Tiger General and had a large number of troops under him. He was one of Qin Long’s trusted subordinates and was regarded highly by Qin Long.

Shangguan Rui was the only son of the Dragon-Tiger General. Although he had an honorable ident.i.ty, he was born with many flaws. Not only was his appearance extremely hideous, but he also had a nauseating smell on his body since birth.

Because of his flaws and the fact that his father was a general who controlled a ma.s.sive amount of troops, he could do anything he wanted in the entire Nine Nights Dynasty, and even normal influential ministers had to give in to him.

Shangguan Rui glanced at the slave master and then at the girls on the wooden stage who were barely clothed. An evil glint shone in his uneven eyes.

“I heard that there are quite a few new arrivals today. I’m here to take a look.”

“Yes, yes, yes. They all came not long ago and are all inexperienced. Do take a look, Young Sir Shangguan.” The slave master responded obsequiously with an arched back as he rubbed his hands.

Shangguan Rui nodded slightly and walked up to the wooden stage with his guards. He stood before those trembling girls frivolously and looked at those terrified girls as though he was scanning through livestock. When he saw the girl whose clothes was torn by the slave master previously, his brows were raised slightly. He stretched a hand out and grabbed on the girl’s hair as she was looking down, forcing her to look up.

It was a fair and exquisite face. Her pretty facial features were filled with fear and despair. Large teardrops slipped out from the corner of her eyes as she trembled in fear.

“Her looks are not bad.” Shangguan Rui took a glance of that girl and subsequently nodded at the slave master.

The slave master immediately followed him and laughed. “We brought this girl from the eastern region. She is quite young. Just fifteen.”

“Please… Let me go… I beg you…” The girl whose hair was tugged on by Shangguan Rui trembled in fear. Her tears were like jewels from a broken pearl necklace that dripped down continuously.

“This beauty is really good-looking when she cries.” Shangguan Rui narrowed his eyes. As he looked at her terrified behavior, his twisted lips suddenly curled up, and he pulled the girl closer. “Don’t be afraid. I will not harm you. Don’t worry… Am I not here to save you now?”

Shangguan Rui’s voice was extremely soft, but there was something bloodcurdling in his tone. On top of his unusually ugly face, such close distance caused the girl to be even more frightened.

Yet in this despair, the girl seemed to have a straw to clutch at when she heard Shangguan Rui and looked at him imploringly with eyes wide open.

“Will… will you really save me?”

“Of course. You’re so good-looking. How can I bear for you to suffer here?” Shangguan Rui’s smile was increasingly sinister. “You just need to listen obediently, and I will not harm you. Understand?”

The girl nodded staggeringly.

However, just as she thought she seemed to have found a straw to clutch at, a cold glint suddenly flashed across Shangguan Rui’s eyes. He raised his hand and threw that girl to his followers.

“Skin her.”

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